Afrifutrinity: Quantum Cosmic Futures Afri-Sci-Facts Series


[Update: Episode 3-10 have been released and posted below!]

This month Stacey Gibson and I (DJ Shannon Harris) are preparing to release episode 3 of the Afrifutrinity: Quantum Cosmic Futures Afri-Sci-facts Series. We’re excited about the audio narrative, sci-space sounds and cosmic playlist. If you missed last months show or want to re-listen to parts 1 & 2 click the links below.

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Command Pilot 020273: Shannon Harris
Afri-AI: Stacey Gibson
Photography: DeJohn Harris
Digital Space Art: Shannon Harris
Music Curator/Performer: Shannon Harris
Narration Written by Shannon Harris & Stacey Gibson
Producer: Shannon Harris



Author: Shannon HarrisKnown for his creative individuality, Shannon continues to push limits dynamically in the DJ/music production/composition scenes. His ubiquitous disc jockey programming and on-air personality opened up many opportunities for him to travel worldwide to 5 continents and have DJ residencies in various nightclubs, festivals and other global events. Currently, Shannon uses his music to empower indigenous communities through self-sustainability training via his non-profit NGO, ASSIST Society, in Africa and Central American in conjunction with community/environmental activism and teaching sound healing via his registered brand Audio Pharmacology®.

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