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Hello CYGM! Introducing DJ MACKBOOGALOO… a music producer, writer and “Prophecy Keeper” of indigenous wisdom teachings. He strongly advocates the need for Youth Culture to turn towards Roots & Culture.

DJ MACKBOOGALOO is also an underground pan-African/Latin/Caribbean DJ from the 80’s Chicago House & NYC Hip-Hop era, who is known within the “Global Bass” DJ community. He is a member (DJ Cooley Mack) of the Chi-Rock Nation (Chapter 1), an all-city organization representing authentic Hip-Hop Culture in Chicago.

Roots, Culture & Consciousness!


CYGM Music: https://soundcloud.com/mackboogaloo/sets/cygm

Free E-Books: https://archive.org/details/@rootscultureconsciousness

Note: Free CYGM Beat Instrumentals! Beats contains samples… don’t own the copyrights. Select the “Download original file” option for each post. https://soundcloud.com/mackboogaloo/sets/hip-hop-mixtape-cygm