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EAGLE CONDOR GATHERING [documentary] [article]

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Note: According to the North American coordinator for the Mayan-sanctioned “Eagle Condor” gatherings, Patricio Dominguez (Piro Manso Tiwa), this video is one of the early Eagle Condor Gatherings. For ten 16 hour days, the Elders from 60 nations North and South dialogued and shared ceremony.




Note: Native American prophecy told from Eagle Condor Gathering (playlist).  Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dIM77UinoWTIkiJEkbLSX2DbHM9t0sh


The Mayan Timekeepers

The Mayans have an Eagle & Condor prophecy, as well as many other tribes.  Their prophecy correlated with a window of time & date that we are all familiar with, December 21, 2012. This date did not mark the “end of the world”, it instead delineated the beginning of a new world cycle. In 1985, the Mayan Elders actively began to make preparations to organize an inter-tribal ceremony that would close the last world cycle “in a good way” via a gathering of tribes from North, South & Central America. In doing so, the transition into the new world cycle would be a smoother ride. In addition, the Eagle & Condor prophecy would also be fulfilled as prophesized. The Eagle & Condor would fly together in the same sky.



Patricio Dominguez

Don Patricio Dominguez (Piro Manso Tiwa), from New Mexico, had an unforeseeable encounter with a Mayan Elder in the early stages of the Mayan’s organizing efforts. This meeting eventually led to his assignment of being the North American coordinator for the first gathering (and subsequent gatherings) initiated by the lineage of the Mayan timekeepers.  Patricio was born 1949 in a small “traditional” community and was cultured by his parents, grandparents and his great grandmother, who lived until he was 13 years old. At the age of five, Patricio was presented in a public ceremony to the medicine men to be blessed as a man of spiritual knowledge. Patricio, later in life, married a Navajo lady who was also raised with native traditional values. He presently is on the Board of Directors of a few non-profit corporations and on the advisory committee of the International Indigenous Coalition.


Patricio and the Mayan Timekeeper

Don Patricio Dominguez has witnessed the reunification of the Eagle & Condor via his organizing efforts with the Mayan Timekeepers. From his vantage point, a great deal of disclosure can be told regarding the present state of inter-tribal unity consciousness. He has given a few talks in regards to this subject matter, which will be briefly summarized here.

Mayan people in ancient times were given the very important assignment of keeping time. Others indigenous tribes were given other tasks, like being the keepers of wisdom, the keepers of social dances, etc. They all held pieces of the puzzle. They all were given sacred instructions.

In 1985, a call from the Mayan Timekeepers went out through the Americas, North, Central & South; it’s time to prepare for the new world cycle by closing out the last world cycle “in a good way”. The 26,000 year cycle is completing! All the tribes need to get together to perform ceremony and pray together to open the new age, the Golden Age.

Patricio, as North American coordinator, had the extremely difficult task of recruiting U.S. & Canadian tribes to participate in the ceremony. Many of these tribes, due to B.I.A.-type politics and previous termination & assimilation attempts, were not to receptive and opted out of the inter-tribal gathering process. Many poor excuses were given; however, some tribes did respond and eventually participated in the unity process.

In 1992, five hundred years after Columbus first arrived in the Americas, the first gathering of Indigenous Elders, from North, South and Central America, was held. This gathering was problematic and ended up becoming the “unofficial first gathering” to lay the ground work for the official gathering to take place in 1995. 4 North American tribal delegates, representing four tribes, attended this first unofficial gathering. The Maya had around 90 tribal delegates. Tribal delegates from the South were also in attendance. It was a 10 day gathering.

It was agreed at this “unofficial first gathering” that future gathering locations would rotate between North, South & Central America since transportation was problematic for some elders and others did not want to risk traveling into Central America, which was a dangerous place to visit due to the civil wars and pro-communist revolutions that have occurred. It was also decided that it would take 3 gatherings (North, South & Central) to complete the process of closing out the last world cycle “in a good way”.



[Gathering One]

1995, “Gathering One” (1st meeting of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders) was held in Tical, Guatemala (Central America). 5-10 delegates from North America, 60 from South America and hundreds from Central America were in attendance.


[Gathering Two]

1997, “Gathering Two” (2nd reunion of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders) was held in the Colombian Amazon (South America).


[Gathering Three]

1999, “Gathering Three” (3rd reunion of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders) was held in New Mexico (North America). 300 tribes were represented. This third gathering was organized by Don Patricio Dominguez. He, previously, was blessed in ceremony around the council fire with the bastone (staff), which gave him the mandate to proceed with organizing next and final gathering. Gathering Three took Patricio six years of fundraising at a cost of $300,000. He had a staff of 15, along with 100 volunteers, 15 security guards, 9 kitchen helpers and 6 people behind marketing & promotion. At the end of Gathering Three, the last world cycle was closed “pretty much” “in a good way”, although Patricio says the process was admittedly “a little rough” and they did “the best they could”. It was agreed at this gathering that the “gatherings” and gathering lineage & legacy should continue. Now that the last world cycle was closed out “in a good way” it was decided that the next gathering would focus on the further reunification of the Eagle & Condor.


[Gathering Four]

2009, the 4th gathering “Return of the Ancestors” (4th reunion of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders) was held in Northern Arizona. This was a gathering of the Eagle & Condor. The bastone was previously passed to a South American (Bolivia) delegation, but after 6 years they were not successful in their organizing attempts, so the bastone was then ceremonially passed to Adam “Yellowbird” to organize in North America. Unique to this 4th gathering, was the invitation & representation of other tribes outside of the Americas. Back in 1985, when the call from the Mayan timekeepers went out through the Americas to close the last world cycle “in a good way”, the Maya stated in their call that “not one person should be left behind. After Gathering Three, Patricio came to the realization that the Maya were not actually stating that not just one person from a native group be left behind. They meant, not one person from “any race” of people (the Rainbow people) should be left behind. Thus, Patricio assisted the 4th gathering in its effort to represent all the tribes on Mother Earth, which included Pacific Islanders, Asians, Europeans, Africans, etc.


[Gathering Five]

2015, the 5th gathering was held in Sedona, Arizona. The Quetzal bird, considered divine and associated with the “snake god” Quetzalcoatl, was flying amongst the Eagle & Condor at this event, thus this was a gathering of the “Eagle, Quetzal & Condor”. During this gathering the mandate to organize the next gathering was given to a young lady from the Peru delegation. This time a bastone was not passed, instead the young lady opted for a jar of ashes from the council fire to be passed on to her in good faith.



Gathering Lineages

These 5 gatherings that Patricio helped coordinate are tied into the gathering lineage that traces back to the original 1985 call from the Mayan Timekeepers to close out the last world cycle “in a good way”. There are other gathering lineages that have come and gone. Some are alive & active, while others are hard to keep track of, or are held in secrecy.





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