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I recognize you in me, Can you recognize me in you?

Beautiful Ones!

Sharing my conversations with the Great Mother this morning…

I have come here to tell you that I am inside of you and all around you, I recognize you in me, Can you recognize me in you?

Yes, these are hard times for human beings yet is powerful times for a new way of living has been awakening inside of you, This new way of living comes from the core of your being, from the realm where the original human being reside, Yes is a time of remembering, the remembrance of who you are, and why you are here, and what means “here” for you,

Can you give birth to a new reality? A new way to relate? For you have change the way that you relate with yourself…

In you own DNA is where the original code was hidden, it was hidden for such a long time, but is there, waiting for be awaken, and the only one that can do that is you… Your choices, comes from the place of creation, for you are a creator-ress, you will create because you are the sons and daughters of the creator, your possibilities depends on your consciousness, you own awareness of your self, of you as existence, and the changes that are happening right now is showing you the way to make the realization of the self possible in this time space, the realization of experience the LOVE that you are… yes! Time to raise your consciousness…  How? Bring the presence of your own presence…

The “climate change”  that you see is  inside of you for you depend physically in this beautiful planet, she has been created to hold so many life forms, and provide the next octave, the next evolution, and she is going back to her original vibration… and so are you, as well of all life forms in this planet, and by doing so, there are so many challenges that you are facing inside of yourself, for moving so many old and wrong, I might say, beliefs inside of you has been very hard on the people, yet once this work is happening inside you will see a very different reality, for your perception is changing as you are becoming one within yourself. Please remember that you have always been your original true human being, and as a child of the creator, you are sooooo beautiful, and perfect! For the Creator only do beautiful expressions of herself.

For is through the inside realm within yourself where you find me-you… the only one that you need to reach is you!

Trust! That the path is there… and is beautiful!

In every step you shall find me, for I am the path and the walker…

Know that you have all the assistance that you need… just ask… and live in that understanding.

I am you!




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