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Transition Times


Beautiful ones

   Yes, these are powerful times, the time of the transition, the times when you have one foot in the  old and the other in the new world.

   For a while now we have been spoken about the higher culture, for many tribes they call for the superior culture… It is the time to remember!

   The Great Mother is leading the way, and this initiation that is happening everywhere in the world, is not about learning but about remembering, She is indeed, leading the way home…  The Great Father, is bringing a new manifestation,  your realization of the self, for the new world is a world of Balance.  

   You born with an original vibration, a code, a key, a key to open your multidimensionality, the many worlds, for human beings are multi dimensional beings by nature, as you grow, this beautiful planet will give you your next octaves, this means  your next truth available… what happened for human beings is that you were trained by the patriarchal system to not trust yourself, and told you that you suppose to be someone else to be able to function in this  dysfunctional world, and you exchanged many of your original tones… now human beings are bringing back your original vibration for you are remembering and adjusting again to a new perspective of reality that meant to be for all humans.

   It was the one that created you, the one that is inside of you, the essence of all life forms the one that hid in your DNA that vibration, the Original vibration, long time ago, and wait for this time space to open that realm inside of you so you remember and through this remembrance bring back the “higher culture” a new way to relate, and all starts within you…  for the only one that you need to reach is YOU.

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THE MAYAN YEAR ZERO [documentary]

Director & photographer Wiek Lenssen, “Here is my filmed portrait of two leading representatives of the Guatemalan Maya Indians, Don Julian & Don Cirilo Alejandro Perez Oxlaj. They are medicine men, rainmakers and seers. I had the unique chance to follow them to a meeting of more than four hundred medicine men and women deep in the Colombian part of the Amazon rainforest, and film them there.

According to ancient myths, and to the prophecies by the attending people, the period from this gathering (in 1997) up to 2012 (the Indian year zero) would be a time of both great change and awakening for the whole world.

Now this intriguing anthropological document leaves us with many questions Because… The Year Zero (2012) has passed. After seeing this movie we can conclude which prophecies came true and which not. But have we entered the period of the Fifth Sun? Are we in the new Maya count of 5200 years in which mankind will achieve world harmony? Have the Mayans lost track of the exact year zero? Or did we not enter this new era at all?

Will the human race really begin to redefine its position towards nature, our planet, the animals and towards each other, on a global scale? Then we might conclude that after all we have indeed been transferred into the Fifth Sun.

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