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In honor of Tonanzin

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Note: December 12th is Tonanzin Day, which has now passed, yet any day is an opportunity to honor the Great Mother and the ancient wisdom of the Feminine.

Happy Tonanzin Day!!!

Here comes the day of Tonanzin! And makes my heart bloom… The time of the Great Mother… We just finished recording the story of Tonanzin in our radio talk “Ancient Wisdom of the Feminine”  posted above.

The Love that she is, is in you and all around you…

The Love that she is, is always inside of you

The is the Path and the walker and her  ways are so unique, as unique as you

She is calling you back to your original vibration, she is calling you back to the World of the Enchanted flower! The  realm of beauty, the realm of peace…

She told you.. Don’t you know that I am your Mother?

Maybe you didn’t know, maybe you did and you forgot… maybe you know!

Her relationship with you is so personal, so unique, that no one can take that away, no one can make the connection for you… only you can do it…

It has been such a prevalent message about merging your divinity with your humanness… for human beings are divine by nature, are divine in there original vibration, honoring her, is honoring the divinity in you… for so is the Mother, so is the daughter…! We listen!


-Magdala Ramirez



Note: We are open in our school online for registration for the next trimester, starts in December 21, in our school, we make spiritual work, is the time to know yourself and remember who you are and why you are here, awakening the skills and wisdom that resides inside of yourself, for the only one that you need to reach is you! Go to www.magdalas.com  for more info and send me an email.



Author: Magdala RamirezMagdala Ramirez Garcia is a spiritual leader & healer from the Maya Mexika lineage. She was born as medicine woman, from a long linage of medicine people, in Mexico where she began walking her path at an early age working with the medicine people and the pyramids of Mexico. She brings the ancient knowledge to the world through original seminars, books, ceremonies and journeys.

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