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Part 3… Checkin In Behind the Scenes!

We are “Checkin In” with more behind the scenes footage of the making of the video. In this clip, our co-director Estela Lopez-Spears give our youth dancers encouragement, positive feedback and critique. It should be noted, that it was not in the plans for Estela to co-direct this video, but after seeing how she naturally connected with the youth (and vice versa) during the entire shoot, without being asked, we were proud to give her the credit that was due for her contribution!





The Conscious Youth Global Movement has a suggestion for artists new to the movement who are looking for an idea to jumpstart their creative association with CYGM.

Create a reply to Bikbaye & Sepkanitah’s newest song: ‘Checkin In’ – Audio

Audio: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1450958750

Video: https://consciousyouthglobalmovement.com/checkin-in-bikbaye-sepka/

Per Bikbaye, founder of CYGM, ‘Checkin In’ is a song about “reconnecting with the community that served as your foundation as you were growing up. Regardless of where we are from and the circumstances that may have played a part in deciding that environment, we all have a “village” (family, community) that provided us the basic needs for our survival.”

“This song (Checkin In) is a call to heal & assist the development of our communities through ‘conscious’ artistic expression. Our goal is to utilize the content within this track as a platform to inspire the necessary dialogue that leads to individual and communal empowerment.”

“The artists on the track, Sepkanitah & myself, are both cultural activists & healers. The concept is to have other like-minded individuals & artists record a response to ‘Checkin In’, in which they will paint a picture of their communities and what needs to happen for healing to take place.”