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The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are now being instructed to share the spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air.” -Chief Golden Light Eagle (Dakota)


1996 was the official year that Native Americans came together to disclose their contact with E.T./Star Nations.  They have kept this a secret for a very long time.  The disclosure was triggered by the 1994 birth of a female white buffalo calf, named “Miracle”, in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Floyd Hand, a Lakota Medicine Man, commented on the birth of Miracle, “For us the Indians, it is like the return of Christ for the white people.”  The Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation (Sioux) had received centuries ago the Sacred Peace Pipe (Chanunpa) from a spiritual female being called “White Buffalo Calf Woman” along with high spiritual teachings.


Little Elders will come in the children now being born, who will suddenly talk early.  The birth of the White Buffalo female calf is the sign of the return of the Buffalo nations from the Stars.” -Woableza (Dakota)


“Part of White Buffalo Woman’s prophecy was to divide time into 7 fires or ages.   She promised to return during the last fire, and bring with her a new & final chance for reason.  During the 7th fire a new Red Nation can be formed, red being the union of red, white, black and yellow.  We will be able to retrace our steps and examine what we have done wrong.  We are not preserving what has been given to us to care for.  We are polluting the Earth.  We have become our own enemy.  During the 7th, the light-skinned man will be given a choice between his technologies & his nature.  If he chooses his nature, there is still a chance for harmony in this world.  If he make the wrong choice, he will bring on the destruction of all of us.”

– Floyd Hand (Lakota)


Prophecies were being given to the Native nations about the coming of the “Buffalo Nation” which first would be the merging of the Red race in unity and harmony with the White, Black and Yellow races.  The Buffalo Nation would also mean the coming of the Star Nations, the civilizations from the Stars.  One of the prophecies says that these times will be announced by the birth of a female white buffalo calf, which will change color to yellow, red and black.  This is exactly what happened to “Miracle” the white buffalo calf. Then to pinpoint the prophecies, a few other white buffalo female calves started to be born, even on Indian reservations.

Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th-Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Sioux Nation, seeing that the prophecies from many Native nations were being fulfilled, called for a “World Peace & Prayer Day” on June 21, 1996.  Spirituals leaders & elders, other Sacred Bundle Keepers and many others gathered at Grey Horn Butte.  This was also a joint effort of Native Elders and spiritual white people for the first time.  Until then, the elder councils of the various tribes from North America were always forbidding their members & medicine men to share their knowledge of sacred spiritual matters, and records pertaining to centuries of Star Nation contact, with the white man.


The Star beings will return at the time of Earth Changes.  The first signs are floods, fires and earthquakes.  White Buffalo Calf Woman is coming back to Turtle Island.  Each of us can bring the Star Beings in, but only with purity of heart & intention.” -Looks-For-Buffalo (Oglala)


Sun Bear (Ojibwe) was the first Native American teacher to reveal on a large scale Indian spirituality.  Now, from 1996 onwards, the elders started not only to bring the spiritual Native ways to the world, sharing sacred ceremonies with white people, but would reveal their contacts with the Star Nations which were kept secret, up to this time, within sweat lodges & elders councils.  The appearance of full circular rainbows around the sun above ceremonies, called “Sun Dog”, would be another sign that the prophecies were about to come to completion.  As of today many Native elders are saying that the passage between the 4th World and the 5th World of the Native Americans is occurring right now.

In the winter of 1995, during a four day praying fast, aka Vision Quest (Hanblecheyapi), Standing Elk (Chief Golden Light Eagle), a Ihanktowan Dakota Spiritual Advisor & Sundance Chief, was instructed in a vision to organize the first “Star Knowledge Conference” on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.  The vision showed that Native American spiritual knowledge about the Star Nations (extraterrestrials) was to be shared with the world.  This first conference also fulfilled ancient Hopi & Lakota prophecies.

During the 1st Star Knowledge Conference, in June 1996, on the Yankton Sioux Reservation, and the many other conferences that followed, various spiritual shamans & elders from many tribes have spoken.  Such as:

Plains Tribes: Lakota, Oglala, Dakota, Blackfoot, Nakota & Miniconjou.

Eastern Tribes: Iroquois, Obeida, Seneca, Choctaw & Cherokee.

Southwest Tribes: Hopi, Yuck, Aztec, Apache & Mayan.


An Iroquois oral tradition told of an E.T. telepathic message, ‘We are coming!’   The Iroquois Elders responded, ‘Don’t come, we are not prepared.’  The Star Beings replied, ‘Prepare yourselves’” -Paula Underwood (Oneida)


There are sacred ritual altars in native Sacred Sites, where knowledge from Star beings is kept & honored.  These Star Nations altars send a blue laser light to the heavens which the Star Nations see as beacons.  UFOs used to fly over Bear Butte, the sacred heart of the Black Hills.” -Holy Bull (Lakota)


My people await Pahana, the lost White Brother from the stars, as do all our brothers in the land.  He will not be like the white men we know now, who are cruel & greedy.  We were told of their coming long ago, but still we wait for Pahana.” -White Feather (Hopi)


We are all brothers & sisters in the beginning and we will all come back together in the end.  There is hope that we can eliminate harsh disasters that are about to take place.  We have to remember that the Hopi Prophecy tells also about 3 migrations with the Star Nations back to the stars and that only people awakened in spirit and in the heart will make it.” -Grandfather Martin (Hopi)

Even a Maori Shaman Chief came from New Zealand and a Sami (Laplander) from Scandinavia attended the Star Knowledge Conference because they had seen signs from ancient prophecies telling them that the time had come to share their origin from the stars, the influence of Star Beings visitors on their culture, spiritual beliefs & ceremonies and the imminent return of these Star Nations.


The Old Ones, the old people, had the knowledge and know-how of getting around, and they have traveled to other planets before, and they know how it is out there.” -Hopi Elder


When man starts messing around with moon & stars, look at your life.  It will be similar to the way it was before the destruction of the last world.” -Hopi Prophecy


“The world and the whole universe is shifting right now.  People have to raise their harmonics and the only way is to raise spirituality through the heart chakra.  The Space People are already here.  My people, we have communicated with other beings forever, it’s nothing new for us.  Once we (humanity) raise our vibrations and are willing to accept them as equals, then people will start seeing more of them.  We have much to teach to the universe.  And the rest of the universe is waiting for us.”

– Singing Bear (Cheyenne)


Indians consider themselves privileged to have regular visits from Star Beings during ceremonies and consider these events as ‘sacred’.” -Rod Shenandoah (Blackfoot-Oneida)


To my Star People, the Aztec People, culture itself was what allowed us to preserve our spiritual ways.  We became spiritual warriors and that’s how we survived.” -Quiz López Calcoatl (Huichol-Aztec)



“The Medicine Men & Pipe Carriers have the ability to communicate with all that moves with the spirit of Mother Earth.  Many entities such as the Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Horse, Elk, Deer, Wolves, Coyotes, etc. and the Star Nations are utilized in the ceremonies of the Lakota/Dakota.  The Star Nations are the most crucial of all entities because the thought of other races communicating with the grassroots people would create a major threat to the religious system of any government.  The greatest fear in the governmental structures was the knowledge that all forms of ‘Star Governments’ had no monetary systems within their governing structures.  Their system is based on the mental, spiritual and universal laws with which they are too mentally and spiritually intelligent to break.”

-Chief Golden Light Eagle (Dakota)


“Dogon legends speak of Jupiter’s four moons and Saturn’s rings, which were not seen by human beings until the invention of the telescope.  They speak of the star Sirius and of a pair of invisible companions.  One of them circles Sirius every fifty years, the legends declare, and is made of a metal that is the heaviest thing in the universe.  Astronomers have discovered that such an object, called “Sirius-B”, does exist but only the most sophisticated and sensitive instruments, unavailable of course to the Dogons, can detect it.”

-James Oberg (American Space Journalist)

Time has come now to share with as much people as possible the Star Knowledge, the knowledge brought now into the open by Native Americans, in order to prepare for global contact with these civilizations they call the “Star Nations”.  This will be a quantum leap for the evolution of all the Earth nations.  This event will be the fulfillment of all Native American prophecies, and the United States should lead the way.  Mitakuye Oyasin!


Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.


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