The movement…




CYGM is encouraging Youth artistry to reflect the “urgent” messages of our indigenous Elders who are attempting to save humanity from its self-destructive ways that are harming the planet.



The Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.



CYGM is inspiring the Youth to create artistic content that is “Conscious”; meaning it has an inspirational “upbeat” message that is morally or spiritually elevating; speaks to the heart, mind, body and soul.  These messages foster personal development & leadership skills, which are a great benefit to the community.

Unique to CYGM is its commitment to pass on the core traditional values & principles that have been carried for thousands of years by the “The Elders” for our genuine safety & security.



“The Elders” are wise men & women, teachers & healers, grandmothers & grandfathers, prophecy keepers & storytellers who carry sacred indigenous (tribal) teachings. This is “lost” ancestral knowledge (Original Instructions) in accords with the Laws of Nature, which are not taught in today’s classrooms.

CYGM does not promote or affiliates itself with social activist causes (Climate Change, Politics, Racial Equity, etc.) or Religion, its focus is strictly spiritual; encouraging creativity & personal development.

CYGM is partnering with other like-minded organizations & artists that desire to create specific content that is in alignment with CYGM’s Mission statement.  This is a Call-to-Action!  Join in the fun!


Note: Although Youth are the target audience for CYGM, people of any age may participate in the creative contribution to this movement, representing CYGM.

Note: CYGM-endorsed Elder teachings come from many tribal traditions spanning the globe, all 4 directions.  There are many commonalities between the spiritual teachings of these traditions.  Inter-Tribal unity & understanding is the goal.




ONE- Seek strategies for personal development & leadership!  A better you will improve the conditions of your surroundings and have a positive impact on the community.

TWO- Each one, teach one!  Pass on the “conscious” messages you learn from CYGM, or other related-youth mentors, elders and materials (books, podcasts, YouTube videos). Be the bridge to connect other youth to ancestral knowledge & traditional teachings.

THREE- Connect to Mother Earth!  On your journey as a “conscious youth”, take time to walk among nature. Breathe in the fresh air. Place your bare feet on the ground. Express gratitude!

FOUR- Unite the 4 directions!  Use your “conscious” Art to connect with other “conscious” youth from divergent peoples, tribes & nations. Take pride in your own cultural heritage, while respecting others. We can work together; distinct cultures with common shared interests. One family, One people, One heart and One mind. Strength through Unity!

FIVE- Love thyself!  Your body is your temple. Avoid harmful foods & toxins. Forgive yourselves & others. Let go of negative thoughts & emotions. Bless your food & water on a regular basis. Make time for self-care.

SIX- Honor the Divine Feminine!  Give woman the highest level of respect. When women are whole & empowered, families are too; thus the bond of humanity is strengthened. The feminine is the matrix of all Creation.

SEVEN- Return to your traditional values!  Return back to a holistic way of living that is compatible with our Earth Mother.  The indigenous traditional elders are living libraries. They are here to assist all of humanity at this time. Make the effort to learn their ancestral wisdom. Seek out CYGM or other related-youth mentors that have direct access to their teachings, ceremonies and gatherings.

EIGHT- Co-create with “conscious” intent!  Allow your Art to manifest an outcome that is for the highest good of all concerned. We are all co-creators with the Divine and all other life forms on this planet. Tap into your highest potential.

NINE- Gather in numbers!  Come together with other “creative” youth in ceremony, celebration and personal development via festivals, workshops, group forums and concerts that promote global “consciousness”.  Invite community leaders & indigenous traditional elders to speak & participate. Bridge the generational gap. Create an atmosphere of community.

TEN- Build a “conscious” social network!  Technology can serve the movement. Utilize all opportunities of digital communication to spread messages of “consciousness”.  Promote your “conscious” Art and the Conscious Youth Global Movement.



“I see a time of seven generations, when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred tree of life and the whole earth will become one circle again.” -Crazy Horse


Conscious Youth… the time has come for your collective creative talents to be utilized as a movement for the betterment of all humanity!

CYGM’s core values & principles will unite our movement. If you are in agreement with these core values & principles (tenets), and are willing to live accordingly, then you are “welcome” to join; provided that you are in alignment with CYGM’s Mission Statement.


There are no membership fees; simply…

1: Take time to learn “CONSCIOUS” teachings from positive role-models, youth mentors or elders in your community, the Approved Teachings from this website and from respected sources online.  LEARN!

2: Incorporate what you learn (CONSCIOUSNESS) into the Music, Art and Culture that you represent.  INCORPORATE!

3: Promote your “CONSCIOUS” content, and its association with the Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), through your social networks & community interactions.  PROMOTE!




Conscious Youth… the core values & principles (tenets) outlined in this Proclamation may be overwhelming to many of you who are unfamiliar with the term “conscious” or who not have had any access to sacred indigenous teachings.  That is OK!  CYGM-affiliated traditional elders & youth-mentors may be available to assist your learning process.  In addition, this website offers Approved Teachings & Resources for you to read, watch and listen to.  Knowledge is power!  Wisdom is enlightening!

Time is of the essence! Every action counts!
Support the Conscious Youth Global Movement!



Now join!  Check in!  And have some fun!!!!




Note: CYGM is affiliated with The Each1Teach1 Elder Council & E1T1 Movement, which speaks “in general” on behalf of indigenous Traditional Elders on Turtle Island and beyond.  Back in 2016 this movement was launched with a “mandate” to connect the youth to the sacred indigenous teachings of “The Elders”.  The Each1Teach1 Movement has been put on hold, but its elder mandate, with its blessings, is alive and well via the CYGM.  



Disclaimer: Most pictures on this site are from Google Images, for the time being, later to be replaced by CYGM artists.