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CoCreavatars 2nd interview with BIKBAYE (CYGM)

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CoCreAvatars interviewed Bibkaye, founder of CYGM, for their New Moon Elders Message Series #024, which is linked here:



Baabe Irving III & The African Arts Ensemble- Nefer Merr (Beautiful Love)


In 2004, Bikbaye recorded a full length Pan-African Jazz album, produced by Jazz great, and Miles Davis collaborator, Baabe (Robert) Irving III and the African Arts Ensemble of Chicago. The album ‘Hezu Rey Em Kemet’, was the first album in modern history that was recorded in the Medu Neter language, which is more commonly known as the hieroglyphic writings.

Download the songs from the original CD here: https://www.allmusic.com/album/hezu-em-medu-rey-kemet-songs-in-the-language-of-kemet-mw0000670180


BIKBAYE [KEMETIC HIP-HOP ](Conscious Youth Global Movement) 2-track EP


Bikbaye Inejnema is a teacher of Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) knowledge, cultural activist, healer, spoken word artist, writer, producer, director and recording artist from Chicago. In 1998, Bikbaye’s destiny led him to cross paths with a Dogon /Kemetic high priest from Burkina Faso, Neb Naba, who was sent to America by his elders to share the sacred mystery school knowledge of the Nile & Niger Valley Civilizations. Bikbaye became his first apprentice and eldest student in the U.S.

Upon completing 6 of 10 years of initiation and receiving the ancient teachings, Bikbaye was sent to establish traditional schools in several U.S. states to continue the initiatic education of Ancient Tamerri/Kemet (Africa). Bikbaye has taught & lectured nationally and abroad. He is the founder of the Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM).


BIKBAYE Interview- Using Music to reach the Youth [Interview]


Bikbaye, the founder of the Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), breaks down his experience & knowledge on mentoring youth via the power of Music.

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From Cultural Humility to Cultural Acceptance [course]

From Cultural Humility to Cultural Acceptance

(Evolution & Understanding)


Note: This “official” CYGM course will soon be developed for all to utilize.


This course is designed to address the way we view culture, and how our perspectives impact our thoughts and behaviors within and/or towards individuals who represent culturally diverse communities, knowingly or unknowingly. It is through honest self-reflection and self-critique that we can understand the impact our environments have/had on shaping the lens we use to see the world. The logic for such an approach is, once an individual can recognize the “why” of his/her own thoughts and behaviors, he/she may also be able to identify with the “why” of the thoughts and behaviors of others. This can potentially lead to the removal of invisible/implicit barriers that exist between and among cultures, and the restoration of best practices within all areas of social services.


“If the practice of Cultural Humility can contribute to an individual developing a deeper understanding of the world he/she can see, then the practice of Cultural Acceptance can contribute to the same individual seeing a world that he/she deeply understands.” –Bikbaye  


Training Objectives:

*To understand how our personal and professional goals guide our behaviors

*To understand and define Culture – micro to macro

*To identify where our values come from

*To understand the role symbols play in transmitting and defining culture

*To be aware of how our own biases can impact how we deliver services (implicit bias)

*To identify common cross-cultural connections and values among diverse populations

*To identify cultural barriers that may prevent best practices within the workplace

*To define privilege vs. oppression in 2020

*To understand the difference between Cultural Competence, Awareness, Humility & Acceptance

*To understand the difference between equality and equity (goal: Freedom)

*To establish personal goals with respect to cultural acceptance

*How to live in accordance with your goals in all areas of your life

Read more From Cultural Humility to Cultural Acceptance [course]

Part 3… Checkin In Behind the Scenes!

We are “Checkin In” with more behind the scenes footage of the making of the video. In this clip, our co-director Estela Lopez-Spears give our youth dancers encouragement, positive feedback and critique. It should be noted, that it was not in the plans for Estela to co-direct this video, but after seeing how she naturally connected with the youth (and vice versa) during the entire shoot, without being asked, we were proud to give her the credit that was due for her contribution!