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CONSCIOUS AWARENESS 101 [article] [YouTube]



Conscious Awareness

To have Consciousness, you have to be aware and know, that you know, you are a Conscious human being.  This awareness that you know requires you to have the ability to see beyond the limitations of our socially-accepted consensus reality, which over time has been corrupted.  This is not an easy task since you were born & bred into a false sense of reality.

We have been blinded but Light is starting to make its way back into our human consciousness once again.  We are beginning to get hip to the fact that we once lived a much more spiritual existence and utilized much more brain power in the process.  Deep secrets from our past are being revealed.

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Our World is Music

As you take a walk with nature, you’ll find that there is music in the air, literally.  Whether conscious of it or not, it is surely there, a never ending stream of purely “divine” orchestrated sounds.  Science is now beginning to confirm, what ancient teachings have known all along, that “the world is sound”.  Music is all around us!

Author, Joachim-Ernst Berendt, has written a groundbreaking book, entitled “Nada Brahma- The World is Sound”, that documents how music is the landscape of Consciousness throughout the galactic planes.  In this book he points out that many spiritual people of the past have referred to God as being Sound.  In the very beginning there was Sound and Berendt’s book goes into great detail that we, ourselves, are made out of sound.

According to Berendt, there are 7 basic laws of harmony and they are universal, written into our ears as well as into the macro & microcosms.  They apply to everyone and everything.  He acknowledges Plato for stating that the soul of the world is a musical scale.  Thus, Berendt summarizes that true inner peace comes down to an individual’s ability to tune in to the harmonious chords & sounds of the Universe; as above, so below.


Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman [book review]

OF WATER AND THE SPIRIT: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman


By Malidoma Patrice Some

Note: A highly CYGM-recommended book to read on African Spirituality.

A powerful spiritual autobiography of a walker between indigenous and modern worlds.

Book Review by Frederic & Marry Ann Bruss and sourced from:  https://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/book-reviews/view/7051/of-water-and-the-spirit


Malidoma Patrice Some was raised in a village in Burkina Faso, West Africa. He is a medicine man and a diviner in the Dagara culture. He also holds three master’s degrees, as well as two Ph.D.’s from the Sorbonne and Brandeis, and for three years taught literature at the University of Michigan.

His name, Malidoma, means he who is “to be friends with the stranger/enemy.” Some’s mission in life has been to create pathways between the African tribal world and contemporary Western culture. He is a genuine pathfinder in a time when these two alien worlds can benefit immensely from each other’s knowledge.

Malidoma Patrice Some’s autobiography, Of Water and the Spirit offers an incredible behind-the-scenes look at the Dagara people. He was singled out by his grandfather, a priest, leader, and counselor for 50 souls, to serve the tribe in a special way. But before he could move forward in this mission, Malidoma was kidnapped from home by a French Jesuit missionary who had befriended his father. For 15 years, Some was cut off from his tribal roots as he was trained to be a priest. However, he escaped from the seminary at age 20 and in a 125-mile trek through the jungle returned home.

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Part 3… Checkin In Behind the Scenes!

We are “Checkin In” with more behind the scenes footage of the making of the video. In this clip, our co-director Estela Lopez-Spears give our youth dancers encouragement, positive feedback and critique. It should be noted, that it was not in the plans for Estela to co-direct this video, but after seeing how she naturally connected with the youth (and vice versa) during the entire shoot, without being asked, we were proud to give her the credit that was due for her contribution!