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TIME FOR INTER-TRIBAL UNITY [ Call-To-Action speech] [transcript]

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Transcript of Inter-Tribal Unity Speech by Mad Bear Anderson (Tuscarora/Iroquois)


Speaker/Mad Bear: Time is ever so short! You must, right now straighten this out, between yourself, the Creator and my people. We are gathering our nations together! You must gather yours together!  To return back to the spiritual way of life; to return back as the Creator has intended. Or this whole world will be destroyed.

We are here today under our grandfather the Sun who is our witness and we have come here to deliver a message to all of you people, to all of our brothers & sisters to tell you that there are many things that are happening in this world now, and that we who are close to the forces of nature, close to the land and the spirits, and close to the Creator, know how to interpret these things, according to our prophecies.

Our Unity Caravan to begin with, began on August 21, 1967, at the Tonawanda Indian Reservation, near Bethany, New York. We called an emergency council, an emergency convention. We sent notices to all of our brothers & sisters, to come and meet with us because we saw a great problem facing our people.

At that time, there was a bill, which was introduced into Congress.  It was known as the Indian Resources and Development Acts of 1967.

Many of our nations refer to this bill as the Termination Bill or the Omnibus Bill, because it was so broad in its language, and if this bill would of passed, today, there would not have been an Indian reservation in the United States.

We would have lost all of the very little land, which our people, now, still hold on to, and still value so dearly. We, Indian people, believe that this Earth is our mother, that without her help, all life will die. Everything comes from our mother the Earth. Many times our people have neglected to take care of our mother Earth. Many times our other brothers and sisters from across the waters have not had that feeling from the soul and the heart, and the mind to the attachment of our mother the Earth. And there have been many things that had happened to this country.

There have been vast areas, thousands and thousands of acres of topsoil that has been ruined because of ruthless mining, and all these other things. Our mother the Earth has suffered terribly. Mines have gone in and taken the minerals from her ground. The wealth of these resources has not been put to proper use.

Today, my people, those few in number, representing less than one-half of one percent of the population of this land, are forced to live in poverty. Many of my people do not even enjoy three square meals. Many have no clothes. Many have no shoes. Many are hampered by other things that are respected by the economic world.

But we still are rich, rich in spirit, rich in heart, and rich with a feeling of closeness with the Creator. And according to the prophecies, one day we will stand again as a mighty nation. We are now gathering our people, as it was planned in 1967.



And this North American Indian Unity Caravan has toured its nation, and will be completed on September the 4th of this year at the Kahnawake Mohawk Indian reservation in Montreal, Quebec. We will have completed one hundred and fifty seven thousand miles of travel.

We have met with many nations and many people, and I must tell you people here, the community, that this is the first time that we have permitted a meeting with non-Indian people.

We want you to know this. Time is short! We have to tell you these messages.

We are involved, according to our prophecies, with a responsibility of gathering of our Indian nation to salvage something of this world, which is about ready to be destroyed.

We have to do this duty. This is our obligation!  And our leaders have told us that we would face many trials. We would face a lot of trouble & difficulties, hardship, and this has happened.

They have told us that we would see this country, as it really is, we would see the people, we would recognize the truth, we would see the fulfillment of prophecies, we would go through high winds, floods, hailstorm, fire, and all these forces of nature, that are now being activated.

Speaker/Mad Bear: Purification can only come about by wind, water and fire. That is what is happening to this land. That is why we tell you there is not much time left. You must get your people together! You must believe this. Because all you have to do is look around and see what has happened.

We are living in a dangerous time!  If you continue to ignore this, you will have to pay the supreme price. If you do not get back and consider the first people; my Indian people, you will have to pay this price.

A great spirit has placed us here upon this land with very special instructions. He has told us that Mother Earth was handed to us by her for the protection and for the benefit of our future generations, of our children’s children, who are not yet born.

Today we will wander through the cities. We find hundreds and hundreds of our people, full bloods who have no nation to claim, who have no land to stand on, and who have no religious way of life.

This is wrong! This is one of the great crimes that have been perpetrated against my people.  The sacred people, sacred fires, sacred ceremonies all go together. Without one the other cannot operate, cannot function.

It is a sad day when we see our own native people, our native Indian people, hitch hiking on these highways, walking through these cities, as vagrants in their own land.

A great spirit gave this land to us. It belongs to us, and if this mess is not straightened out soon, many lives will be lost by the forces of nature, because the great spirit will take this land back, purify it, and then return it to our people.

This is our problem!  For twenty years, we have studied all about the prophecies and listened to them, and basically they are all the same.

To our Indian people, we do not involve ourselves in the real estate or the selling of land, because it’s too sacred to us.

Every part of this country is sacred to my people. Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove has been held by some fond memory or some sad experience of my tribe.

And even the rocks, which seem to lie dumb as they swelter in the sunshine, along the silent seashore, are thrilled with the memories of past events connected with the lives of my people.

The very dust under your feet responds more lovingly to our footsteps, than to yours, because it is the ashes of our ancestors.  Our bare feet, our every conscious thought & sympathetic touch resonates with our ancestors.  The soil is rich for the life of our kindred.

The glad, happy-hearted maiden, and even the little children who rejoiced here for a brief season, and whose very names are long forgotten still love this beautiful world that gave them being.  They often return to visit, guide and comfort us.

Day and night cannot dwell together! The red men have ever fled the approach of the white men and the changing mist on the mountainside flees before the blazing sun.

However, today we come here. We extend our hand of friendship and brotherhood to all the people who are created by the same creator. We ask that you open your hearts, that we open our hearts, that we put our minds together as one, and try to straighten out these great wrongs which were and are still being perpetrated against my people.

Many of our people have recently has some strong visions, some hesitations, some great messages, some dreams which have told us that time is ever so short; that you must, right now, straighten this out, between yourself, the Creator and my Indian people, or you will be lost.


We are gathering our nations together! You must gather yours together!  To return back to the spiritual way of life!  Return back as the Creator has intended!  Or this whole world will be destroyed!


You must recognize what our people are doing. We are gathering our nations together! You must gather yours together!  To return back to the spiritual way of life!  Return back as the Creator has intended!  Or this whole world will be destroyed! Only those that are strong, those that still follow the sacred ways will be saved, as it happened in the other worlds before this.

We have travelled this country and have seen many things which remind us of how many took place in those other worlds. We have seen volcanic ash, we have seen volcanic stones, and we have seen signs where the whole land was once covered with water.

We have seen where the ice age hit; the continental divide. These are the evidences of what we are talking about. We have recordings, rock carvings that are spread out all over this land, and for twenty years our people have been gathering the information on these. Thomas Banyacya, one of our religious leaders, have many pictures of these rock carvings that will one day stand against any deed on this land.

These rock carvings tell of a beautiful life that our people once enjoyed, when we were all in harmony with the Great Spirit. It records the events of things that have happened, and we can trace these rock carvings and prove to the world that our people were here on this land, that we never came from Asia, but were here and placed here by the Great Spirit.  We were once living and enjoying a great civilization so far advanced from anything that the world has to offer us now.  We were living here for at least 500,000 years before Christ.

Recently in a documentary by MGM which premiered on April 27th, entitled “In Search of the Lost World”, they presented before the TV audience of the world some proofs that the Indians even had launching pads for their inter-space travels.  They had vehicles that propel from an unknown force.  They had spaceships that travel interplanetary.

We have evidence to prove that we have the best calendar that was ever created by men.  We have evidence to prove that we have contributed over three quarters of all the edible food, fruits, vegetables and plants of this land.  Without the many gifts from the American Indians to the world, civilization would perish within a matter of hours.

We call upon all of you people to listen closely as we discuss our prophecies.



Speaker/Mad Bear: We believe that there are many things that are going to happen soon. Many have already happened! It is said that when our nation begins to rise, that we would even take the minds of the children of the white serpent. We would see many things happening, we would see our pine trees begin to die from top to down. We would also see them bend down with their tops facing Mother Earth like a cane.

To us, we know how to read these signs. To us this indicates that the spirit of that tree no longer wants to live in this polluted air, and has bent down to ask Mother Earth to take her back. To us, this means earthquake. And it has happened time and time again, wherever this tree has bent down.

Our people watched these signs!  Right now we are asking the people to leave the cities and go back to your Indian way of life because all hope seems to be lost. This country is in trouble!  It has lost spiritual contact with the Creator.

Gather your minds together!  Do not any longer participate in programs or actions that are aimed to destroy my people. Do not participate any longer in this genocide of my people. Too many of my people have died!

There was a time when my people covered this whole land. But that time has long since past, the greatness of our tribes now almost forgotten.

I will not dwell no more over our timely decay, nor reproach my pale faced brothers while hasting it, for we too may have been somewhat to blame.

When our young men grow angry over imaginary wrongs, and they sprinkled their faces with black paint, their hearts also become disfigured and turned black.  Our old men are unable to control them, the same as when your people pressed & pushed my people westward. But let us hope that the hostility between the red man and his pale faced brothers may never return. We would have everything to lose and nothing to gain!

Your religion was written on tablet stones by the iron finger of an angry God.  Our religion is the dreams of our old men given to them at the silent hours of night, by the Great Spirit, and is recorded in the hearts of my people.

There are many things that we could tell you in the way which we believe, but we know that according to our prophecy, the Great Spirit has told us that this land will be returned to our people. And we hope that not too much life, or none perhaps, will be destroyed by this process. But we must all get together and make it right for the Creator before it’s too late!





Note: This transcript can be found via the free E-Book, written DJ MACKBOOGALOO (Asatru) & MICHAEL BASTINE (Algonquin), called “WE MUST GATHER OUR NATIONS TOGETHER” (Mad Bear and the Red Road of Spiritual Activism), which documents the lost history & present state of Inter-Tribal Unity Consciousness. The indigenous Traditional Elders (medicine people) have messages & prophecies that are disclosed in this E-Book. We are being called to act on their direction to spread the word. Let’s take higher action… Now! Let’s gather our nations together! Let’s unite the tribes!  https://archive.org/details/WEMUSTGATHEROURNATIONSTOGETHER


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