Seasoned Veteran DJ/Producer, founder of House Music Defined and supporter of inter-tribal unity & youth-mentoring outreach (CYGM), Kwaku (Clifford Burtley) (Theron) communicates through playing and producing music.

A native of Detroit and 2nd generation DJ, Kwaku has been the underground’s underground DJ, always moving about and taking on different aliases with only the music speaking as his voice. He now embarks on the next chapter of a musical journey that will see him come from behind the shadows.

Catch him if you can as you never know when he will vanish and again dive back into the depths of the underground.


Kwaku is also the co-founder of Wehave1 and Wehave1 Foundation  – Multimedia, Music, Film, Print, and Live Events designed to activate and support the communities of the future.



DJ KWAKU- Experience:

-Co-Founder, Pink Panther Production 1986 in Los Angeles (SFV)

-Threw teenage and college-themed events from SFV to Santa Barbara from 86-89.

-DJ on Venice Beach as part of the World Famous Vita Acrobatic Troupe… as well as travelled as a DJ with the Vita’s doing NBA and NFL Halftime shows 1992 – 1994.

-Co-Founder, Permagrin Production Company 1998 – 2004 Atlanta, GA

-Threw Hundreds of One-Off events and Produced Several Weekly Club Nights.

-Co-Managed the Globe Theatre 2001 -2003.

-Worked for Stage (a Music Event Production Company in Atlanta) 2001-2003.

-Set up festivals and concerts from Atlanta to New Orleans.

-Voodoo Music Fest New Orleans

-Music Midtown, Atlanta

-Co-Founder, House Music Defined 2007 – Current

-Produced and DJ’d several weekly nights… Hilton Head, ATL, Miami Beach, and Los Angeles and more.

-HMD increased the revenue at the Restaurant “SPICE” by 40k per month from Friday and Saturday Night Dj Night. When “SPICE” was bought by Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine from the Food Network and renamed “EAT!” HMD maintained the account and revenue stream until the Restaurant was sold. Circa 2007- 2010.

-Named Resident DJ of Prana International, the only Hilton Head Dance Club at the Time. It was an honor to be named the Resident DJ by the Managing Owner,

-Octavio Campos. As Octavio was the Original Lighting Tech (circa 1977) for “STUDIO 54” Night Club in NYC. 2008 -2010

-Co- Producer “One Love Experience” Festival 2015 Southern California.

Clifford Burtley (Kwaku) knows Corporate Law, Finance, and the formation of Corporations, inside and out.  Both by the books, and through years of experience, he has been a Resident Agent for the State of Nevada and is in the process of getting that licence renewed.




Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.

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