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Grandmother Susan Stanton (CYGM)



Susan Kaiulani Stanton (Mohawk/Native Hawaiian) is the Founder and Senior Grandmother of Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation, an international organization that travels the world in service of Mother Earth and future generations, giving birth to new Grandmother councils all over the planet.




Susan is Vice-President of the Great Balance, bi-located in the United States and Colombia with a focus on building a culturally appropriate university and the planting of one million trees to protect and perpetuate the culture and sacred land of the Mamos, the Indigenous People of the beautiful Sierra Nevadas de Santa Marta.



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Michael Bastine (CYGM)



An Algonquin elder, born in 1953.  A teacher, culture-keeper and author.

As a result of his apprenticeship with Mad Bear and his acquaintance with Algonquin, Iroquois, Hopi and Cherokee mentors, along with wisdom-keepers from all over the world, Michael has developed many insights that are of great benefit to the present inter-tribal unity efforts.

For years Michael has been preparing us for the new Earth cycle. He is also coauthor, along with Mason Winfield, of the book, “Iroquois Supernatural”.

A part of Mad Bear’s mission, whether he or Michael planned it or not, was for him to 1st be introduced to Mad Bear.  Then, Michael was to observe how Mad Bear applied the principles that the Great Peacemaker taught.  In the end, Michael was to see the results of how the principles of the Great Peacemaker, applied by Mad Bear, actually worked out.  As a result of this experience, Michael is able to spread these teachings to the 4 corners of the world.








DJ Kwaku is a Detroit-born seasoned veteran DJ/Producer and the first person from the West Coast (Los Angeles) to track down and deejay Chicago House records in 1986.  He helped fuel the flourishing House Music scene in Atlanta (late-90s to early-2000s) by bringing together multi-cultural ravers with African-American House Music enthusiasts. 

“First person from the West Coast (Los Angeles) to track down and deejay Chicago House records in 1986.” -CYGM



“Helped fuel the flourishing House Music scene in Atlanta (late-90s to early-2000s) by bringing together multi-cultural ravers with African-American House Music enthusiasts.” -CYGM


DJ Kwaku is a descendant of ancestors John & Jane Walls who founded the northern terminal of the Underground Railroad (Ontario).  He feels that it is his destiny to empower people, just as his ancestors lent a helping hand to empower people in their days.

“Kwaku’s ancestors founded the northern terminal of the Underground Railroad.” -CYGM

Kwaku’s uncle, Robert Walker, was a music business contractor who, like the “Black Godfather” Clarence Avant, was the power behind the scenes… a fix-it-man… the go-to guy… for music influencers like Barry Gordy and Don Cornelius.  It was his suggestion that prompted Motown and Soul Train to move West.  In fact, Kwaku’s immediate family and friends were a part of that transition from Detroit to Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) when Kwaku was 4 years old. 

Robert Walker also had other notable accomplishments.  For example… he helped Barry White get out of a bad record deal and worked with Hugh Hefner to set up the historical Jazz music night at the Playboy Mansion in Chicago, which helped break the color barrier at the time.  Robert was a major mentoring figure for Kwaku at a young age who taught him the principles of “empowerment”.

“Kwaku’s uncle, Robert Walker, was a music business contractor who, like the “Black Godfather” Clarence Avant, was the power behind the scenes.” -CYGM

Thus…. Kwaku has co-founded Wehave1 and the Wehave1 Foundation (Multimedia, Music, Film, Print, and Live Events) designed to activate, support and empower the communities of the future.  He is also a supporter of inter-tribal unity youth-mentoring outreach (CYGM).



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Samara Shaw (CYGM)



Community-Driven Visionary Artist, Screenwriter, Playwright, and Ceremonialist: Ottawa, Canada, Gloucester, MA, Orcas Island, WA, Ashland, OR, Ojai, CA




As a Writer, Producer, Educator, Sound Healer, Catalyst, and Entrepreneur, it is my Mission to Help Humanity and The Earth Make it Through The Shift, in as Gentle and Easy Way as Possible.

My work with individuals, groups, and organizations, activates people to step more fully into their purpose and gifts.  I facilitate major shifts in consciousness, by helping people learn to live more fully in the harmonious frequencies of their divine nature.



Most Recent Professional Experience:

Co-Founder of Wehave1 and Wehave1 Foundation  – Multimedia, Music, Film, Print, and Live Events designed to activate and support the communities of the future.  We also offer 1 on 1 Leadership Counseling and Consulting.





For the past 10 Years, independently, and now in partnership with Clifford Burtley and WH1, I have worked with hundreds of leaders to help bring their business, groups, and organizations to the next levels.

I help restructure and reorganize foundations, so that more energy can be freed to generate and flow funds, increase input/output flow, and to smooth and streamline operations.  Once flow is freed up, I then work to unify, harmonize and network efforts with others doing similar work.


Kwame SunHorse (CYGM)



A researcher of African History, Indigenous American Culture and Spirituality and the founder of A.T.U.M. (Awakening True Universal Minds), an organization committed to the research and dissemination of cultural, historical and spiritual wisdom of the original people worldwide. Kwame SunHorse is a member of The Committee for The African Holocaust Memorial at the Kemetic Institute and a member of the Council of Elders for The Healing Lodge of the Children of Two Shields. As a student at Malcolm X College, he majored in Black Psychology where his passion and innate gifts were further cultivated, leading him out of the university learning environment and into national libraries and the lectures of world-renowned scholars. He has Facilitated traditional Rites of Passage programs in the Akan Fante tradition both nationally and internationally. With over twenty-five years of experience in the field, Kwame SunHorse has served as a national consultant on best practices and human rights in SuperMax prisons and has presented and written extensively on the subject “From Slavery to Private Prisons”.

He is recognized as an Elder in the seven sacred ceremonies including the Inipi Sweat Lodge, Hemblecha Vision Quest and Sundance Rituals. He travels the world as a consultant, speaker, educator, community servant and spiritual helper and is a dedicated father to six, loving grandfather to seven, great grandfather to one and trusted brother to many. Kwame gives honor to his beloved teachers and guides who contributed to his education and deepened his understanding, his love of humanity and dedication to the work, including Carolyn and Jimmy Lackey, Dr. John Henrick Clark, Dr. Asa Hilliard, Dr. Anthony Menza, Dr. Jacob Carruthers, Baba Hannibal Afrique, Baba Obadele Williams, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannon, Dr. Charsie MacIntyre, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. Nzinga Warfield Coppock, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, William Bear Heart, Elder Raven, Chief Blue Star Eagle, Tom Blue Wolf, Grandma Marguerita, Adam Yellowbird, Chief Golden Eagle, David Swallow, Pam Red Buffalo, Dawn Skyweaver, Grandmother Silver Star, Audrey Scott Williams, Vision Bear and all who shared their journey, their passion and their wisdom.


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Remembering Chief Golden Light Eagle (RIP)



(Founder of the Star Knowledge Conferences)

1953 – 2021

“My most precious Mother Beautiful Sun Dance Woman named me Loren Zephier.”

“My most precious Father Chief Black Spotted Horse named me Azuya Mani (Scout).”

“The Elk Nations named me Hehaka Nazin (Standing Elk).”

“The Heyoka Nation call me Hehaka Oyate Oyasin (All Elk Nation).”

“Tunkasila Hehaka Sapa (Black Elk) named me Mani Ota (Walks With many).”

“The Eagle Nations said that I would be known as Wambdi Zizi (The Golden Eagle) in the future.”

Standing Elk is a member of the Ihunktowan Dakota Nation.

His blood line is Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and French.

He is one of seven Sundance Chiefs for the Yankton Sioux Sungdeska Sapa Tiospaye.





The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are now being instructed to share the spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air.” -Chief Golden Light Eagle (Dakota)


1996 was the official year that Native Americans came together to disclose their contact with E.T./Star Nations.  They have kept this a secret for a very long time.  The disclosure was triggered by the 1994 birth of a female white buffalo calf, named “Miracle”, in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Floyd Hand, a Lakota Medicine Man, commented on the birth of Miracle, “For us the Indians, it is like the return of Christ for the white people.”  The Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation (Sioux) had received centuries ago the Sacred Peace Pipe (Chanunpa) from a spiritual female being called “White Buffalo Calf Woman” along with high spiritual teachings.


Little Elders will come in the children now being born, who will suddenly talk early.  The birth of the White Buffalo female calf is the sign of the return of the Buffalo nations from the Stars.” -Woableza (Dakota)


“Part of White Buffalo Woman’s prophecy was to divide time into 7 fires or ages.   She promised to return during the last fire, and bring with her a new & final chance for reason.  During the 7th fire a new Red Nation can be formed, red being the union of red, white, black and yellow.  We will be able to retrace our steps and examine what we have done wrong.  We are not preserving what has been given to us to care for.  We are polluting the Earth.  We have become our own enemy.  During the 7th, the light-skinned man will be given a choice between his technologies & his nature.  If he chooses his nature, there is still a chance for harmony in this world.  If he make the wrong choice, he will bring on the destruction of all of us.”

– Floyd Hand (Lakota)


Prophecies were being given to the Native nations about the coming of the “Buffalo Nation” which first would be the merging of the Red race in unity and harmony with the White, Black and Yellow races.  The Buffalo Nation would also mean the coming of the Star Nations, the civilizations from the Stars.  One of the prophecies says that these times will be announced by the birth of a female white buffalo calf, which will change color to yellow, red and black.  This is exactly what happened to “Miracle” the white buffalo calf. Then to pinpoint the prophecies, a few other white buffalo female calves started to be born, even on Indian reservations.

Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th-Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Sioux Nation, seeing that the prophecies from many Native nations were being fulfilled, called for a “World Peace & Prayer Day” on June 21, 1996.  Spirituals leaders & elders, other Sacred Bundle Keepers and many others gathered at Grey Horn Butte.  This was also a joint effort of Native Elders and spiritual white people for the first time.  Until then, the elder councils of the various tribes from North America were always forbidding their members & medicine men to share their knowledge of sacred spiritual matters, and records pertaining to centuries of Star Nation contact, with the white man.


The Star beings will return at the time of Earth Changes.  The first signs are floods, fires and earthquakes.  White Buffalo Calf Woman is coming back to Turtle Island.  Each of us can bring the Star Beings in, but only with purity of heart & intention.” -Looks-For-Buffalo (Oglala)


Sun Bear (Ojibwe) was the first Native American teacher to reveal on a large scale Indian spirituality.  Now, from 1996 onwards, the elders started not only to bring the spiritual Native ways to the world, sharing sacred ceremonies with white people, but would reveal their contacts with the Star Nations which were kept secret, up to this time, within sweat lodges & elders councils.  The appearance of full circular rainbows around the sun above ceremonies, called “Sun Dog”, would be another sign that the prophecies were about to come to completion.  As of today many Native elders are saying that the passage between the 4th World and the 5th World of the Native Americans is occurring right now.

In the winter of 1995, during a four day praying fast, aka Vision Quest (Hanblecheyapi), Standing Elk (Chief Golden Light Eagle), a Ihanktowan Dakota Spiritual Advisor & Sundance Chief, was instructed in a vision to organize the first “Star Knowledge Conference” on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.  The vision showed that Native American spiritual knowledge about the Star Nations (extraterrestrials) was to be shared with the world.  This first conference also fulfilled ancient Hopi & Lakota prophecies.

During the 1st Star Knowledge Conference, in June 1996, on the Yankton Sioux Reservation, and the many other conferences that followed, various spiritual shamans & elders from many tribes have spoken.  Such as:

Plains Tribes: Lakota, Oglala, Dakota, Blackfoot, Nakota & Miniconjou.

Eastern Tribes: Iroquois, Obeida, Seneca, Choctaw & Cherokee.

Southwest Tribes: Hopi, Yuck, Aztec, Apache & Mayan.


An Iroquois oral tradition told of an E.T. telepathic message, ‘We are coming!’   The Iroquois Elders responded, ‘Don’t come, we are not prepared.’  The Star Beings replied, ‘Prepare yourselves’” -Paula Underwood (Oneida)


There are sacred ritual altars in native Sacred Sites, where knowledge from Star beings is kept & honored.  These Star Nations altars send a blue laser light to the heavens which the Star Nations see as beacons.  UFOs used to fly over Bear Butte, the sacred heart of the Black Hills.” -Holy Bull (Lakota)


My people await Pahana, the lost White Brother from the stars, as do all our brothers in the land.  He will not be like the white men we know now, who are cruel & greedy.  We were told of their coming long ago, but still we wait for Pahana.” -White Feather (Hopi)


We are all brothers & sisters in the beginning and we will all come back together in the end.  There is hope that we can eliminate harsh disasters that are about to take place.  We have to remember that the Hopi Prophecy tells also about 3 migrations with the Star Nations back to the stars and that only people awakened in spirit and in the heart will make it.” -Grandfather Martin (Hopi)


Remembering Grandmother Sara Smith (RIP)


Reposted from Macleans: https://archive.macleans.ca/article/2002/4/1/sara-smith

Shut the heavy door and the large, already homey kitchen in the Native Women’s Resource Centre becomes a welcome sanctuary from the grit of downtown Toronto. For the eight women sitting purposefully around a Formica table, an added balm is the person they have come to see—Grandmother Sara Smith, a Mohawk from the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ont., a modest, big-boned elder with a mischievous smile and the kind of soothing voice you’d like to fall asleep to.

Once the dinner dishes are cleared, Grandmother Sara, as she is almost universally known, prepares to conduct what she calls “a circle,” a meditative gathering for sharing and healing spiritual wounds. From her medicine bundle she sets out a woven mat, deer antlers and a shell to hold the tobacco and other “sacred plants” she plans to burn, sending their aromas throughout the room. The discussion, too, flows as freely as the smoke between the symbolic and the everyday. Sara gently connects the dots: a baby’s cry down the hall leads into a homily about the natural intuition that is locked within us all.

Close your eyes and you could be transported back hundreds, maybe thousands, of years to late-night talk around a hearth and the gentle ritual of congregation. But “this is not religion,” says Grandmother Sara. “This is not native religion.” What she is proclaiming in her own quiet manner is spiritual journeying “as a way of life”—a way of being thoughtful today about the generations to come.

Now 62, Grandmother Sara began her own journey in earnest some 30 years ago as her four children were growing up and she felt there was something incomplete about her spiritual life. A stint in tribal politics didn’t fill the gap. Nor, entirely, did regular get-togethers with a group of women to analyze dreams, conscious meditative dreaming being a staple of inner life and decision-making for many natives. But both led inexorably to a re-examination of the old ways and the old legends, to long conversations with elders and visiting tribal leaders. And to the point where Sara is herself now one of those elders—the “Grandmother” is an honorific, though she’s a legit one, too, with 12 grandchildren.

In her day job, Grandmother Sara manages a non-profit gift store on the Six Nations reserve to help individuals with special needs. Her home is a cozy mix of native art and modern technology. An oversized satellite dish stands guard outside; a granddaughter does her homework on a laptop. But art and technology pale beside the signs of an ancient belief: in the backyard, a prayer circle of white pines; next door, a spiritual centre that she and her husband, Roger, had built a year ago, with a great hall and bedrooms for visitors. It is their gift—of a modest haven—to a world they see hungering for belief. And it is a world already beating a path to their door.

In Grandmother Sara’s kitchen, there’s a calendar of commitments that seems to stretch to another lifetime. Her travels have taken her to England, Europe, Australia, Central America and throughout Canada and the United States. A few years ago she was the only Canadian invited to meet with the Dalai Lama at a gathering of indigenous peoples from five continents at a Tibetan monastery in France. It was an event called the Gathering of the Shamans, and while Grandmother Sara feels native beliefs have much in common with Buddhism, she is categorical that she is not a seer or shaman—when pressed she says she is not even sure what the terms mean. She is simply a custodian, someone who keeps the oral traditions alive and links them, when possible, with the events of today. “We are a circular people,” she says, and by that she means many things. One of them: that a kind and thoughtful life can resonate for generations.


Time of the 6th Sun ft. Elders & Wisdom Teachers [documentary]

A 108-minute feature docu-movie, filmed in 16 countries over 11 years, featuring over 70 Indigenous Elders, Wisdom Keepers and Visionary Thought Leaders from around the world sharing their knowledge and teachings. Discover many ‘aha’ moments on this global cinematic journey offering great insights into the awakening and incredible changes to the consciousness of humanity happening on our planet at this time.
That initial question “Who Am I?” leads us into the awakening process as we look around at the chaos thinking, ‘there has to be another way’.
Then we look inside to find aspects of our own internal chaos which leads to change. But change will always bring up what we don’t necessarily want to look at as we discover our shadow side and so starts that journey within.
A process of purification as we let go of fears, conditioning, old programs, using ritual ceremony and the ways of the indigenous.
Descending from the mind to the heart space we attend elders gatherings who teach us that the visioning and the dreaming comes from the heart space.
And this dreaming will create a Vision for a New Earth, where we learn how to tread more lightly on the earth whilst reclaiming and celebrating our sovereignty, as we as a species ascend to a higher level of collective consciousness.
The movie stars Estas Tonne, a troubadour on his journey of enlightenment, challenged by the Trickster played by Peter Moore, guided by Spirit channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe and introduced by actress Greta Scacchi, with original music composed by Charlie Roscoe and featuring the music of Estas Tonne and 11 other artists.


Watch the movie here: https://watch.timeofthesixthsunlaunch.com/