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EAGLE CONDOR GATHERING [documentary] [article]

Note: According to the North American coordinator for the Mayan-sanctioned “Eagle Condor” gatherings, Patricio Dominguez (Piro Manso Tiwa), this video is one of the early Eagle Condor Gatherings. For ten 16 hour days, the Elders from 60 nations North and South dialogued and shared ceremony.




Note: Native American prophecy told from Eagle Condor Gathering (playlist).  Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dIM77UinoWTIkiJEkbLSX2DbHM9t0sh


The Mayan Timekeepers

The Mayans have an Eagle & Condor prophecy, as well as many other tribes.  Their prophecy correlated with a window of time & date that we are all familiar with, December 21, 2012. This date did not mark the “end of the world”, it instead delineated the beginning of a new world cycle. In 1985, the Mayan Elders actively began to make preparations to organize an inter-tribal ceremony that would close the last world cycle “in a good way” via a gathering of tribes from North, South & Central America. In doing so, the transition into the new world cycle would be a smoother ride. In addition, the Eagle & Condor prophecy would also be fulfilled as prophesized. The Eagle & Condor would fly together in the same sky. Read more EAGLE CONDOR GATHERING [documentary] [article]