The Conscious Youth Global Movement has a suggestion for artists new to the movement who are looking for an idea to jumpstart their creative association with CYGM.

Create a reply to Bikbaye & Sepkanitah’s newest song: ‘Checkin In’ – Audio



Per Bikbaye, founder of CYGM, ‘Checkin In’ is a song about “reconnecting with the community that served as your foundation as you were growing up. Regardless of where we are from and the circumstances that may have played a part in deciding that environment, we all have a “village” (family, community) that provided us the basic needs for our survival.”

“This song (Checkin In) is a call to heal & assist the development of our communities through ‘conscious’ artistic expression. Our goal is to utilize the content within this track as a platform to inspire the necessary dialogue that leads to individual and communal empowerment.”

“The artists on the track, Sepkanitah & myself, are both cultural activists & healers. The concept is to have other like-minded individuals & artists record a response to ‘Checkin In’, in which they will paint a picture of their communities and what needs to happen for healing to take place.”

“The unique aspect to this song concept is that we are requesting a male/female duo collaboration from each region (East coast, West Coast, Midwest etc.) to be stated on the track. The song is to follow a specific format, which is structured to attain the balance of the feminine & masculine energies on the finished track.”

“All artists who participate are free to use any instrumental beat of their choice.”

“Feel free to not only create a ‘reply’ song, but a video as well that gives visuals of your community as it relates to the song.”


[The recording format is as follows: Intro- Male and female- 1st Verse – Male; Chorus/Hook – Male and female; 2nd Verse – Female; Chorus/Hook – Male and Female; 3rd Verse – Female start first bar and go bar for bar from there; Last Chorus/Hook – Male and female]


To recap…

ACCEPT: Accept the CYGM “Checkin In” Song/Video Challenge

RECORD: Create a song and optional video that is a ‘reply’ to the original “Checkin In” song by Bikbaye & Sepkanitah.


UPLOAD/PROMOTE: Upload your song on social media and promote its association with the Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM). Use hashtags: #CYGM #ConsciousYouthGlobalMovement #CheckinIn


Include this paragraph (in Italics) & link (below) inside your promotional material, in order to edify & duplicate the Conscious Youth Global Movement back to its original source (CYGM website).

“The Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM) is promoting the Conscious expression of Youth through the Arts. If you are an organization or artist who has inspirational “upbeat” messages to offer the world, that is morally or spiritually elevating, connect with the CYGM to build & multiply the Conscious vibes.”



Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.

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