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Mira Raven: Musician, Composer and Poet


I am honored to be a part of CYGM’s movement and I look forward to supporting the work of other collaborators in this community! I am a musician, composer, writer and activist and I seek to bring divine love and wisdom in all that I do. Music is a powerful source of influence and communicates that which cannot be expressed by words. I use music to communicate higher truths and I channel messages from great spirit through my music and writing. I believe in bringing harmony and balance to the world. I love collaborating with other artists and have many projects I am involved in. I look forward to sharing more music soon but for now here is a few music videos.

I produced, mixed and mastered the music and lyrics. I also sang and played the majority of the instruments in the track. I enjoy being a part of all aspects of the music making process. This song is about divine love and finding love with the creator.


Another song I produced and created in collaboration with saxphonist David Boykin which is about cognitive dissonance. This is a two part music video which features a mask self and genuine self. The main character (played by myself) notices this in those around her by saying “They Only Call Us When…” realizing that people will use deception to get what they want, the main character breaks up with her inauthentic self and literally hang ups the phone on deception and dissonance bringing her to a place of reflection and humble gratitude.


If you are interested in supporting my music and helping me create more, please consider subscribing on my site here or buying my music on my website here.

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