Tchayé Okoudjou is a passionate Beninese filmmaker and collector & reseller of rare groove African records. For the annual WAMMA Festival (West African Music & Movie Awards), he is a festival Director representing Benin and the other Francophone countries.

Elder John Pappan (Omaha/Pawnee) was raised by his parents, uncles and aunts to be of service to his people. Many of his relatives are spiritual leaders & healers. He has a vision for the “Big Elk Native American Center”.

Motivated Mindsets In Africa is an organization in Mathare (Nairobi), Kenya that creates programs which promote talent, education, entrepreneurship and empowerment. It’s a group comprised of both the young and old members of the society who are driven by their dreams, passion and talent to make a positive impact on the society. It was born by the urge to give back to the society with what we have at hand in the present moment.

Aroha nui korua taꞌatoꞌa toꞌoku iŋoa ko tamariꞌi Rosa Paoa Tuki. Greetings… my name is tamariꞌi Rosa Paoa Tuki. I’m from Rapa Nui, well known as Easter Island. Spiritual & cultural outreach is very important in my life. Assisting Rapa Nui youth in finding their native identity is my passion.

Magdala Ramirez Garcia is a spiritual leader & healer from the Maya Mexika lineage. She was born as medicine woman, from a long linage of medicine people, in Mexico where she began walking her path at an early age working with the medicine people and the pyramids of Mexico. She brings the ancient knowledge to the world through original seminars, books, ceremonies and journeys.