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Samara Shaw (CYGM)



Community-Driven Visionary Artist, Screenwriter, Playwright, and Ceremonialist: Ottawa, Canada, Gloucester, MA, Orcas Island, WA, Ashland, OR, Ojai, CA




As a Writer, Producer, Educator, Sound Healer, Catalyst, and Entrepreneur, it is my Mission to Help Humanity and The Earth Make it Through The Shift, in as Gentle and Easy Way as Possible.

My work with individuals, groups, and organizations, activates people to step more fully into their purpose and gifts.  I facilitate major shifts in consciousness, by helping people learn to live more fully in the harmonious frequencies of their divine nature.



Most Recent Professional Experience:

Co-Founder of Wehave1 and Wehave1 Foundation  – Multimedia, Music, Film, Print, and Live Events designed to activate and support the communities of the future.  We also offer 1 on 1 Leadership Counseling and Consulting.





For the past 10 Years, independently, and now in partnership with Clifford Burtley and WH1, I have worked with hundreds of leaders to help bring their business, groups, and organizations to the next levels.

I help restructure and reorganize foundations, so that more energy can be freed to generate and flow funds, increase input/output flow, and to smooth and streamline operations.  Once flow is freed up, I then work to unify, harmonize and network efforts with others doing similar work.