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AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY Podcast by Malidoma Some (RIP)

For the elders in his village, Malidoma Some’s (1956–2021) life in the West was preordained.  As Malidoma related in his recent book “Of Water and the Spirit,” he was taken from his tribe at the age of 4 by Jesuit missionaries, who intended to make him a priest.  At 20, he rebelled and went back to his village.  But he could not speak his native tongue, was hardly recognized by his family, and was regarded with considerable suspicion by the villagers.  After much discussion by village elders and undergoing his tribal initiation, Malidoma, whose name means “be friends with the stranger/enemy,” was told that he would fulfill his destiny by living his life in the West as a teacher of African ways and wisdom. “The village will be reborn,” the elders predicted, “in the heart and soul of the culture that is destroying the village.” Under their spiritual guidance, Malidoma pursued a Western education.  He held doctorates in both political science and literature.

Malidoma taught that it is unthinkable to separate daily life from ritual contact with the unseen world of spirit, or to pursue political change without ongoing spiritual development.  Africa’s inherent wisdom of marrying daily life to a spiritual worldview, Malidoma suggested, may prove key to healing our own cultural catastrophes in the West.

Malidoma Some will be deeply missed!  His legacy & teachings will live on!

CoCreAvatars have written a deeply moving tribute in their newsletter for Malidoma Some, linked here:


Listen to his recorded teachings here: https://soundcloud.com/mackboogaloo/sets/african-ancestral-wisdom-dagara

Motivated Mindsets In Africa… Youth Outreach



Motivated Mindsets In Africa was first introduced to CYGM via their introductory blog, linked here: https://consciousyouthglobalmovement.com/introducing-motivated-mindsets-in-africa-cygm/

To recap:

Motivated Mindsets In Africa is an organization in Mathare (Nairobi), Kenya that creates programs which promote talent, education, entrepreneurship and empowerment.  It’s a group comprised of both the young and old members of the society who are driven by their dreams, passion and talent to make a positive impact on the society.  It was born by the urge to give back to the society with what we have at hand in the present moment.


Our vision is to identify and nurture potential talent & skills through activating young minds to touch lives with opportunities.” -Motivated Mindsets In Africa


Motivated Mindsets In Africa (MMIA) has been very active during these challenging times.  The best way to highlight their conscious activity is through pictures & videos… featured below.  If these images inspire you to reach out, support, collaborate or learn more, please visit their website: https://www.motivatedmindsetsinafrica.org/


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Introducing filmmaker… Tchayé Okoudjou (CYGM) [BENIN]


Hello CYGM…

Introducing filmmaker Tchayé Okoudjou (Akotchayé Yves Jocelin)… a passionate Beninese (Cotonou) filmmaker, and collector & reseller of rare groove African records.

Upon working hard to support & encourage his Nigerian colleague, who founded the annual WAMMA Festival (West African Music & Movie Awards) for West Africa, Tchayé was appointed festival “Director”, representing Benin and the other Francophone countries at the festival.


If they Red-bellied monkeys go extinct… it is not only Benin’s loss; but humanity’s loss as well.” -Tchayé Okoudjou

Tchayé is focused on producing an upcoming documentary about an endemic endangered species in Benin, which is the Red-bellied monkey.  The objective of this film is to inform the population about this endangerment and to find a solution to save these precious animals.

Our mothers play an invaluable role and have a special place in the life of each family.” -Tchayé Okoudjou

Other upcoming projects are two fictional film scenarios, one of which serves to promote women; in particular Mothers.  The second is a fictional scenario to show African cybercrime mixed with negative African tradition, in order to inform the public… to “no longer be ripped off”.


Bonjour CYGM…
Présentation du cinéaste Tchayé Okoudjou (Akotchayé Yves Jocelin)… cinéaste béninois passionné (Cotonou), collectionneur et revendeur de disques africains groove rares.
Après avoir travaillé dur pour soutenir et encourager son collègue nigérian, qui a fondé le Festival annuel WAMMA (West African Music & Movie Awards) pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Tchayé a été nommé «directeur» du festival, représentant le Bénin et les autres pays francophones au festival.

“Si ces singes à ventre rouge s’éteignent… ce n’est pas seulement la perte du Bénin, mais aussi celle de l’humanité.” -Tchayé Okoudjou

Tchayé se concentre sur la production d’un prochain documentaire sur une espèce endémique en danger au Bénin, le singe à ventre rouge. L’objectif de ce film est d’informer la population sur cette mise en danger et de trouver une solution pour sauver ces précieux animaux.

“Nos mères jouent un rôle inestimable et occupent une place particulière dans la vie de chaque famille.” -Tchayé Okoudjou

D’autres projets à venir sont deux scénarios de films de fiction, dont l’un sert à promouvoir les femmes; en particulier les mères. Le second est un scénario fictif pour montrer la cybercriminalité africaine mêlée à une tradition africaine négative, afin d’informer le public… de «ne plus se faire arnaquer».


Hola CYGM…
Presentamos al cineasta Tchayé Okoudjou (Akotchayé Yves Jocelin)… un cineasta apasionado de Benin (Cotonou), y coleccionista y revendedor de discos africanos raros.
Después de trabajar duro para apoyar y alentar a su colega nigeriano, que fundó el Festival anual WAMMA (Premios de Música y Cine de África Occidental) para África Occidental, Tchayé fue nombrado “Director” del festival, en representación de Benin y los otros países francófonos en el festival.

“Si los monos de vientre rojo se extinguen … no solo es la pérdida de Benin, sino también la pérdida de la humanidad “. -Tchayé Okoudjou

Tchayé se centra en producir un documental próximo sobre una especie endémica en peligro de extinción en Benin, que es el mono de vientre rojo. El objetivo de esta película es informar a la población sobre este peligro y encontrar una solución para salvar a estos preciosos animales.

“Nuestras madres juegan un papel invaluable y tienen un lugar especial en la vida de cada familia ”. -Tchayé Okoudjou

Otros proyectos próximos son dos escenarios cinematográficos de ficción, uno de los cuales sirve para promover a la mujer; en particular Madres. El segundo es un escenario ficticio para mostrar la ciberdelincuencia africana mezclada con la tradición africana negativa, con el fin de informar al público … que “ya no sea estafado”.


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BIKBAYE [KEMETIC HIP-HOP ](Conscious Youth Global Movement) 2-track EP


Bikbaye Inejnema is a teacher of Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) knowledge, cultural activist, healer, spoken word artist, writer, producer, director and recording artist from Chicago. In 1998, Bikbaye’s destiny led him to cross paths with a Dogon /Kemetic high priest from Burkina Faso, Neb Naba, who was sent to America by his elders to share the sacred mystery school knowledge of the Nile & Niger Valley Civilizations. Bikbaye became his first apprentice and eldest student in the U.S.

Upon completing 6 of 10 years of initiation and receiving the ancient teachings, Bikbaye was sent to establish traditional schools in several U.S. states to continue the initiatic education of Ancient Tamerri/Kemet (Africa). Bikbaye has taught & lectured nationally and abroad. He is the founder of the Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM).