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Choose it or Lose it… Your Choice!

Music can change the world… literally.  You are ready to take Higher action, but the daily challenges & harsh realities of 3rd dimensional living got you caught up in a state of mental confusion.  How come things aren’t manifesting in the way in which I envision?  How come it appears that no matter how hard I try, it doesn’t appear like I’m bringing about much change on this planet?

The answer is that you are manifesting and bringing about change, but the manifestation & changes are happening first on the hyper-dimensional plane.  As above so below!

The book, “The Choice”, elaborates on the process of using Conscious thought and physics of the mind to reshape the world.

“The Choice” talks about “Hyper-Dimensional Physics”, which in contrast to the physics taught in our schools today, unquestionably proves that there is an “intelligent design” (god-force) behind our reality.  There is a Consciousness that runs throughout our Universe.   It’s not just there at random.  Conscious thought put the Universe in motion, intentionally.

“Hyper-Dimensional Physics” was coined in 1854 by German mathematician, Georg Riemann, and championed by Richard C. Hoagland in his book “The Monuments of Mars”.  He recognizes that we, in fact, live in a multi-dimensional Universe where there are levels of existence above our observable third-dimensional (3D) Universe that have an effect over us, our existence & our physics.

Everything that we see, feel and experience in this Universe as energy, actually originates from somewhere else, from other dimensional planes.  This justifies why we all have a Higher self that provides guidance from up above.  This hyper-dimensional energy was put here via a grand intelligent design, says “The Choice”.

We have been tricked into believing that we simply exist in a 3D Universe consisting of that which we can experience through our five senses.  “Science” attempts to justify that life is created at random and that there is no creator God.  Unfortunately, we followed the twisted lines of this logic down the linear path of stupidity & destruction.  As a result, we have unconsciously created famine, war, disease, pain and suffering.



Thanks to the Conscious awakening on this planet and our new understanding of Hyper-Dimensional Physics, as written in “The Choice”, we are now learning that Newton’s “Laws of Motion” work great as long as you don’t rotate stuff.  Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” works great as long as you don’t work with anything smaller than an atom.  And Quantum Physics works just fine as long as you pretend that there’s no such thing as gravity.

The concept of invisible dark matter was invented by “academic” science to make up for the fact that there’s not enough matter in the observable universe to account for the gravity that seems to be holding everything together.  They concluded that there was some other unknown outside force holding everything together, aka “Dark Matter”, which according to “The Choice” is a clever theory to divert attention from the obvious mysterious outside force; the fourth physical dimension.

Hyper-Dimensional Physics gives credence to the fact that there is a Conscious outside force holding everything together, outside of our 3rd Dimension.  “The Choice” declares that this outside force generates the circular spins of planets & suns, which keeps everything in the Universe in its place, not gravity.

Suns (our great Cosmic Mothers) literally give birth to the planets, and they also give away most of their spin energy to them as well.  The power behind the rotations of the planets (especially Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune) in our solar system, have more influence on our little planet than the sun and its combined circular spin & gravitational pull.  The spin energy of these planets also equate to other forms of energy, such as heat.

The spin energy of planets & suns create a portal, gateway, vortex, star-gate, etc. through which energy from Higher dimensions enters into our Universe.  “The Choice” bears the incredible fact that planets are the dominant force in solar systems because they possess almost all of the hyper-dimensional spin energy.

So at this time, “The Choice” concludes that we are starting to finally grasp that physics drives Consciousness, science drives the spirit and Astronomy drives Astrology.

As planets in our solar system spin, our thoughts, moods and actions are affected.  Astrology, long dismissed by modern science as a silly superstition, is indeed very real and can be scientifically correlated via Hyper-Dimensional Physics.

“The Choice” explains that when planets, stars and even whole galaxies change their positions relative to each other, these actions create “a tremor in the force” in Higher, imperceptible dimensions.  Because these resonant waves aren’t restricted by our limited 3rd Dimensional “laws”, the traditional physics of “academic” science, they can, and demonstrably do, have an effect in our Universe at great distances & simultaneously.



A number of spiritually advanced ancient cultures (Mayans, Egyptians, Indo-Aryan Hindus of South Asia, etc.) understood the fundamental concepts of Higher dimensions and the Higher dimensional nature of man.  They were, according to “The Choice”, among the first civilizations of modern times to mark the passage of time with calendars, and they seem to have used them for far more than just calculating the rainy seasons or annual flooding.  They all knew that time was cyclical and not linear.  Some of these cultures understood that mankind and the Earth pass through repeating cycles of consciousness.  Sanskrit scriptures, called the “Vedas”, state that there are 4 of these repeating cycles.

It is believed by many of these cultures that we are coming out of the Dark Ages (the Kali Yuga, according to the Vedas) and entering a New Age or cycle where peace, Love & harmony will reign supreme, however prior to this happening mankind may have to go through a very brutal “weathering of the storm” were there is war, famine, disease & terrible Earth changes.  This understanding, The Choice says, is also in alignment with the Mayans & Hopi Indians.

For every ancient culture researcher who predicts a doom & gloom outcome for the human race at this time (solar flares, pole shifts, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, plagues, oil spills, World War III, etc.), there are other researchers who believe quite the contrary, that the coming times will offer man a spiritual blueprint or roadmap that will lead him towards ascension, a Higher way of thinking.  The truth of the matter may very well be that both sides are right.

It appears that we are facing a time where there will be both dramatic physical & spiritual changes, both positive & negative.  The Choice advocates that we do indeed “have a choice”.  Choose it or lose it!  The choice is ours!

The Choice assesses that the overall message from our ancient indigenous Elders appear to be a hopeful one, where anyone can be saved by turning inward, in their Hearts, to the Infinite Creator. Become spiritually elevated through self-realization & lightness or continue down the destructive spiraling pathway of ignorance & darkness, within the confines of a fictitious & illusory material world.  The Day of Judgment, the Day of Choice is here.  We’ve reached the crossroads!

The Choice concludes… Above this 3rd Dimensional playground, there is a God-force intelligently pulling the strings, from up above, behind all of its creation.  We are not puppets, belonging to a random Universe.  We are Co-Creators with the Infinite Creator.  We have a choice to create a better future by taking control of our destiny now.  Choose it or lose it!


Hyper-Dimensional Funk




The word “Funk”, popularly used in popular urban culture has multiple meanings: 1) Cool.  2) A foul odor.  3) A genre of R&B music (James Brown, Parliament, Funkadelic, Rick James).  4) Depressed mood.  5) To freak to the point of exhaustion & ecstasy.  6) Moody.  Thus, Funk is a human state of mind which is in a state of flux, within a state of polarity (the particular state either positive or negative, relating to two fixed points of reference) which we experience on our planet through struggle.  We live inside a matrix, a socially-accepted consensus reality of global competition, survival of the fittest.

We think we have an honest consensus on what “reality” is, yet most of us have no clue as to what is really going on around ourselves and what’s happening to the stars in the sky.  An occasional rainbow will sometimes materialize to briefly remind us of who we are really connected to on the spiritual planes.

We, as creative & spiritual people (musician, writers, artists, etc.), at times of disillusionment, tend to look at our sometimes dull & dreary material 3D environment and individually wonder about our place in the Universe.  Inquisitively, we individually ask ourselves, “What am I doing here?  I should be doing something else.  I’m in a serious Funk.”  Other times, when deeply inspired by the heat of the moment, caught in a groove, dancing & feeling good, we collectively acknowledge quite the opposite.  Our catchphrase becomes, “We got the Funk!”

On the bright side, a new understanding of our funky state of beingness has descended upon our groovy little planet at this time from a Higher source of Funkiness, which has been given the moniker “Hyper-Dimensional Funk”.  We are beginning to understand from Hyper-Dimensional Physics that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe where there are Higher levels of existence above our observable 3D universe, which have an energetic effect on our planet.

Hyper-Dimensional Funk is “Funk” on the “positive” side of the Funk polarity that is linked into the Funky Free-Energies of Higher spiritual dimensions.  Hyper-Dimensional Funk means that you possess a Higher self that resonates faster, with greater intensity, on Higher melodic octaves within a cosmos of musical spiritual space.

We are both transmitters & receivers of cosmic Funky Free-Energy; however, most of us do not have a Conscious understanding of this Universal Truth.  We have been conditioned to accept limitation & mediocrity.  Few have risen above the “Funk” that the majority of people have lowered themselves into.  These few are riding High on Funk, coming from the hyper-dimension.

What can be very troubling for today’s creative & spiritual people (musician, writers, artists, etc.), living in the dense 3D world of Planet Earth, is the fact that much of their “service-to-others” has not reaped a return on their spiritualized investment in the form of money, fame, praise or good will.  It is said, that “as you give you shall receive”.  We initiated the cause, now where is the effect?  The answer is that the effect is hyper-dimensional and its effect is much greater on the Higher planes of Consciousness than down here on Earth, in the limited 5 sense world.

The “spiritualized” creative energy of Light that we output, reaches Higher dimensions with greater speed, force and momentum than our energy released here, which is manifesting on the lower and much denser dimension.  Our creative output here on Earth measures as faint ripples of subtle energy, which the masses at this time are too numb to feel and too closed-minded to receive.  On the Higher dimensions, our creative output may appear as shockwaves of spiraling transformative energy.

Higher benevolent intelligences (spirit helpers, deities, angels, gods, etc.), watching over mankind, receive these vibrations of spiritual activity & creativity, which we transmit.  These Higher intelligences get excited when we get excited, the more we “follow our Highest excitement”.

It has been wisely said that humans on Earth are “masters of limitation” since they are all spiritually advanced beings who have reincarnated here in order to face our own karma and temporarily experiment with the feelings of isolation, separation and fear, in order to better understand (not take for granted) feelings of group congregation, togetherness and One Love.  Upon mastering limitation we graduate out of our Earthly reincarnation cycle and return back into Oneness with the Infinite Creator; The Great Mystery.

Lack of this metaphysical knowledge can put you in a Funky melancholy mood.  If you’re a student of Self-Improvement you can successfully turn this emotion around into a positive state of Funk.  If you are a truly Conscious individual you can learn to transmute your Funky attitude out of the darkness and into the Light by leaving polarity and tapping into the hyper-dimensional Mothership of Higher galactic Consciousness.

Most of our world’s brightest stars, our creative & spiritual people (musician, writers, artists, etc.), are struggling profoundly, and some of these struggles are of epic proportions.  These people, with their hands tied behind their backs, are doing everything within their Conscious creative power to protect Mother Earth from the destructive ignorance of mankind.  Yet, they are taking a mental beating.

The truth is… Things don’t appear as they seem on this 3rd dimensional plane.  In fact, our reality is an illusion.  It’s a socially-accepted consensus reality of relative value that operates as a mind trick.  Things are much clearer & focused in the hyper-dimension, where everything counts the most.

As our belief & consciousness changes for the better, the physics around us change.  We become powerful spiritual beings.  As we grow hyper-dimensionally, the more “positive” effects we will witness, experience and feel on our Earthly lower dimension.

Our collective efforts to spread Light & Love and goodness amongst our people, often do reach their intended targets, however, it’s up to the free-will of these people to accept & act upon these gifts.  It is their choice!  You have done your part in the awakening process, even if you do not feel a reciprocation of Light & Love back.  Keep spreading your wings!

It appears that the people who offer the most spiritually uplifting & healing guidance for the planet are struggling the most.  At the same time, people with little regard for others and who only think of themselves, seem to have aquired the “winning” lottery tickets.  They are the ones getting the big breaks in life.  The material world looks to be skewed in their favor.  What the funk is going on here?

The main problem facing our creative & spiritual people (musician, writers, artists, etc.) is the appearance that our collective efforts of service-to-others seem be lost, covered up underneath the pressures & hardships brought on by the rock hard & stubborn 3rd Dimension.  These are tough times!

All is not lost!  The struggles we face here are illusionary, a 3D spectacle.  The world we live in is Intelligently Designed!  Struggle is a part of that design and has obviously been put here for an intelligent reason for our spiritual growth.  If we are of service-to-others, have unconditional Love, keep up with our spiritual practices, walk the walk and talk the talk, then everything in life has to eventually work out for the great benefit & advancement of you and the people that you serve.  This is a universal truth!





Hyper-Dimensional Funk is where it’s at!  Just remember that.  The following bullet-pointed comments provide a Funky breakdown that will shed some final thoughts on this topic:

-Your creative works have a hyper-dimensional effect that inversely alters the fate & destiny of our planet towards a positive direction. Nothing is forgotten or lost.  All is recorded (even if unpublished & unreleased), experienced, documented, mapped, graphed and charted by the Higher forces of galactic attunement.

-Our artistic & creative spiritual energy is effecting the Higher dimensions at a much greater intensity than what we can feel at the lower dimensions of density on our planet, however, both dimensions are connected harmonically. Our planet is ascending!  Soon our artistic endeavors will be felt quite considerably on this new planet, the new ascended Earth.

-Our Conscious impact is incalculable. You can’t accurately, using logic, assess the effect your Conscious creative & spiritual work is having on others and your surroundings.  The hyper-dimension has the correct calculation.

-There is power in the “Now” if you can think hyper-dimensionally. When in doubt, read Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now” book, which is absolutely life changing & awe-inspiring.

-We, on the lower dimensions, tend to downplay the miraculous, the divine hands behind synergy, as coincidence; not aware that these interactions are interventions directed from High above. Seize the moment when it comes, and at other times allow your creative works to marinate in the sun, a doorway to the hyper-dimension.  Timing on the Higher dimensions is perfect, so don’t worry and be in no hurry.

-Every spiritual activity counts and gets added to the cosmic scorecard on the side of Love & Light.

-Contemplation & meditation are tools for inner guidance, self-direction & self-realization. Your imagination creates parallel realities.

-Consensus reality is a part of a dream that is very dense, very linear and seemingly real. Who is watching your dreams when you are sound asleep and not paying attention?  The answer, of course, is the Hyper-Dimension.

-Face your karma and then get off the karmic wheel. Learn the lessons of the Funk and shift hyper-dimensionally.

-Connection to Higher hyper-dimensional sources may come through synchronistic moments, abstract messages and intuitive thoughts. It’s rare that they speak directly to you in your language, although they sometimes do whisper in your ear during special times of need, through divine intervention when you are in danger or in need of a timely wake-up call.

-Because much of our creative Higher Action is inspired by the Higher levels of the hyper-dimension, we might not always understand the significance or the reason behind our creative Higher action. That is OK!  All we really need to know is that it is the right thing to do because our creative Higher action comes straight from the Heart, and is Heart-inspired.

-The more people on this planet become dedicated towards service-to-others, the more interventions Higher intelligences can perform to assist our efforts.

-Set clear intentions on establishing the most important connection of your re-occurring life. Be an anchor for those operating on the Higher Dimensions, the Higher octaves of musical space.  Use your crystalline body vehicle to serve as a tuning fork for the Higher hyper-dimensional Sound frequencies and use this vehicle to hold the planetary grid in place via the vibration of Love.

-Just like a needle in the groove, our individual human Consciousness transmits a Sound frequency back up into the hyper-dimension. The more “Conscious” the Sound transmission, the greater response on the receiving end.  As the needle drops, we have the power to amplify the musical vibrations of Love & happiness.  We set the tone and create the atmosphere of the party.

-The greater the prize, the greater the struggle, the great the surprise.

-Every creative expression and every Conscious note or chord we strike is one more musical step forward for mankind. What we, Light Bearers, collectively do here on Earth, in concert, can be heard loud & clear by the Higher forces of Love, Light & protection.

-Dark forces of ignorance are no creative match for the Conscious Light of the Supreme Being who sings through all of us in Harmony. God is sound!  The world is Sound!  Never underestimate the power of Sound and its supersonic hyper-dimensional effects.

-To the degree that we each get inspired to co-create on Earth, is the degree to which we each gain leverage & power from the Higher intelligences (spirit helpers, deities, angels, gods, etc.), aka Higher sources, who operate through all of us in mysterious musical ways.

-3rd dimensional living is a game and it can be a dangerous one. Being “Light” within a dark paradigm on Earth attracts attention from both the lower & Higher forces, both the good & the bad.  The more we Light up the dark sky in service-to-others, the funkier things can get for us down here at the pit bottom.  For our protection, we need to heal our karmic wounds and commit to daily spiritual exercises that keep us in regular contact to Higher Source, aka the hyper-dimension.  By doing this, we will receive Love & protection from these benevolent Higher forces.

As we intentionally accelerate and the planet increases its spin, we enter the domain of the Hyper-Dimension, in the galaxy of Hyper-Funk.  As we smoke the angelic peace pipe of the “Funkadelic Hyper-Dimension”, we move from the bottom to the top, and eventually the top converges with the bottom.  We become an invincible & invisible force field of spiritualized F-F-F—Funk.

We are the “gods of Funk” but we don’t know it.  Yet our Higher actions surely do show it, from the elevated perspective of the hyper-dimension.  We are the Funk that spawns from the funky hyper-dimension.  The tide is turning!  Funk, Funk, Funk, Funk, Funk it up into the hyper-dimensional zone of Love & Light and goodness.


 Note: Sourced from DJ Mackboogaloo’s E-Book, “Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness”: https://archive.org/details/rootsculturenconsciousnessrevised2020


Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.

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