CONSCIOUS AWARENESS 101 [article] [YouTube]



Conscious Awareness

To have Consciousness, you have to be aware and know, that you know, you are a Conscious human being.  This awareness that you know requires you to have the ability to see beyond the limitations of our socially-accepted consensus reality, which over time has been corrupted.  This is not an easy task since you were born & bred into a false sense of reality.

We have been blinded but Light is starting to make its way back into our human consciousness once again.  We are beginning to get hip to the fact that we once lived a much more spiritual existence and utilized much more brain power in the process.  Deep secrets from our past are being revealed.

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THE QUANTUM UNIVERSE [article] [YouTube]

THE QUANTUM UNIVERSE (Science aligns with indigenous teachings)


To understand the indigenous traditional elders within the context of what we believe to be the physical living universe, the Quantum Physics that these elders understood intrinsically needs to be explained.


We Live In A Quantum Universe

“Someday Science will explain how the phenomenon produced by our Indian Medicine people comes from their ability to tap into and direct the energy of the Universe to do their spiritual mental bidding.” -Isaiah Joseph (Tuscarora)

Medicine people have a quantum understanding of how the universe actually works. Medicine powers are fundamentally spiritual in nature but are also in alignment with the laws of Quantum Physics. Sideshow magicians, on the other hand use sleight of hand “magic” tricks to work their wonders. They pull rabbits out of hats, whereas Medicine people, with Creator’s help, pull rabbits out of the ether. Medicine people may on occasion use “tricks” to create a “placebo effect” for their patients, but this does not deter from the fact that their medicine is primarily rooted in the quantum reality.

In the Quantum Universe, nothing is solid. Nobel Prize winning physicists have scientifically proven that our physical world is a sea of energy. Physicality is actually pure consciousness in motion. Everything we see is an illusion. We are the equivalent of a virtual reality game. Life really exists within a living multi-dimensional hologram.

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