Transition Times


Beautiful ones

   Yes, these are powerful times, the time of the transition, the times when you have one foot in the  old and the other in the new world.

   For a while now we have been spoken about the higher culture, for many tribes they call for the superior culture… It is the time to remember!

   The Great Mother is leading the way, and this initiation that is happening everywhere in the world, is not about learning but about remembering, She is indeed, leading the way home…  The Great Father, is bringing a new manifestation,  your realization of the self, for the new world is a world of Balance.  

   You born with an original vibration, a code, a key, a key to open your multidimensionality, the many worlds, for human beings are multi dimensional beings by nature, as you grow, this beautiful planet will give you your next octaves, this means  your next truth available… what happened for human beings is that you were trained by the patriarchal system to not trust yourself, and told you that you suppose to be someone else to be able to function in this  dysfunctional world, and you exchanged many of your original tones… now human beings are bringing back your original vibration for you are remembering and adjusting again to a new perspective of reality that meant to be for all humans.

   It was the one that created you, the one that is inside of you, the essence of all life forms the one that hid in your DNA that vibration, the Original vibration, long time ago, and wait for this time space to open that realm inside of you so you remember and through this remembrance bring back the “higher culture” a new way to relate, and all starts within you…  for the only one that you need to reach is YOU.

   So the key, for the first door to open, is the balance world, your male and your female, both energies working together, you remember that both energies are inside of you, the masculine going for the outside world to the inside, and the feminine going from that inside to the outside, In your feminine aspect resides the alignment with the one that created you, having access to all ancient wisdom of the universe, and it is waiting for you to ask.

   The original human being have all the assistance that you need, the assistance to remember, the assistance for you to know that you are Love, and through that love and by that love that you are you have the ability to transcend for you are not bounded by time.

   What is quicker, think for a second, the speed of Light, a thought? Or the energy before thoughts?  … yes, it is the energy between … Love is that energy… and energy that connects you with the whole, for the whole is in the one and the one is in the whole.

You can travel to many worlds, you are always connected… 

Yes, Love is not bounded by time or space… is eternal… is YOU!



We have our school online going, where we are making beautiful spiritual work with classes and new teachings every Sunday. We always record our teachings, …yet maybe you don’t have time, well, we have now another option of  virtual classes independent from school that you can join, you can find this information in  then click on school.

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We have also our radio talk Ancient Wisdom of the Feminine podcast, every week we have new episodes… our archives are very impressive for we have been doing the radio for a long time, you can find it in your phone or in your computer… Radio talk is free, yet we do appreciate your donations to keep on going. 

I love you!

I am you!




Author: Magdala RamirezMagdala Ramirez Garcia is a spiritual leader & healer from the Maya Mexika lineage. She was born as medicine woman, from a long linage of medicine people, in Mexico where she began walking her path at an early age working with the medicine people and the pyramids of Mexico. She brings the ancient knowledge to the world through original seminars, books, ceremonies and journeys.

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