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Our World is Music

As you take a walk with nature, you’ll find that there is music in the air, literally.  Whether conscious of it or not, it is surely there, a never ending stream of purely “divine” orchestrated sounds.  Science is now beginning to confirm, what ancient teachings have known all along, that “the world is sound”.  Music is all around us!

Author, Joachim-Ernst Berendt, has written a groundbreaking book, entitled “Nada Brahma- The World is Sound”, that documents how music is the landscape of Consciousness throughout the galactic planes.  In this book he points out that many spiritual people of the past have referred to God as being Sound.  In the very beginning there was Sound and Berendt’s book goes into great detail that we, ourselves, are made out of sound.

According to Berendt, there are 7 basic laws of harmony and they are universal, written into our ears as well as into the macro & microcosms.  They apply to everyone and everything.  He acknowledges Plato for stating that the soul of the world is a musical scale.  Thus, Berendt summarizes that true inner peace comes down to an individual’s ability to tune in to the harmonious chords & sounds of the Universe; as above, so below.

Berendt’s research remarkably bears light on the fact that planets move in elliptical orbits, which even though they have an unlimited wealth of possible orbits, they have chosen precise orbits that oscillate & sound in the proportions of undivided numbers prevalent in our music on Earth.  In other words, they chose orbits that are musical, which would sound pleasing to the human ear if detected.  He further points out that, on the microscopic level, DNA, atoms, photons and the entire periodic system all resonate in accordance with the principles behind music theory.



In Berendt’s book, we learn that Love is music, being that Love is the recognition of harmonic states, identical vibrations or identical harmonies.  We discover that our Universe is loving & harmonic, demonstrated by its ability to keep trillions of planets, stars and galaxies in their place.  We find that only though human discord does disease, suffering, ill will and disharmony manifest.

Berendt’s work further reveals that Sound is vibration.  From the standpoint of physics, there are billions of different possible variations of vibrations.  The Universe, he points out, chooses from these billions of possibilities, with overwhelming preference, those few thousand vibrations that make harmonic or musical sense. 



Scientists have been on a continuous quest to discover the basic building blocks of the physical world and Berendt’s researcher proves that every time these scientist reach a certain depth, a deeper depth is discovered, washing away the solidity of their findings.  So, Berendt concludes in his book that it’s now becoming clear that at the Heart of the world there’s only emptiness; the Heart of matter is Void.  He says that out of this universal emptiness spawns a dance which spirals life into existence, thanks to vibration.  Thus, the world is Sound!

Conscious of it or not, we are swimming in a never ending stream of purely “divine” orchestrated sounds.  To top it off, a benevolent Higher being, named the Milky Way, is beaming our beloved planet with a special blend of musical energetics that is designed to accelerate our Conscious awakening as we now venture past Galactic Center in a post-2012 reality.


Get in Tune with the Universe

It’s a pity that the majority of people residing on this seemingly dark, soon to be bright, little planet live in total isolation from Mother Nature and her harmonies of Love, Light & Higher Consciousness.  Our socially-accepted consensus reality is designed to keep us in a permanent discord.  Thankfully, there is a renaissance taking place and information is coming to light that will change the present paradigm to one of attunement.



In regards to healing our populace, creating balance & health within our own inner world and its shadow, Planet Earth, Vision Magazine published an amazing article pertaining to the future of sound healing, entitled “Sound Trek: To Boldly Go Where Many Have Gone Before”, by Christine M. Grimm.

This article starts out by introducing us to Alan Howarth.  Based on his research at the Great Pyramid of Egypt and its Mayan equivalents, he has made startling discoveries about the role of Sound and its profound implications in our lives.  Allen is in agreement with Wes Bateman, author of “The Rods of Amon Ra”, that the Universe is literally in tune with itself.

Christine’s article further explains that in 2004, Alan Howarth conducted acoustics research in the Mayan temples of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, built around 800 BC.  He created a database of acoustic resonances and discovered that Mayans used the frequency of 424 Hz as a Conscious design element of the Mayan culture and its musical knowledge.  In 2005, Alan investigated the acoustics of interior chambers in the Great Pyramid, built around 5000 BC, and discovered that the dominant frequencies of the King’s Chamber matched the Mayans; both were measured at 424 Hz.



Towards the end of Christine’s article we learn that when Alan examined the worldwide instrumental tunings in music, he discovered that many of history’s great composers worked with frequencies that used 424 Hz as the median average for the note of “A.”  Today’s modern music is tuned to 440 Hz, which is not in perfect accord with our own natural vibration.  When individuals tune into 424 Hz they are naturally tuning into a holistic vibration that can be felt throughout their mind & body.  This frequency enhances the potential of healing ourselves and the world around us.

Christine’s final analysis at the end of her article states that the tools & techniques for healing via sound are already available for us to use.  We are our own healers and have the power to create balance and health in our inner worlds via Music.  She states that this approach has existed throughout time.  The people of ancient Egypt, the Mayans and other cultures have used sound to create Harmony in their lives and we have the possibility to do the same.


Orchestras of Consciousness

To become free we must learn the lost science of Music & Sound.  The Ancients who preserved lost Wisdom & Knowledge knew that the keys to ultimate power came from mastery over Sound vibration.

To learn this lost science, we have to empty our cup & our eardrums to the orchestras of Higher Consciousness.  This means that we need to keep an open mind and listen to the friendly advice our cosmic allies (Star Nations) have to give on the science of Music & Sound.  The book, “Bringers of the Dawn”, have a lot to say on this awesome subject.

According to this book, Sound is a part of Light that carries information.  Light and Sound are interrelated; Sound being a tool of transformation.  We all must learn how to modulate sound frequencies that we all carry.  Sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules and rearrange realities.  We all need to allow tones, melodies & Higher sound energies to come through us, to use our bodies as musical instruments.  When we allow vibrations to come in, we birth & create a grand opportunity for these vibrations to multiply & grow.



The “Symphonies of Consciousness” chapter further explains that emotions bring up feelings that connect you to different states of Consciousness.  Your logical mind cannot because it is locked into the boundaries of your Ego.  Feelings are vibrations, frequency that is connected to the evolution of the helixes within your body.  Sound emanates states of emotional feeling.

Sound is a vehicle connecting you to Higher chakras outside your body.  You must access all frequencies & chakra centers via feelings, not logic.  Sound connects you to feelings which allow you to understand the information stored within the Sound itself.  Sound carries frequencies that your body recognizes.  We are all keyed into Sound and sound vibration is coded to bring information to the planet at key times.

Thus, the “Symphonies of Consciousness” chapter determines that harmonics can evolve & heal.   Harmonics can open up doors, unlocking information that has long been forgotten.  Through harmonics, you can receive information from Higher intelligences in the Galactic Universe.

Our cosmic allies (Star Nations) advise us to connect our tone with others, creating access to the group mind, group Consciousness.  They say that harmonious vibrations create a harmonic of thought that has the potential to change the entire vibratory composition of the planet.  A gigantic leap in Consciousness is then possible through positive & harmonious vibrations.

We are encouraged to broadcast our Highest frequency, being that Sound travels.  We “must” have a clear intention with what we want to do with sound vibrations.  This is because Sound has a way of enveloping upon itself and growing beyond its original capacity.  It doubles & quadruples itself with its own impact.  Sound stirs energy up, creating a standing columnar wave, building frequency upon frequency.

This powerful energy can be directed at or toward any object.  It can be used for good or evil.  Hence, Sound frequencies have the ability to hypnotize others, capture their intelligence & consciousness.  So we must use caution, when dealing with Sound.

Thanks to the “Symphonies of Consciousness” chapter, we now know that the native dance of our ancient ancestors, along with the rattling, shaking & moving of percussive instruments & footsteps, created very powerful standing waves.  Realities could be created or destroyed as a result.

We all have cellular memory of what Sound can achieve.  We need to align ourselves with dimensional counterparts and build bridges of Light.  Open up portals via Sound and use Sound to evolve at a rapid pace.


Vortex Energy

Spinning is an ancient art form which stimulates the chakra system in the body via Vortex Energy.  According to the “Bringers of the Dawn” book, chakras are information vortexes that, once activated, begin to spin.  As they spin, they “create a movement inside your body that activates the light-encoded filaments to work together, rebundle, and form the twelve evolving helixes in the body.”  So a very effective way to accelerate the energy inside & out of your body is to spin.  In fact, if you take up the ancient form of spinning, you might find yourself operating on a much Higher dimension.




Spirals are all over and surround us entirely from the micro to the macro, from your DNA up to the Milky Way.  When one spins a spiral is created.  When someone is really in tune with the Universe and in the moment, especially when one is dancing or caught up into the spiraling ethereal motion of music, their brain waves become Alpha waves.  These waves are essential for entering the “zone” of peak performances.  Our greatest leaders, geniuses, mystics, athletes, musicians, dancers, high achievers, etc., have all learned how to tap into Alpha brain wave patterns to achieve supernatural powers & abilities.

The magical spinning motion of Vortex Energy allows an individual to enter into a trance state where they become calm & composed, moved by the Higher self found within.  You obtain self-realization, a oneness with the Universe & Infinite Creator; protected, invincible & eternal.

Tapping into Vortex Energy allows you to be free as a little kid in the park who is spinning his or her hands & arms around uncontrollably in a moment of complete exhilaration.  Your cells, chakra centers and DNA strands come alive as they vibrate, spin and spiral.  You ascend to a much Higher dimension and you can see our socially-accepted consensus reality for what it really is… an illusion.  Vortex Energy is freedom!

Once you achieve Oneness with your own personal spiral of Vortex Energy, the next frontier is connecting with the Vortex Energy of Mother Earth.

Cosmic energies from High above, via the Star Nations, are attempting to contact us.  They have been spinning encoded messages in our crops, aka Crop Circles.  Many crops around the world are mysteriously being flattened into highly complex, mostly circular patterns, which science cannot account for.  Crop Circles are actively telling us, via symbols, created via Vortex Energy, that we are about to experience a genetic DNA upgrade.

Experience the magical powers of Vortex Energy.  Follow your Highest excitement and take a spin.  It won’t take long before you will intuitively feel a spiritual connection to the Higher vibrating intelligences that are spiraling up & down the multi-verse.

It’s time to Rock & Roll!  Twist & Shout!  Hip & Hop!  This is what Vortex Energy is all about!


The Shamanic Drum

The fabric of reality itself is fluid-like.  It flows like water.  It spirals!  This is a super-reality, where all matter comes from, which is based on vibration.  Toning, Color, Geometry, Astrology, Shamanic Drumming, etc., all entrain within the field of vibration and this also creates resonance within that field.  Accordingly, vibration creates Rhythm, which generates a repetitive spiraling pulse, thus creating a resonance in the field of that vibration, which allows energy to bleed in from hyper-reality.



Thus, from this discussion we can deduce that a Conscious and clear individual who taps into the energetic flow of Music will be able to experience, with their own Conscious mind, thoughts directly from the hyper field of super-reality, often referred to as Zero Point Energy or The Force (as in the Star Wars movies).  These thoughts are often experienced as visions, trances, downloads, inspired thought, etc.

Many people are looking for something outside themselves.  What they need to do is just the opposite, listen within to the field of vibration where all things are possible.  Step away from the Ego and connect to the Higher self.  Everybody’s mind is the universal mind.  We are One and the same with all matter existing in the Universe.

The spirituality of our ancient ancestors, our celestial ancestors who we have a deep connection with on Higher dimensional levels, rests upon the foundation of shamanic drumming.  This ancient percussive Rhythm is deeply rooted to the source of its origination, Mother Earth.  As she nurtures, her Heart beats.  From this heartbeat comes, the “Soul Shamanic Force”.  This is the old unifying heartbeat of the planet interpreted via the beat of indigenous drums.



Our planet is a primordial Conscious being, and the vibrations from which her soul emits are extremely powerful; a might force of nature!

Through shamanic drumming, the “Soul Shamanic Force” reaches the human Heart; then touches the feet.  This means funky good vibes for everyone.  Conscious entrainment through shamanic music entertainment that resonates & creates elevated thoughts of High vibration & positive Light.


Music Unites

The great thing about Music is that Sound travels.  Music is an ambassador for international relations.  Through Music we can connect with our brothers & sisters from far off distant places.  Even though Music may be packaged in various languages & dialects, it is the feeling that Music evokes which is the real communicator.  Feelings speak to your soul and through these feelings of the soul we can communicate on Higher levels.



Every culture around the planet, at its essence, has Music that comes from the Heart of its people.

The musical co-creativity of our planet creates a High vibration that we believe is much admired by its galactic audience.  We have no human concept of just how powerful our musical co-creativity really is.  We live in a holographic universe!  The Higher galactic spectrum vibrates in reciprocation with our Highest excitement & Highest joy, which is often translated into Music & dance.

When you have caught yourself having a moment of sure bliss, keep this in mind… They are watching!  The Star Nations are tuned into our Earth channel, in anticipation to our awakening & ascension.  We are all participants of an inter-stellar entertainment network.

The next time you find yourself, as an artist, staring out at an empty room and an empty audience, look up towards the sky, gaze at the stars and wink at your whole audience.  Whether you are expressing yourself artistically or simply engaging in regular human activities that resonate with you core being, your Heart chakra, you are sending out vibrations that resonate with the galactic family.  Music is bringing us all together!  As above, so below!

Consciousness is here and it will restore the planet to its natural vibration using Music as Funky Free-Energy!  Youth Culture has the power and that power is free!  Youth Culture… Align yourself with the Universal Force of One!  Become Cool & Conscious!


 Note: Sourced from DJ Mackboogaloo’s E-Book, “Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness”: https://archive.org/details/rootsculturenconsciousnessrevised2020

Author: CYGM ADMINThe Conscious Youth Global Movement (CYGM), in association with the Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN), is promoting the “Conscious” expression of Youth through the Arts.

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