Inter-Tribal Unity Directory




(Organizations, Councils, Centers & Gatherings)

Here is a list of organizations, councils, gatherings & websites that support inter-national (global) inter-tribal spiritual unity and the indigenous traditional elders.  This is not a complete list… it was compiled around 5 years ago (2016).  The growth of inter-tribal unity has grown exponentially since then.  New sites will be added as we move forward.  The participation of youth into this movement is greatly assisting these planetary “unity” efforts as a whole.  Join us and let your voices be heard!


Ancestral Voice:



Ancient Wisdom Rising:


Annual Honoring of the Elders:


Circle of All Nations:




Conscious Youth Global Movement:


Consejo de Visones:


Cosmic Convergence Festival:


Council with Ambassadors of Mother Earth:


Council of Elders Circle the World:


Dance to heal the Earth:


Eagle Mother Crying:


Eagle Quetzal Condor Gatherings:



Earthkeepers Foundation:



Earth Peoples United:


EcoSpirit Environmental Conference:


Elder Gathering (Sunray Peace Village):


Elder Voices Summit:


Foundation for Global Humanity:


Fourth Worlds International Institute:


Gathering of Eagles:


Gathering of Healers:


Gathering of Indigenous Elders:


Getting to the Root:


Grandmothers Circle the Earth:


Indigo Bridge:


Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge:


International Center for Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom:


International Council of Thirteen Grandmothers:


One Planet One People Peace Gathering:


Prophecy Keepers:




Sacred Earth Network:


Sacred Fire Foundation:


Sacred Woman Organization:



Spirit Weavers Gathering:


Spiritual Unity of the Tribes:


Star Knowledge Conference:


The Circle for Change:


The Gathering:


The Great Balance:


The Great Gathering of Humanity:


The Ojai Foundation:


The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers:


The Sacred Science:


Tribal Trust Foundation:


Turtle Island Project:


Tribal Vision Festival:


Two Circles (The American Indian Institute & Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth):


Way of the Ancients:


Wisdom Keepers Conference:


Wisdom of the Elders:


World Council of Elders:


World Peace & Prayer Day:


Wolf Song Gathering:


World First Nations Traditional Knowledge Conference:


World Harmony Unlimited:


8000 drums: