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Note: Webinar hosted by Women Tapestry of Life: https://www.womentapestryoflife.com/


FEMININE PRINCIPLE (Bringing back the Balance)


“This society is completely sick; it is time for the women to gather together and heal each other, then they will go to heal the men.” -Grandmother Windrider (Mayan)


It’s time for the women to gather together, heal, and then come heal the men.  This indeed, is beginning to happen.  Females are breaking their silence.  The Grandmothers are coming together, dreaming and initiating future gatherings to bring back the balance and restore natural order.


“The suppression of the feminine principle, especially over the past two thousand years, has enabled the ego to gain absolute supremacy in the collective human psyche.”-Eckhart Tolle


2012 has shifted the energies on this planet to a slightly positive & feminine dominated orientation that is in alignment with Natural Law, the laws of our Quantum Universe.

The power of Women is returning!  The Sacred Feminine energy is back!  The women will teach the men the lost art of… Creationing!


“A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground. Then it is finished no matter how brave its warriors or how strong their weapons.” Tsistsistas (Cheyenne)



Divine Feminine

The sacred interchange of energy of The Great Mystery flows from spirit to matter, and from matter back to spirit.  Matter symbolically represents the womb of the Mother.  The Mother anchors the energies released from spirit (Father) into matter (Mother).  She brings the formless of spirit into form.  The Divine Feminine is the highest expression or aspect of man & woman and we need both the Father & Mother for wholeness & balance.


“A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity.  If you have one, embrace it.  If you need one, seek it.  If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in.  Hold on.  Love it up.  Let them see you.  Let them hold you.  Let your reluctant tears fall.  Let yourself rise fierce and love great.  You will be changed.  The very fabric of your Being will be altered by this.  If you allow it.  Please, allow it.” -Jewels Wingfield (A Womb Wisdom Keeper)



The Role of Women in Legends & Stories

Though the American Indian cultures were often separated by thousands of miles, two common themes persisted; a deep personal connection to Earth and a sense of oneness with all beings and the processes of nature.

Central to most Native American origin stores is that of woman being attributed as the “Mother”, or woman as “Nature”, woman as ancestral mother of tribe or clan, woman as bestower of culture, woman as the “Warrior Maiden”, etc.

In some stories, Spider Woman or Grandmother Spider existed in the Original Womb Void at the beginning of time and spun her web while singing the world into creation, sometimes with the help of her two daughters (Ut Set & Nau Ut Set).  In other legends, Grandmother Spider made the four different races from colored clay (red, white, black & yellow).



Grandmother Spider is the creative female energy at the center of all spirit & creation.  In other legends, the Mother aspect is honored, as with the Keres, a Pueblo tribe.

The Oneida have a legend honoring the Warrior Maiden aspect of the Divine Feminine.  An Oneida maiden (Aliquipiso) nobly sacrifices her life to save her people.  When their ruthless enemy (the Mingos) invades their land, the Oneida flee into the mountains.  The Great Spirit appears to the maiden telling her how she can lead the enemy into a trap so that they can easily be destroyed.  It involves great personal sacrifice, and at the end, her life.

Legends & stories are central to American Indian culture and provide an oral means for transferring culture, history and tradition from one generation to another. Tribal leaders & medicine people also use stories to provide guidance for operating in and understanding the universe.  Some stories prepare them for daily life, others forewarn of different supernatural entities, or of animal or plant entities they might encounter.

Legends & stories teach the right & wrong way to proceed in the natural & supernatural worlds, preparing Native Americans for their own experiences. Humans, animals, plants, spirits, supernaturals, and deities like Spider Woman and Corn Woman, are all connected and interconnected in the Great Web of Life.


“The Old Ones say the Native American women will lead the healing among the tribes.  Inside them are the powers of love and strength given by the Moon and the Earth.  When everyone else gives up, it is the women who sings the songs of strength.  She is the backbone of the people.  So, to our women we say, sing your songs of strength; pray for your special powers; keep our people strong; be respectful, gentle, and modest.” -Village Wise Man of the Lakota



Women & Moon Time

From a Native perspective, women’s periods are called being in one’s “moon time”, which refers to the monthly moon cycle.  The moon goes around the Earth, perfectly, 13 times a year.  In the Solar-Lunar calendar there are 13 months, 28 days each month.  The female’s biological cycle is 28 days as well.  She is in sync with the natural procession of nature.

The forces opposed to unity consciousness imposed the Gregorian Calendar on indigenous (Pagan) people to break their connection to Mother Nature.  This calendar was introduced in 1582 by the Pope.  It, of course, is a 12 month calendar.



In most Native cultures, moon time is considered to be a sacred time; a time of inner purification.  Moon time for a woman is considered a ceremony in itself.  It represents the power of birth and the power of life.  Women are “life-givers”.  Moon Time is a time of inward purification; a time of prayer, of actually asking the moon for guidance & assistance.  At this time, women have to be careful not to take in negativity.  The Grandmother Moon is there for guidance.

It is also very important that women in their Moon Time do not participate in ceremonies; including touching or handling any sacred objects (pipes or medicine).  Menstruation signifies the power of birth, whereas ceremonies often signify a spiritual rebirth.  The two do not mix.  Ceremonies are about creating outward energy while moon time is about inner prayer.  A lot of ceremonies also involve the sun, while Moon Time solely involves the moon.


Medicine Women

When the general public thinks of Native healers & “Medicine Men”, they normally don’t associate medicine with women.  The truth is, some of the greatest medicine people were & are women.

Traditionally, Medicine Women were the local psychologists, therapists, physicians and marriage counselors.  In some tribes, the Medicine Women were given the responsibility of making warrior shields, for it was believed that they had special powers that would give those war shields added protection for the owners.


“The woman is the foundation on which nations are built.  She is the heart of her nation.  If that heart is weak, the people are weak.  If her heart is strong and her mind is clear, then the nation is strong and knows its purpose.  The woman is the center of everything.” -Art Solomon (Ojibwe)


The practicing of medicine ways was a full time job.  The well-being & emotional balance of the tribe belonged to the Medicine Woman.  In return for her services, she was cared for by the members of the village.  She always had food, shelter, her needs met, assistance when it was needed and special spirit gifts that showed the honor & respect of her people.

The art of being a Medicine Woman has not been lost.  There are more practicing Medicine Women alive today than ever before using the same old natural ways combined with today’s new healing technologies.  There are herbalists, naturalists, aroma therapists, massage therapists and those who teach spirituality, awareness, meditation skills, etc.  The Medicine Women continues to care for their families & loved ones with all the tools available to them so they can walk in balance and live life in health & harmony.


“Before the men could go to war, it was customary for the women to make the moccasins.  If the women did not want war, they did not make moccasins.” -Haudenosaunee teaching



Note: Watch Lakota Spiritual Elder, Woableza LaBatte, explain the Grandmother Prophecy.  This is an important Native American prophecy from more than 900 years ago.  The visual elements of a petroglyph reveal a meaningful & hopeful message for all the children of the Great Spirit.  The details are especially relevant to our present experience, and provide solid guidance for our path into the future.  https://youtu.be/ufr8kknkIiY



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