Music Exchange


Freely share your conscious creative musical & artistic expressions!  Express yourself! 


With today’s music & video editing software & technology, artists can now collaborate with others around the world in ways never imagined.  This page is for you if you’d like to freely donate your creative expressions to the conscious collective. 

Simply email CYGM with a link to your conscious creative expressions (artwork, beats, solos, rhymes, instrumentals, acapellas, jam sessions, etc.) and the CYGM Admin will post your submission to this page.  Add your name, email address and social media info, along with a promo picture to accompany your name.

We ask all participants who utilize your creative expressions from this page in any way to publish the final product as CYGM “promotional” only and not for sale.

Please credit the artist and link to their social media.  Also send CYGM a copy to promote on the blog, along with artwork and any promotional text, including any info about those whose collaborative work was used on the song.

Feel free to reach out and interact directly with artists from this collective as well, CYGM is all about building friendly relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin… we are all related!


Conscious Creative Expressions – Submissions


DJ Mackboogaloo (CYGM)