Inter-Tribal Unity Directory




(Organizations, Councils, Centers & Gatherings)

Here is a list of organizations, councils, gatherings & websites that support inter-national (global) inter-tribal spiritual unity and the indigenous traditional elders.  This is not a complete list… it was compiled around 5 years ago (2016).  The growth of inter-tribal unity has grown exponentially since then.  The participation of youth into this movement is greatly assisting these planetary “unity” efforts as a whole.  Join us and let your voices be heard!


Ancestral Voice:



Ancient Wisdom Rising:


Annual Honoring of the Elders:


Circle of All Nations:


Conscious Youth Global Movement:


Consejo de Visones:


Cosmic Convergence Festival:


Council with Ambassadors of Mother Earth:


Council of Elders Circle the World:


Dance to heal the Earth:


Eagle Mother Crying:


Eagle Quetzal Condor Gatherings:



Earthkeepers Foundation:



Earth Peoples United:


EcoSpirit Environmental Conference:


Elder Gathering (Sunray Peace Village):


Elder Voices Summit:


Foundation for Global Humanity:


Fourth Worlds International Institute:


Gathering of Eagles:


Gathering of Healers:


Gathering of Indigenous Elders:


Grandmothers Circle the Earth:


Indigo Bridge:


Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge:


International Center for Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom:


International Council of Thirteen Grandmothers:


One Planet One People Peace Gathering:


Prophecy Keepers:




Sacred Earth Network:


Sacred Fire Foundation:


Sacred Woman Organization:



Spirit Weavers Gathering:


Spiritual Unity of the Tribes:


Star Knowledge Conference:


The Circle for Change:


The Gathering:


The Great Balance:


The Great Gathering of Humanity:


The Ojai Foundation:


The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers:


The Sacred Science:


Tribal Trust Foundation:


Turtle Island Project:


Tribal Vision Festival:


Two Circles (The American Indian Institute & Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth):


Way of the Ancients:


Wisdom Keepers Conference:


Wisdom of the Elders:


World Council of Elders:


World Peace & Prayer Day:


Wolf Song Gathering:


World First Nations Traditional Knowledge Conference:


World Harmony Unlimited:


8000 drums: