The Basics




“The Basics” (Conscious Concepts) is an expanding collection of CYGM “Approved” & “Official” teaching tools, chosen on this page for their simplicity as “Orientation” tools for youth at the high school level.  Many of you visiting this page may be unfamiliar with the term “conscious” and may not have had any access to sacred indigenous teachings.  That is OK!  CYGM-affiliated traditional elders & youth-mentors may be available to assist your learning process.  In addition, this page & website is here to assist your quest for truth.  Knowledge is power!  Wisdom is enlightening!

Indigenous tribes from ALL corners of the planet share “basic” universal concepts in their sacred teachings.  As this website & movement grows, more and more teachings will be incorporated into the mix.  Keep your mind open, listen to your heart and adopt any teachings that resonate, especially ones that originate from your tribal lineage.  As a spiritual being you know these teachings already, they are “original instructions” that you were born with.  You just have to be receptive and have the intention to learn.  Simple as that!

The selected posts currently assigned to this page’s dropdown menu are “The Basics”.  At present, they derive mostly Native American spiritual concepts.  Again, indigenous tribes share “basic” universal concepts in their sacred teachings.  Thus, no matter if your Black, White, Asian, Latino, American Indian or other, you will spiritually benefit from “The Basics” if you are receptive and have the intention to learn.