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According to Native tradition, there was always a special person in each tribe that one could go to for answers about dreams, visions and the future. These special people are called “Tellers” or “Seers”; one who has keen moral and Spiritual insight; one who foretells future events; a Prophet.

Ted Silverhand’s own spiritual gifts were recognized when he was a very young child. At the age of 12 he began offering spiritual guidance through his readings for his family & friends. Even then, the “Teachers” or his “Council” as he calls the Spirit Masters and Guides who work through him, provided insight & advice to those who sought answers.

For over 40 years now, Ted has aided others in their search to integrate the spiritual into their everyday lives. His readings have assisted thousands working through difficult situations to live a more positive & productive life.

Over the years, many celebrities and famous personalities have looked to Ted for wisdom and guidance, including the late Elvis Presley. The Sands & Caesar’s Palace contracted with him to read at special events and parties for their guests.

Ted Silverhand has been blessed to have crossed paths with many wise grandmothers & grandfathers during his life travels. He was also friends with Mad Bear Anderson (Tucarora) & Rolling Thunder (Cherokee), who were both popular at the time as a result of their political activism, medicine work and inter-tribal unity efforts.

Visit Ted’s website: https://www.tedsilverhand.com/



Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.

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