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We are a part of a greater whole that is perfect and always at peace with its infinite self. It is always centered! It lives in the present!

On this dense 3rd dimensional plane, we often feel that we are off balanced & off center. This is just an illusion of course. Even though illusionary, these affects on the human psyche, are very troubling, even to some of the most advanced initiates of the metaphysical arts.

The irony of off-centeredness is that “you’re supposed to” feel off-centered at times. Living in a 3D world on Earth is just a game that we, Infinite Consciousness, are playing. In this game we temporarily leave our center, our Oneness with the Infinite Creator. We pretend, via a holographic life experience, that we are just small insignificant lost pieces of a complicated puzzle that may never be put back together again. The goal of this game is to find our way back to the puzzle table and put the pieces of this puzzle back together. By doing so, we find ourselves back where we started… The center! At One with the Infinite Creator! The Great Mystery!

Most importantly, the endgame, the wise ones teach, is not the returning to center, but the “journey” on the way, the return to center. This is where the magic of the pretend game is at.

A wise one once said, “Celebrate what is! That is the way back to the center. You will be drawn out from your center to contend with reality & life. Do not think that is not the path. The contending with reality & life is the path. It is not a distraction from the path. That is the path!”

“Woe is me” is a popular expression. Little do we know that often it is actually the deep distress, misery, grief, suffering and messed up twisted problems we face that causes us to act. That action, the attempt to return to center, brings about positive results. These results, if caused by Higher action, may actually bring about the magical synchronicities & events that dramatically change our life, the game we are playing, for the better.

Thus, it is the Higher action we take, in the present, in route to a “Return to Center”, which is where the magic truly is. Count your blessings! Be at peace! Live in the now! See the magic in the moment on your return to center.

We are simply playing a game, here on Earth, of separation. We are on a journey, returning to the center, the place of Oneness where we are at One with the Infinite Creator, The Great Mystery, and all its glory. As simple as it may sound, return to center, live in the present and enjoy the fruits of the moment along the way.




Note: Sourced from DJ Mackboogaloo’s E-Book, “Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness”: https://archive.org/details/rootsculturenconsciousnessrevised2020


Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.

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