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Greetings from S.E. Kenneth Cosentino

I have been asked to formally introduce myself here. My name is S.E. Kenneth Cosentino and I was born December 4th, 1989. I have lived in Niagara Falls, NY my entire life. One great aspect of living in the Falls is that I have been immersed in Haudenosaunee culture since childhood. I understand that we are guests here in their ancestral home, and so I strive for proper education and understanding of their culture.

As for my own culture, my mother is full-blooded Sicilian. I was raised by her and my maternal grandparents. Like Ongwehonweh culture, Sicilian culture is matrilineal. My father and I have been estranged since I was 9 years old. Through his blood, I am a descendant of Sir William Wallace, the Scottish knight who helped free Scotland from the English colonizers. In a very real sense, Wallace’s blood runs through my veins like a stampede of wild buffalo. Mixed with my Sicilian blood, there is a lot of fire and fury inside of me which I have disciplined myself to control, so that I am not a danger to others.

Instead, I have been a danger to injustice. I work for myself as a freelance artist and writer. I also own a production company called White Lion Studios, LLC. I have been a professional filmmaker since 2008. Art is a large part of my life and always has been. In my community, I am known mostly for being an artist and an activist. I have been actively involved in politics since 2017 as a means to an end. Politics is supposed to be the art of compromise and so I have explored it as an artistic medium. What I’ve found is corruption, not only of the system, but of the souls of countless individuals seeking a power which will never be theirs.

My maternal grandmother was born with a veil over her face, and my mother was born on Samhain. Our bloodline has been traced back to ancient Israel. Our ancestors fled persecution and hid in the Balkan mountains where they supposedly became goat herders. Their gypsy lifestyle has always been present in our family; we dance the Tarantella and we celebrate our cultural roots. One theory is that our ancestors followed their herd down into Sicily and made their new home there, becoming one of the tribes that would eventually spawn the Cosa Nostra.

My grandfather always taught me that Sicilians were considered Black when he was born, and it wasn’t until he was around 12 years old that he was considered white. This means that I am half-Black on my mother’s side, and half-white on my father’s. When most people look at me, they see pale skin and assume that I am white.

I have been honored and privileged to work with the Eastern Woodlands tribes for the past few years. I have had the opportunity to work closely with elders from the Mohawk Nation, the Tuscarora Nation, and the Seneca Nation; as well as Algonquin elders. As an initiate of the secret teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism, I am always conscious of the parallels between our practices and those of the fire keepers. I myself am a hereditary fire keeper. Even my name means fire.

In addition to my art, I am a writer. I have published my first book, “Secret Teachings of the Hidden Masters,” and I am working on the second installment. I am also a teacher, both of the arts and of the mystical arts (namely, dream walking). I am also actively involved in cultivating spiritual growth in the youth of our community. 

For more information about who I am, please visit my personal website: www.theniagarian.com


Thank you,

S.E. Kenneth Cosentino



Transition Times


Beautiful ones

   Yes, these are powerful times, the time of the transition, the times when you have one foot in the  old and the other in the new world.

   For a while now we have been spoken about the higher culture, for many tribes they call for the superior culture… It is the time to remember!

   The Great Mother is leading the way, and this initiation that is happening everywhere in the world, is not about learning but about remembering, She is indeed, leading the way home…  The Great Father, is bringing a new manifestation,  your realization of the self, for the new world is a world of Balance.  

   You born with an original vibration, a code, a key, a key to open your multidimensionality, the many worlds, for human beings are multi dimensional beings by nature, as you grow, this beautiful planet will give you your next octaves, this means  your next truth available… what happened for human beings is that you were trained by the patriarchal system to not trust yourself, and told you that you suppose to be someone else to be able to function in this  dysfunctional world, and you exchanged many of your original tones… now human beings are bringing back your original vibration for you are remembering and adjusting again to a new perspective of reality that meant to be for all humans.

   It was the one that created you, the one that is inside of you, the essence of all life forms the one that hid in your DNA that vibration, the Original vibration, long time ago, and wait for this time space to open that realm inside of you so you remember and through this remembrance bring back the “higher culture” a new way to relate, and all starts within you…  for the only one that you need to reach is YOU.

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Afrifutrinity: Quantum Cosmic Futures Afri-Sci-Facts Series


[Update: Episode 3-10 have been released and posted below!]

This month Stacey Gibson and I (DJ Shannon Harris) are preparing to release episode 3 of the Afrifutrinity: Quantum Cosmic Futures Afri-Sci-facts Series. We’re excited about the audio narrative, sci-space sounds and cosmic playlist. If you missed last months show or want to re-listen to parts 1 & 2 click the links below.

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Command Pilot 020273: Shannon Harris
Afri-AI: Stacey Gibson
Photography: DeJohn Harris
Digital Space Art: Shannon Harris
Music Curator/Performer: Shannon Harris
Narration Written by Shannon Harris & Stacey Gibson
Producer: Shannon Harris




Greetings from Ra’Yon I (CYGM)


Peace Fam!

I’m so excited to get down with this movement and contribute uplifting, positive, healing vibes with the power of music. My name is Ryan Mayer aka Ra’yon I. I am a multi-instrumental musician, song writer, lyricist, mentor, and student of life from Chicago. I describe the style of music I perform as groove roots, meaning it’s all about the rhythm, giving respect to where the beat comes from, but also looking towards the future we are headed. Please reach out if you have any questions about me or my music. I am including links to all of my socials, and also the website of my band, Doum Sound. I look forward to building with you all soon!

One love,

Ra’yon I








(Disclosure is here)


Indigenous peoples from all parts of the globe have stories that disclose their ancestral past & present connection to the Star Nations.  These “nations” in the Western world are commonly referred to as aliens, extraterrestrials (E.T.) or unidentified flying objects (U.F.O).  From an indigenous perspective, the Star Nations (Star People) are our brothers & sisters.  They are family!  Just like on Earth, not all intelligent living beings are benevolent.  Use discernment and trust your inner-intuition.


“The time will come when we must share our secrets and our close intimate relationship with the Star Beings.” -Ancient Native Prophecy

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(Keep your guard up & watch what you believe)


Self Protection

Psychic (Spiritual) Self-Defense is a necessary part of taking care of one’s self.  It does not have to be scary or creepy.  It is a positive act of self responsibility.  The more one becomes Conscious and open to greater levels of understanding, the more light they will shine on areas of darkness that were previously in the shadows.  The negative elements that exist in Creation do not like to be exposed and will try, karma permitting, to harm those bearers of light that get in their way.

In this 3rd dimensional world, we live in a state of duality (Yin & Yang).  We all hold elements of both the light and the dark, within our eternal beingness.  We also have the ability to choose our own thoughts and we have been given free will by the Creator.

At times, we all have moments of vulnerability & weakness when our shields our down.  That is OK!  The important thing is to work on becoming better human beings, learn from our mistakes, bounce back and surround ourselves with good people, friends and family.  This goes a long way towards combating the negative and avoiding physic attacks.  We have the power if we have trust in ourselves and in the Great Spirit.

Medicine Men especially fall victim to psychic attacks if they are not careful or if their ego gets in their way.  Men like Mad Bear & Rolling Thunder especially had their share of close calls, as a result of how far they were able to push the envelope, delve deep into the psychic realm and expose the dark forces of opposition.

Though experience, Medicine Men have learned how to deal with psychic attacks.  Sometimes, they simply step out of the way.


WHAT IS INDIGENOUS “MEDICINE”? Part 3 [article] [YouTube]


Let’s look at Eleazar Williams’ Medicine (for an example)!


One of the great Tuscarora medicine men was Eleazar Williams (1880-1968), a Sachem Chief of the Turtle Clan.  He studied medicine under the tutelage of Juh G’wa Dee (Cayuga) from the 6 Nations reserve in Canada.

Eleazar was the father of elder Mad Bear’s friend, Ted Williams (1930-2005).  Just like Peter Mitten, Mad Bear had a high degree of respect & admiration for Eleazar and the lighthearted, yet humble way in which he practiced Native American medicine.

The Williams family had a great sense of humor and they were fun to be around.  This probably had an influence on Mad Bear as well.  The Williams, like many Tuscarora families, were both Baptist and traditional.  They managed to preserve & maintain their traditional customs & beliefs, while practicing Christianity.

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WHAT IS INDIGENOUS “MEDICINE”? Part 2 [article] [YouTube]


Let’s look at Peter Mitten’s Medicine (an example) to inform us!


One of the greatest Cayuga medicine men was Peter “Mitten” John (1904-1974).  Elder Mad Bear had a high degree of respect & admiration for Peter, his mentor, and the humble way in which he practiced Native American medicine.  Mad Bear was his student and he learned much by observing Peter Mitten in the field and took part in many grand adventures with him, as his trusty sidekick.


A teaching moment with Peter Mitten

Mad Bear had a close-knit working relationship with Rolling Thunder (1916-1997) aka R.T. (Cherokee), who lived in Carlin, Nevada.  Author, Doug Boyd, written a book about R.T. and his medicine in 1974.  Outside of this connection, Mad Bear & R.T. were friends with another medicine man, Semu Huaute (Chumash), who lived in California.  He was the founder of the Red Wind Intertribal Medicine Camp, San Luis Obispo County.

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HERO’S JOURNEY (Evolution in 4 stages) [article] [YouTube]

HERO’S JOURNEY (Evolution in 4 stages)


The Hero’s Journey

Author, Joseph Campbell had a passion for comparing prophecies & mythologies from around the world, which have survived for thousands of years, and he discovered that they all share a fundamental structure called “The MonoMyth”.  They all follow a similar path, which he called the “Heroic Journey”.

Campbell summarizes the MonoMyth, “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder; fabulous forces are encountered there and a decisive victory is won.  The hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow beneficial wisdom upon his fellow man.”

The “Hero’s Journey” is the pattern of human experience, of our experience.  Some journeys are longer and more difficult than others, but they are all journeys we must face throughout life.

It is important to remember that the journey is a process of separation, transformation and return.  It is a process where each stage must be completed successfully if the individual is to become a hero.  To turn back would mean that the individual is rejecting his own need to grow.  Unless he sets out again, he may be locking himself into unending adolescence and giving up the benefits, freedom and fulfillment of adulthood.  The journey has four stages: Pre-Separation, Separation, Initiation, and Return.

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