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“Maybe the greatest circle of life is love itself.  When we send out love, it circles creation until the end of time, and returns to us many times during her long journey.  She reaches out to Creator, completes her circle, and returns to us ten-fold.” -John “Red Hat” Duke (Cherokee)


Being that we are under the direction of the Great Timepiece in the sky in the domain of a living Quantum Universe, put in place by the Great Mystery aka the Great Spirit, we should be in a constant state of wonderment & excitement.   We have been gifted the ability to co-create and live abundantly.  All that is required is that we follow the “Sacred Instructions” to walk in balance with Mother Nature.

This path, this Red Road, our true destiny originates from the heart.  Unity & Oneness is our natural state of beingness.  We are whole!



“The thing is, it has to do with heart.  We have to understand what hearts are for before we can get back to heaven or paradise or the power of our minds” -John Trudell (Santee Sioux-Chicano)


On our particular journey, however, we as spiritual beings have been placed on a physical plane of duality for our own spiritual development.  We have been separated & divided from divinity and thrown into a game of survival.  We were given sacred instructions; then tossed into the playing field.

With spiritual growth comes ups & downs.  As we have evolved, we hopefully acquired a level of spiritual maturity that is unwavering in its quest towards enlightenment.  We have completed an old cycle of time and are approaching a new Golden Age.  We have been given a choice!  We have hope!  But we have to gather our nations together and take a stand.  Or else, divided we will fall.

On the higher spiritual plane of existence, peace, love & harmony is ever-flowing.  There are no conflicts, no wars, no diseases, etc.  On this dense physical plane of human existence that we share it is quite the opposite.

Heart intuitively knows!  The brain has to logically process things out in a linear manner, relying heavily on stimuli it has received in the past from its 5 senses, which are not very accurate.

Ego is a self-protective mechanism of our logical mind.  Ego once served as a self-defensive back up system for emergencies to protect ourselves.  During the course of evolution, our ego has been re-wired to be of service-to-self, whereas, the heart looks out for the benefit of everyone.

From a spiritual metaphysical level, the wisdom teachings of our Traditional Elders tell us that “love” is the all pervasive power behind all creation.  It is above thought and permeates below the molecular structure of the cosmos.  Love is an active living thing with tremendous power.  It is the only energy which can reproduce itself from itself.  Dr. George King, in his book “The Nine Freedoms”, states that when a stream of love energy is sent towards an object and a barrier is put up against it, “love will multiply its potency by four and return to its target, until it is received.”



Author, Gregg Braden, was on Coast to Coast AM radio, years back, discussing studies which now validate that heart-based living via feelings of gratitude, appreciation, care, etc., can literally generate a magnetic field inside our electromagnetic bodies that is part of the magnetic field of the Earth.  When people come together and create a common feeling from the heart, that experience is called “coherence” which can actually be measured.  It is 0.10 Hertz.  That is the measurement of the coherence created between the heart and the brain.

Scientists first found out about this coherence during 9/11 when our satellites, 22,000 miles in space, began to register changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, when humans were having feelings about 9/11 and the World Trade Center.  This was a surprise to science!  They asked, “Why would people, experiencing 9/11, affect the magnetic fields of the Earth?”  “There’s no connection, right?”  Well, wrong!  They found that there is a connection.  People’s electromagnetic emotions do indeed affect the magnetic field of Planet Earth.

In response to our post-2012 reality, Gregg Braden suggests that we learn the language of the magnetic field that is creating turbulent changes & challenges in our world.  With our hearts we should help bring that field from chaos into order so that we can have a positive outcome. We can truly influence the very fields that are creating the change.

All things living upon Earth and in the galaxy react to love.  The heart is a generator of love.  As Spiritual Activists, if we truly connect to our very own sacred heart then we will have instant rapport with the living universe.  This is true power!

We can reverse the re-wiring of our ego through ceremony, spiritual practices & daily habits that support the heart.  We must be vigilant and monitor our thoughts at all times to filter out ideas that are contrary to the vibration of love & compassion for all.

Remember… the Heart is the force behind Unity Consciousness!


[This article was sourced from DJ MACKBOOGALOO (Asatru) & MICHAEL BASTINE’s (Algonquin) FREE E-BOOK written for humanity, called “WE MUST GATHER OUR NATIONS TOGETHER” (Mad Bear and the Red Road of Spiritual Activism), which documents the lost history & present state of Inter-Tribal Unity Consciousness. The indigenous Traditional Elders (medicine people) have messages & prophecies that are disclosed in this E-Book. We are being called to act on their direction to spread the word. Let’s take higher action… Now! Let’s gather our nations together! Let’s unite the tribes!] 

Free E-Books available here: https://archive.org/details/@rootscultureconsciousness


Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.

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