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African Spirituality discussion on Genetic Awakening #9 [podcast]

This episode features an AMAZING guest with an unbelievable wealth of Knowledge-Mustafa Salahuddin Bey. He is the Chief Spiritual Minister of the Empire Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah. This man isn’t just tuned into the Awakening he’s been out there making it happen for over 17 years Bishop “OukhaRa ZesheRa”, a member of the Supreme Holy Adept Council, founder of Washitaw Ministries, Diversity & Culture Liaison, and teacher of Indigenous Spirituality & Ancestral Education. Check this episode out if your looking to expand your Consciousness, embrace our Oneness and open your mind as Mustafa seamslessly blends history and spirituality to bring us all a greater understanding of our world and ourselves. Be sure to check out:  http://www.empirewashitaw.org/

Note: CYGM does not promote or affiliates itself with social activist causes (Climate Change, Politics, Racial Equity, etc.) or Religion, its focus is strictly spiritual; encouraging creativity & personal development.  The emphasis of this CYGM post is on the spiritual aspects of this energetic discussion.

Note: This podcast is PG-13.  It contain adult language (cursing) at a few places in the podcast where the host was getting understandably excited about the “Conscious” topics he was learning about.