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Greetings CYGM from DJ COOLEY MACK

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Hello CYGM!  Introducing DJ Cooley Mack…


DJ COOLEY MACK (CYGM) is a music producer, writer and “Prophecy Keeper” of indigenous wisdom teachings. He strongly advocates the need for Youth Culture to turn towards Roots & Culture.  To encourage this call-to-action, he has authored the E-Book “Roots, Culture & Consciousness”.


SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mackboogaloo


RCC: https://archive.org/details/rootsculturenconsciousnessrevised2020


DJ COOLEY MACK (Mackboogaloo) has carved his own niche within the SoundCloud community due to his Global Bass, Champeta, Chicago House, Footwork and Hip-Hop beat-making skills; reaching the benchmark of 50,000 (total) MP3 downloads of his DJ tracks in April of 2020.


DJ COOLEY MACK (Mackboogaloo) has a large archive of rare groove West African, Kenyan and Congolese music that he combines with Colombian, Haitian and Caribbean music to shape his distinctive DJ sets; a Chicago derivative of DJ music associated with Afro-Colombian “Champeta” sound system culture.


Champeta-ton: https://champeta-ton.bandcamp.com/


Note: Check out Mackboogaloo’s remix collaborations (CHAMPETA-TRONIX) with Loko Cua Cua Champetuo of Ultimo Hit (pico) in Santa Marta: https://lokocuacuachampetuo.bandcamp.com/music


Afro-Loops Travel Agency: https://afro-loops-travel-agency.bandcamp.com/


DJ COOLEY MACK (CRN) helped pioneer Hip-Hop culture in the Midwest and Chicago among others in the Chi-Rock Nation during the mid-1980’s to early-1990’s.  His music career began in 1986 with the arrival of the Ensoniq Mirage keyboard, a revolutionary low-budget sampling device for its time.


DJ COOLEY MACK was also tapped into the underground House Music scene of the 1980’s; not as a “House DJ”… but as a student of the craft.  Whether soaking up the DJ sounds of the Hot Mix 5 (WBMX) on the radio, Farley Jackmaster Funk at the Rainbo Roller Center, Lil Louis at Medusa’s or Jamie Lust (3:26) at his basement parties, he never missed a beat.


Chicago Loops Express: https://chicagoloopsexpress.bandcamp.com/


DJ COOLEY MACK studied “sound engineering” at Columbia College (Chicago) and was mentored by his teacher Malcolm Chisholm of the legendary Chess Records and Record Row fame.  After a brief encounter with DJ Wayne Williams, he initiated an internship for himself at Jive Records.  While interning, he had the pleasure of interacting with Chicago’s finest House Music producers, like Hula & K. Fingers, Mr. Lee, Cajmere, Lidell Townsell, Maurice Joshua and others.


DJ COOLEY MACK (Mackboogaloo) was blessed to have encounters with indigenous traditional elders (medicine people) in 2013, which led him on a path to assist their inter-tribal unity efforts.  He became greatly inspired by the spiritual teachings of Mad Bear Anderson (Iroquois) & Rolling Thunder (Cherokee), leading him to co-author & author E-Books on their legacy.


E-Books: https://archive.org/details/@rootscultureconsciousness


DJ COOLEY MACK has joined the Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), founded by elder & mentor Bikbaye Inejnema, which is promoting the Conscious expression of Youth through the Arts.


CYGM: https://consciousyouthglobalmovement.com/author/mackboogaloo/


Look for forthcoming DJ COOLEY MACK content via N-D-G-E Entertainment!


Note: Free CYGM Beat Instrumentals!  Beats contains music samples… don’t own the copyrights.  Select the “Download original file” option for each SoundCloud post.  https://soundcloud.com/mackboogaloo/sets/hip-hop-mixtape-cygm




Author: Cooley MackDJ Cooley Mack (aka Mackboogaloo) (CYGM) is a music producer, writer, inter-tribal unity advocate and “Prophecy Keeper” of indigenous wisdom teachings. He strongly advocates the need for Youth Culture to turn towards... Roots, Culture N' Consciousness!

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