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“All time is contained within 4 eras. We are coming to the end of the third and about to enter the fourth. It has all happened before.” -Mad Bear

Our indigenous traditional elders are keenly aware of the cyclic nature of time. They understand that humanity is leaving the 4th World and transitioning/ascending into the 5th as prophesied. This adjustment in the Galactic Timepiece is not to be feared.  Algonquin elder Michael Bastine (Mad Bear’s apprentice) remarked, “Some people say it’s the end of the world. It’s the end of the world as they know it.” Prophecies of “End Times” are abound yet the overwhelming consensus of our indigenous Traditional Elders from all 4 directions affirm that this event, overall, will be of great benefit to our Mother Earth and those that walk softly on her with all living beings great & small.  At the same time, those who have turned a blind eye to the sentient living universe around them will have to pay a heavy price via purification.

We who are of One Heart & One Mind have an active role to play as this cosmic detox begins. We have to heal and become whole on the inside. We have to cleanse the mind, spirit & body so that we can become a clear conduit between the 4 directions, Earth & Sky. We must attune to the Galactic Timepiece, the galactic heart of the universe that beats with the utmost precision. As above, so below!

Today we are living in a scientific age that is now beginning to understand that the new cutting-edge science is akin to ancient indigenous wisdom. The scientific age is beginning to wake up out of its controlled academic slumber and realizing that there has been advanced ancient knowledge on this planet that greatly exceeds that what is known today. So-called “History” and Science as we have been taught in school is a lie.





Precession of the Equinox

Case in point, the Galactic Timepiece aka the Precession of the Equinox, which is the westward movement of our Earth’s equinoxes along the ecliptic relative to the fixed stars. These equinoxes move opposite to the yearly motion of the Sun along the ecliptic. They wobble! 25,920 years per cycle. Today’s scientists are now mathematically hip to this. The Ancients understood this! Santillana & Von Dechend’s book, “Hamlet’s Mill”, revealed that 30 separate ancient indigenous peoples from around the world knew of the Precession of the Equinox and the coming Golden Age. The Mayan timekeepers understood the Galactic Timepiece. Their December 21st, 2012 long count end date predicted our present global environmental, political & religious upheaval. They recognized & chronicled the existence of our spiral-shaped galaxy that rotates around its center point, a black hole. The Mayans, as well as other spiritually advanced ancient cultures, recognized that cycles of time and their relationship to the Galactic Center, the black hole (Heart) of our galaxy, also influences our consciousness. They understood that the Earth passes through repeating cycles of consciousness. Their calendar systems reflect this! 50 The Sanskrit scriptures, called “Vedas”, state that there are 4 of these cycles. Many of these cultures believe that we are coming out of the Dark Ages (the “Kali Yuga”), according to the Vedas and entering a new Golden Age or cycle where there will be peace on Earth again.





Mystery Egg

Hohongwitutiwa is the adopted son of a Hopi One Horned Priest, who requested, before his death in 1999, at the age 102, that the knowledge of our Earth Mother, Mystery Egg and Purification Time be openly shared now with all our brothers and sisters of the world. In the spring of 2012, Hohongwitutiwa invited Grandmother Abril Mondragon aka Alis Itlatol, from Taos, New Mexico, and her son to record this Hopi knowledge and be care givers for sharing it. Hohongwitutiwa published in a free E-book, “Earth Mother Our Womb of Life,” under the pseudonym of Your Brother. Here’s a quick summary of his teachings from his E-Book.


“Perhaps the greatest difference between native and other religions is this; we believe in God and evolution. We believe God’s greatest work is through evolution. God is the divine artist; evolution is the divine art.” -Your Brother


There is a cyclical process in nature which moves life forward upon each mother world. This advancement of life requires the linear, calendar time we are provided by our Mother Earth. The periodic movements and evolutionary progress within this cycle occur at the end of Purification Times, when each world flies closer to the sun, and the life upon it is evolved to a higher stage due to the excitation present during these times.

This provides a complete picture of evolutionary change, which scientists do not yet fully grasp. They know evolution occurs, but there are problems with the idea of gradual evolution, due to missing successions of transitional forms in the fossil record. When we understand that evolution occurs after long intervals of uniformity, at Purification Times, much becomes clearer. Punctuated evolution, which agrees with the fossil record, is now a scientific theory called “Punctuated Equilibria”, a theory that agrees with the knowledge preserved from ancient times.

Our solar system has entered into another Purification cycle. For the Earth it is the final one, advancing her to the crowning place of our system. This progressive process, unheard-of to most in our day, is known as “The Sacred Path of Migration”. Following the Earth’s migration to its new position and density, humankind will evolve to an incorruptible form in an earthly paradise, where all live together in harmony.

The Sacred Path of Migration specifies the importance of remaining upon our mother world, from earliest beginnings to our completed forms, in what some indigenous peoples call the Fifth World. We have a contract with our Creator to remain in the Calendar Time given us on Earth, allowing us to evolve forward toward the heavenly Fifth World, and our completed evolutionary life.

Our Earth Mother is now in labor. The increasingly severe weather and geological disturbances are more than what most scientists believe; they are birth pangs originating from deep within the heart of the Earth. The Earth is laboring to birth what some native peoples have referred to as “Her Egg” (her core), which will emerge from the Earth’s birth canal in the Antarctic Sea. When the Earth’s Core-Heart is ejected, along with the cores of the other worlds of our system, each planet will move up an orbit nearer the sun, as they have done in previous cycles. With every move the life upon each world is further evolved, due to the excitation existing in our system during these times. The newly evolved species are adapted to live under their new conditions closer to the sun.

Elders tell us that mankind is meant to know the whole truth of his Earth Mother, and her evolutionary program.


“We reach our homes, when the Earth becomes the paradise elders know as the Fifth World, Heaven, or Morning Star.” -Your Brother


The use of fear will soon be used again, as (we are told) was used during the last purification, to push us into deserting our Mother Earth. A tragic day will soon arrive when the ancient ones of space-time will use scientific pronouncements to strike terror in our hearts, in order to push us off the Earth to their time-frame. Search your hearts and endure with the Earth, no matter how many others mistakenly choose otherwise.



The Ninth Wave

Carl Calleman, a friend to the Mayan Elders and scholar of their ancient timekeeping system, has done a lot of research into the “Ninth Wave”, which began on March 9th, 2011. This Ninth Wave is hugely affecting our human consciousness at this time. Carl stated, “I believe the Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar is the time of the Great Purification as has been talked about for instance in the Hopi Prophecy.”

Carl continues, “The high frequency of change and the many cross currents of cosmic energies that are now operating on our planet also affects the personal lives of many, who under the influence of this wave are going through major life changes. Planning your life as if it is going to stay the same in the future is becoming near or totally impossible even in the short term. Staying balanced is challenging when many energies are affecting us and pushing us in different, sometimes conflicting, directions.”

In Carl’s view, “the overall purpose of the Ninth wave is to make people realize that there will be no other way forward except a surrendering to the divine and a commitment to follow its guidance to create a world in harmony. Human beings will no longer be able to entertain the illusion that they are in control. The road of materialism has lead to a dead end and attempts to get out of this are now likely to be blocked in all directions. The main theme of the Ninth wave will then be to let go, and especially to let go of all our established ways of domination.”

In conclusion, Carl gives us the assurance that a “new world can only be born out of chaos and the chaos from which the new world will be born is now being created by the Ninth wave. This chaos means that our established habits will be disrupted in order to make us open to be part of manifesting the purpose of the cosmic plan. This purpose can be understood from the Mayan calendar and other ancient sources and is to create a new world very different from the present one. If we want to be part of manifesting this we will need to surrender to and be guided by the divine because the changes will be too much to fathom for our intellects.”

“It is only such surrender that can lead us to be co-creators of the world that already exists in the mind of the divine. This transformation to unity consciousness will require a work of inner transformation of the individual, but an equally important component will be collective global events. Those sharing the intention of manifesting unity consciousness will come together and unify their hearts in global ceremonies.”





Source Field Investigations

In “The Source Field Investigations” book by David Wilcock we learn about Dr. James Spottiswoode and his work regarding galactic energy (Galactic Center) and it is daily effect on consciousness. James discovered that the “earth’s alignment with the galaxy could create up to a 450% increase in psychic accuracy each day, within one hour of 13:30 local sidereal time, and the effect held true over twenty years worth of trials”. Scientific studies from the U.S. military’s remote viewing department correlate that a Remote Viewer’s ability increased by up to 400% during 13.5 Local Sidereal Mean Time (LSMT).

There is plenty of other supporting material from the Source Field Investigations book that could expand our topic of the Galactic Timepiece.

For example; we are now discovering that evolution occurs in sudden bursts that reoccur in 26 & 62 million year cycles. This has been scientifically documented by the collective individual research of David Raup & John Sepkoski (University of Chicago) and Dr. Robert Rohde & Robert Muller.

Next example; Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev’s research has concluded that cosmic shifts affect solar activity which affect overall climate change in our solar system. “A team at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, led by Dr. Mike Lockwood, has discovered that in the last century, the overall strength of the Sun‘s magnetic field has more than doubled, becoming 230 percent stronger than it was in 1901. Even more interestingly, this rate of magnetic field growth is continually increasing in speed.” Dr. Aleskey confirms that this Solar activity has led to “accelerations in the speed of magnetic pole shifts, climate changes, earthquakes & cyclones on Earth, increased magnetic & plasma energy charges on other planets and changes in their atmospheric qualities. In addition, some of the planets are actually becoming noticeably brighter.”

Another example; German engineer, Paul Otto Hesse, discovered the existence of a Photon Belt that is shaped like a huge doughnut with a thickness of approximately 2,000 solar years or 759,864 billion miles. Our earth is now completing its 25,920-year cycle along with this Photon Belt, which it came in contact with around the year 1996. Photon energy is light energy that vibrates at a very high frequency. This is of great aid to our ascending shift in consciousness.

One last example; our consciousness is indeed evolving in accordance to the Galactic Timepiece. The scholar & Emeritus Professor of Political Studies, James R. Flynn, has discovered the “Flynn Effect” which is the name given to a long ongoing and substantial increase in IQ test scores measured in 20 countries around the world. This effect has shown that our IQ has been increasing on the average of 3 points per decade. This escalation of our IQ has been on an upward trajectory for the past century. According to the James, the “increase in IQ is most striking for tests measuring the ability to recognize abstract & non-verbal patterns. It is a symbolic intelligence and doesn’t arise from the increase in information flow.”





Schumann Resonance

The Earth has a vibrational frequency that is known as the Schumann Resonance. This frequency has held steady at around 7.83 Hz since at least the turn of the last century when it was first measured. The military based its global communications on the Schumann Resonance frequency because it was considered to be constant. But this vibrational frequency has actually been increasing since 1987, the year of a succession of planetary alignments called the Harmonic Convergence.

By the dawn of this new millennium, the frequency of the Earth had risen to around 9 Hz. As this vibrational frequency has been speeding up, so has our concept of Time. The National Institute of Standards & Technology, which assists the entire world in maintaining a uniform system of “time”, has been making unexpected adjustments to their atomic clocks to compensate for this sudden change in time. But these clocks won’t work much longer because they will need too much adjustment for what is just ahead for planet Earth.

Our Mother Earth is ascending into higher dimensions of consciousness. It is letting go of duality & separation and adopting a new paradigm.

By the beginning of 2011, the Schumann Resonance had moved beyond 11 Hz. As it moves into the higher vibrational frequencies, our own frequencies must also increase. This is the principle of resonance.

Each cycle of the Mayan calendar moves about twenty times faster than the preceding cycle. Our initiation into this final cycle of the calendar, this final “underworld”, is our transformation into a timeless consciousness. So our rate of consciousness evolution will also be increasing, by 1000 percent.





Cosmic Energy Is In Our Favor

As we can see, the Galactic Timepiece has great influence over current and past events in history. The cosmic energy is in our favor! Since 2012, Mother Earth energetically has transitioned from the masculine back to its feminine cycle. We should give thanks to the indigenous traditional elders who acted as spiritual signposts to point us and the next 7 generations in the right direction. This was done so that we can experience a Golden Age together as one, the way the intelligent universe aka Creator aka Great Mystery designed it.



[This article was sourced from DJ MACKBOOGALOO (Asatru) & MICHAEL BASTINE’s (Algonquin) FREE E-BOOK written for humanity, called “WE MUST GATHER OUR NATIONS TOGETHER” (Mad Bear and the Red Road of Spiritual Activism), which documents the lost history & present state of Inter-Tribal Unity Consciousness. The indigenous Traditional Elders (medicine people) have messages & prophecies that are disclosed in this E-Book. We are being called to act on their direction to spread the word. Let’s take higher action… Now! Let’s gather our nations together! Let’s unite the tribes!] 

Free E-Books available here: https://archive.org/details/@rootscultureconsciousness

Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.

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