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Reciprocal relationships with all life [article] [video]

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Reciprocal relationships with all life





My name is Elke Duerr (CYGM) which means “wild swan” in the old Germanic language and “oath to god” in Hebrew.  I can relate to both meanings, but the best thing is that my mom gave it to me because she liked how it sounds without knowing the meaning of it.  Like so many of you, I have been communicating with all life since I came to this planet.  But I am taking it all to the next level. 

Establishing human conscious reciprocal  relationships with all life is my vision and work and life while I am here on earth.  That means not only drawing spirit animal cards and having totem animals help us humans with problems in life, but asking the animals, plants and minerals what they need from us to thrive as well.  Not only making documentaries “about” them, but with them.

My docs are co-productions with the animals, plants, minerals and elements and I am their interpreter.  They use my human voice to tell their story and I get out of the way.  Not exploiting them for our human intents and purposes, but sharing this planet with them.

We humans carry all the wisdom of the ages within us and need only access it.  That is why I am a facilitator to help bring out your innate wisdom, not a teacher of anything, that’s the old way and we are moving into a new earth where we do not teach anymore, we just tell our stories of how we woke up and share them and inspire each other to do the same. 

I facilitate workshops on what I call “Interspecies communication” and I am a reaffirmer and inspirator of your very own innate knowing, which is your birthright.

Enough about me, let me tell you a story.  In-joy!!!

Watch here……



Author: Elke DuerrElke Duerr is a writer, filmmaker, storyteller, photographer, author, teacher and the founder of the nonprofit Web of Life Foundation, W.O.L.F. Elke loves to debunk myths & preconceived notions about animals and the natural world, and revolutionize the way we see and experience nature.

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