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WHAT IS INDIGENOUS “MEDICINE”? Part 1 [article] [YouTube]

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Let’s look at Mad Bear’s Medicine (as an example) to inform us!


“The power is not within the medicine men, the power is within the Creator.  We work through the Creator.  We’re only the tools of the Creator.  Without him, Indian medicine can’t work.” -Mad Bear (Tuscarora/Iroquois)


It was Mad Bear’s eventful circumstance of being denied a G.I. bill loan to build a house on the Tuscarora Reservation that triggered his calling to become an activist for his Indian people and a medicine man.  Mad Bear researched the prophecies of this people, the teachings of the great Peacemaker, the political history of his forefathers and sought out the great medicine men of the Haudenosaunee.


Medicine People Suppressed

“Anyone practicing the ways of a medicine man will be imprisoned between 10 and 30 days for a first offense.” -Thomas J. Morgan (Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1892)

“The Council will protest, object and demand prohibition of pre-Inca, Stone Age or other North American uncivilized practices of the Oglala Sioux.” -In 1938, (elected) Lakota Tribal Council resolution


American Indians and medicine men have had their religions & spiritual practices suppressed (sometimes violently) and denied.  They could even be jailed and thrown into an insane asylum.  With the formation of the United States and the adoption of the Bill of Rights which speaks of freedom of religion, this freedom has been denied to Indians based on the notion that they were not citizens and therefore this freedom did not apply to them.  The period of time from 1870 to 1934 can be considered the Dark Ages for American Indian Religious Freedom.

The passing of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act on August 11, 1978 allowed Indians & medicine men to practice their spirituality out in the open, however, suppression of Native American Spirituality still continues today with restrictions on certain medicinal herbs deemed illegal, like Cannabis & Peyote.  Only the Native American Church (Indian & non-Indian members) has permission by the Feds to utilized these sacred sacraments.

During Mad Bear’s time, as a young man, traditional medicine people & Longhouse members were the outcasts of the god-fearing Christian Iroquois society in the late 1940’s.  Their “old ways” and practices were kept underground.  The word “elder” was not even a word that was commonly spoken of back in those days.  Despite the obscurity, the elder traditionalists were an incredible resource of knowledge for Mad Bear.  They were like a living library.  He soaked up all their teachings like a sponge and kept the medicine practices close to his heart at all times.




Tuscarora medicine men do not have secret medicine societies like those of the Seneca.  Mad Bear was allowed to join in their societies at the Tonawanda Reservation.  He became a member of the False Face society.


“Maybe the people need to relearn that it is not they who have the authority to choose or decide who will be a great medicine man; the Great Creator makes that kind of decision.” -Medicine Grizzly Bear (Karuk-Seneca-Cherokee)


Mad Bear eventually became popular on & off the Tuscarora reservation for his curative medicine powers.  People came to him to cure their mental, physical and spiritual ailments.  Mad Bear did his healings for others on Saturday & Sunday mornings.  It was normal to see a line of cars parked outside of his home with people waiting to get treated.

Mad Bear did other medicine work of his own at other times of the day.  He was known to be nocturnal at times; on the other end of the spectrum, Mad Bear would be up before daybreak, ready to greet the morning sun.

Mad Bear’s medicine ceremonies, like those of the traditionalist medicine people who he associated with, always worked since they were only performed when needed; they were treated with the highest respect and never done just to show off.  Medicine was serious business, though Mad Bear would often do it with a smile and a sense of humor, which is medicine in its own right.


“The ones who complain and talk the most about giving away medicine secrets, are always those who know the least.” -Frank Fools Crow (Oglala Lakota)


Mad Bear and his traditionalist medicine counterparts were also protective in keeping the sacred elements of their work private.  They openly shared only the elements that were necessary to be given to the 4 directions, per their prophecies in accordance with the Galactic Timepiece.  These medicine men knew what lines not to cross in order to preserve their sacred medicine teachings for the next 7 generations.

Mad Bear and the traditional medicine people took great risks in coming public.  Not only were they a target of the U.S. government who wanted to keep the Red Man down, they were targeted by some members of their own tribes who opposed their openness.  Some thought the timing was not right.  These folks, unfortunately, lacked an understanding of the prophecies and the cycles of time that relate to the Galactic Timepiece.

As a result of the targeting of medicine people, they would often cloak their gatherings, up until the 1980’s, as cultural gatherings or pow wows.  The medicine element was kept on the hush-hush.


Tobacco Leaves

Mad Bear wouldn’t begin his treatments before sunrise and he would never work past sunset.  His routine involved asking his guests some basic questions to get them comfortable & loosened up.  He then would throw some tobacco leaves into a glass of water and he would peer into it.

The sacred tobacco Mad Bear used was different from most common tobacco.  Mad Bear would hold the tobacco in his hand and talk to it, reminding the tobacco of its sacred function and investing it with a special purpose and a sense of mission.


Placebo Effect

Psychic ailments would usually require a ceremony with wood or herbs being burned.  Physical ailments, on the other hand, would normal involve a prescribed herbal treatment that would serve as the remedy.

Michael Bastine once asked Mad Bear what percentage of the herbs does the healing.  He replied back, “Ten percent!  Have you ever heard of the Placebo Effect?  Now that’s real medicine!”

Michael, now understanding the Placebo Effect, explained that when you as a healer connect to a person on another level, and you convince them that what you are going to give them (the remedy) will completely cure their condition, not just improve it, they will be completely cured.

The Placebo Effect is now causing complications with the F.D.A. approval of pharmaceutical drugs.  If you are a drug company attempting to pass a new drug through the F.D.A. approval process, your drug has to be better than the placebo.  The Placebo Effect at the time that the F.D.A. set up their standards was at 30%.  This meant that 30% of the time the test subjects were given sugar pills it had the same effect as the pharmaceutical drug.  So in order to get F.D.A. stamp of approval your drug has to test at 31% or above.  Now, due to the acceleration of human consciousness, via our position within the Galactic Timepiece, post-2012, the F.D.A. is ignoring the Placebo Effect in their approval process because the test subjects are testing at 60% and higher.


Mad Bear and his Medicine

Mad Bear would never give a performance of his medicine powers.  If he was challenged to demonstrate his abilities by critics or curious bystanders, he would say, “If you want to see a show, get a ticket for the circus.  What we (medicine men) are about is the message.”

Mad Bear would sometimes send people to other healers if he felt that they would not follow through on his specific directions.  Some of his prescriptions were irrational and had to be followed to the letter.

Mad Bear often forgot about the readings he gave in his past, even some of the most remarkable ones.  He said once that he deliberately forgets because he does not want old cases to cloud up his mind and get in the way of new ones.  Mad Bear’s healing work had to be mentally exhausting as well, so forgetting about past readings was probably beneficial to his mental health as well.

Mad Bear would never let 3rd parties sit in on his healings.  Occasionally, some people passing through or close by, like Michael Bastine, would witness some of his incredible curative powers.


Witnessing a Mad Bear Medicine treatment PT.1

One example that Michael observed was with a 90 year old German-American women who came to Mad Bear seeking a remedy and attempting to avoid surgery.  She had a bowel obstruction.  To gain her confidence & trust, Mad Bear looked at the tobacco leaves, and he used his clairvoyant abilities to describe back to the lady in detail what type of meal preparation habits she had at her home.  This caused her to laugh and say, “Are you looking in through my windows?”  Mad Bear laughed and said, “No. I see it here through the glass and that’s what I’m reading for you.”

While Mad Bear was doing his reading, peering into the tobacco leaves, he was also utilizing his clairvoyance to see if this German-American woman was going to follow the instructions that he intended to give her.

At the end of the lady’s reading, Mad Bear asked Michael if he knew how to prepare Okra.  Michael did and was given special instructions by Mad Bear to concoct a slimy Okra side dish for her to take home and eat along with her other meals.

Before the German-American women returned to see Mad Bear again, and after eating all of the Okra, she went into the hospital to have her obstruction checked.  The doctors told her that the obstruction was gone; they don’t know what happened.  Mad Bear related to Michael that the slime in the Okra was identical to the layer of mucus in our bowels.  He explained that as people get older, the layers of mucus in their bowels tend to deplete and that was the problem for the lady that came to be treated by Mad Bear.


Witnessing a Mad Bear Medicine treatment PT.2

A cab driver came to Mad Bear for a tea (tobacco leaves) reading.  He said to Mad Bear, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”  Mad Bear went ahead and started the reading and said, “I see you have a new ring.”  The cab driver responded, “Yeah, one of my fares didn’t have any cash.  He really needed a ride so he offered me this gold ring to pay for the cab ride and I accepted it.”  As Mad Bear was looking though the glass jar at the tobacco in the water he commented, “Well, the man was sharing his bad luck with you too.  That’s why you are having all these troubles.”

Mad Bear instructed the cab driver to take his ring off and put it on the table.  The cab driver complied.  Mad Bear called Michael Bastine over and said, “Take a look at this.”  Strangely, there was a piece of tobacco that became waterlogged and sank to the bottom of the glass jar.  Michael had never seen that happen before in any of Mad Bear’s readings.  He said, “Wow, that’s pretty incredible.”

Mad Bear asked Michael, “Do you know where the cedar is stored?  Go ahead; boil some water and throw some cedar in it.  After the pot cooled down, Michael set the pot of cedar water down on the table in front of Mad Bear.  Mad Bear said, “Watch this.”  He picked up the ring from off the table and as he started to dip the ring into the cedar water, the waterlogged tobacco in the glass jar began to regain its buoyancy.

The deeper the ring was pushed down into the cedar water, at the same time and at the same speed, the waterlogged tobacco would correspond by rising upward and rejoining the other tobacco floating on top of the water in the glass jar.

In science, when something is waterlogged, the only way to regain buoyancy is to take the object out of the water and dry it out.


Improvised Medicine

Mad Bear, as well as his mentors, like Peter Mitten & Eleazar Williams, would use medicine in ways which would not typically be standard practice.  He had an incredible perception on how to use things & elements in an innovative way.  When it came to protocol, Mad Bear must of figured that there were no rules in medicine saying that he can’t, so he proceeded to experiment and found that sometimes the medicine would respond favorably when he would deviate from traditional ways of healing.  There were no reference points available to explain how his improvised doctoring worked; it just did.


Medicinal knowledge

The medicinal plant knowledge that Mad Bear had was beyond comprehension.  For example, Michael Bastine recalled one walk he took with Mad Bear where he learned an incredible amount of information in just a single stroll through the woods.  Mad Bear would always caution Michael on these walks by saying, “Just be careful.  People learning plant medicine try to take too much in too quickly.  My recommendation is to only learn 3 plants in a year.  You need to know each plant’s life cycle throughout the year.  You need to know everything about each plant you are studying.  What does the plant look like when it sprouts?  What is the best part of the medicine, such as the roots, the flowers or the stems?  When is the best time to harvest?  Is the plant to be used medicinally or for other purposes?”

Mad Bear also explained to Michael that plants have copy cats that appear to look the same, but actually contain properties that will have an opposite reaction to a person when applied medicinally.  Mad Bear explained that you have to carefully observe plants in this case, to see small minute differences in their physical appearances.

Mad Bear said that some ailments are female ailments, and others are male ailments.  Then you have to find the corresponding female or male plant to match.  The whole process of harvesting medicine is very complex.  Sometimes you don’t pick the root; you pick the leaves & stems.  There are moon phases that need to be taken into consideration, the stage of life that the plant is in, what direction to approach the plant, etc.

Mad Bear was very protective of his plant medicine.  He would talk in circles sometimes to avoid others from eavesdropping if his discussions involved medicine.  If other medicine people, outside of a few insiders, would ask Mad Bear about a particular medicine treatment, which involved several plants, he would never give out the full recipe or the portions of his plant medicine.  He was especially protective of allowing his medicinal plant knowledge to get into the hands of the F.D.A. or pharmaceutical drug companies who are not looking out for the public interest; instead their interests are on financial gain & corporate greed.

Today’s U.S. health care costs are at least 200 billion dollars a year and involves the costs of the drugs themselves, the injuries they cause and the appropriate law suits that follow.  The perpetrators of this fraud are the pharmaceutical companies acting in tandem with the FDA, doctors paid under the table by “Big Pharma” and gullible doctors willing to write off-label prescriptions based on the hype they hear from “Big Pharma” sales reps.


Photographic memory

Mad Bear’s prolific medicinal knowledge, as well as his knowledge in treaty law, prophecies, etc. can be attributed to his use of photographic memory, which we all possess but few have learned to acquire the skill of memorizing.

When Michael Bastine first met Mad Bear he would carry around a little note pad and he would write things down, take notes.  Mad Bear didn’t say anything right away, but after the 4th or 5th visit he asked Michael, “What are you writing down?  Michael said, “Items that I think are extremely important.  Things that I really need to remember.”  Mad Bear remarked in a humorous way, “Is there anything wrong with your brain?”  Michael replied, “I don’t think so.”  Mad Bear said, “Then use it!  What if you lost that piece of paper?  If it’s really important and you need to know it, then your brain will remember it.  Let your brain do that!”


Stacking the deck cosmically

A key part to Mad Bear’s success in the medicine realm was that he knew to pay attention to all the minute details in life.  Instead of jumping right in to tackle a situation, he would first strategize and make preparations.

Mad Bear observed the circular movements of nature (such as the seasons) and the stars (Astrology).  These details had an influence over the way in which he would approach & perform certain activities.  Michael Bastine referred to Mad Bear’s process as “stacking the deck cosmically”.

Some examples; years back around Winter Solstice, Mad Bear brought into his house a stray dog and observed its behavior.  Before the solstice, this dog would circle in a counter clockwise direction before it would lie down.  After the solstice, this dog would circle this time in a clockwise direction and then lie down.

There is a connection between the 10 day ceremony when someone passes or is born and the 10 days in which new born puppies, kittens, wolves, etc. don’t open their eyes.  There is a time period in which a variance of going in between worlds comes into play.  It’s like they are deciding if they are to stay in this world or go back.  It’s the same with humans.  That’s why in some cultures there was an old custom of not giving a name to a new born child until the 10th day.  Or after someone passes, while in the spirit realm, a part of them sticks around on the Earth plane for 10 days and they go revisit everyone who they have met during their lifetime.



Orgone Energy

“Whenever our old people were traveling, or were out and about, they’d call up the rainbow and check the (Orgone) energy grid.  That was their responsibility.  It was an ongoing thing, and it’s ongoing today.” -Lorraine Mafi-Williams aka Alinta (Bundjalung-Thungutti)


Mad Bear would observe the trees & plants to access the health (Orgone Energy) of the area in which they were growing in.  He would watch their movements in the wind, their color & posture.  If the trees bent down in despair, seeking their Earth Mother, like they did in Los Angeles, this was a sign that the air is polluted and the land is prone for earthquakes.

Dr. Reich discovered “Orgone Energy” in the 1930’s, and understood it to be the “universal life force” behind all living things in the universe.  Reich’s work was shut down by the F.D.A. in 1954.  Medicine men, like Mad Bear, as well as other medicine men, have always intuitively understood the concept of Orgone Energy and have applied this understanding to their native practice of medicine and of being caretakers for Mother Earth.



Traveling without a suitcase

“Sometimes we’ll know where Mad Bear is, and sometimes we won’t.  Yet he can be reached.  Medicine people reach each other in spiritual ways, in ways where there are no days or miles.” -Rolling Thunder (Cherokee)


Many stories exist about Mad Bear’s ability to “travel without a suitcase”.  It was well known to other medicine people that he could travel that way.

Mad Bear told his friend Ted Silverhand (Tuscarora), “I don’t know where I’m going sometimes.  When I do get ready to go, I’ll be driving down the road and will pull over to the side of the road and I’m just gone, I leave, and then somebody else (one of his assistants) will drive the car back home.”

Mad Bear out east, when he traveled this way, would leave his key in the ignition, and then shortly after call from a payphone out in California or another remote location, requesting that his car be picked up.

Mad Bear was known to have bilocation abilities as well.  People on the Tuscarora Reservation would see Mad Bear sitting on his porch, taking a nap.  They would come back a little later to look for Mad Bear and he was nowhere to be found.  Other people on the reservation would say, “Well, Mad Bear left on a trip.  He wasn’t there.”  But later that same day, Mad Bear would run into these same people and would give them a detailed accounts of things that were occurring many miles away at St. Regis, a 300 mile distance from Lewiston.  During this same period of time, Mohawks reported seeing Mad Bear on their Akwesasne Reservation in St. Regis.

Did Mad Bear have the ability to shape-shift as a bear or an eagle?  We do not know.  Before the invention of the automobile, it was said that many medicine people would shape-shift to travel long distance.

Many myths & legends of Indians “traveling without a suitcase”, shape-shifting and becoming invisible (to dodge Cavalry gunfire) do exist.  These stores may be possible if one considers that we may actually exist within a holographic reality.  Our reality may actually be a lower density dream that we have collectively agreed to participate in.  This is an ancient wisdom teaching & understanding, which is now beginning to be verified by Quantum Scientists who study the Quantum Universe.

On September 17, 2013, a physic breakthrough emerged that is so significant, so all-encompassing, it renders our existing worldview as irrelevant as the flat earth.  Two physicists, Nima Arkani-Hamed & Jaroslav Trnka, essentially proved that space & time do not exist, at least not in the way we now think.  What appears to be a visible universe, with a clearly defined past, present and future, is not real.  The Universe is actually a holographic projection of a single geometric form, which these two physicists call “The Amplituhedron.”  If this is the case, it would mean that this projected geometric form is the originating fractal of all creation, of all the fractals in the cosmos.  If this is the case, this could be the secret to traveling without a suitcase or shape-shifting.



Ted Silverhand, a Tuscarora Seer, remembers a time that he was with Rolling Thunder on the West Coast and R.T. had to get in touch with Mad Bear.   Rolling Thunder went out on the balcony and lit his pipe to call Mad Bear in.  3 hours later there was a loud knock on the door.  It was Mad Bear!

Rolling Thunder had this to say about his friend Mad Bear; “He has a reputation as a world traveler, and as someone who sometimes just disappears.  Sometimes we’ll know where Mad Bear is, and sometimes we won’t.  And sometimes he’s just not around, anywhere at all.  Yet he can be reached.  One medicine man reaches another in a spiritual way, in a way where there‘s no days or miles.”



What is known about Mad Bear is that he did a lot of work in dreamtime via Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection (remote viewing) which is a common practice among medicine men and much science is available to verify this psychic phenomenon.

A “lucid dream” is an extremely vivid dream, where you are aware that you are dreaming.  Once a lucid dream occurs, and the dreamer knows it, endless possibilities await.

When Mad Bear was asked a question or an issue was brought to his attention by someone who needed help, Mad Bear would say, “Well, I got to take some Dream Medicine.”  Then he would find a place to lie down.  It would appear that he was taking a nap.  After he was done resting, he would come back to the person he was helping and give them the information he retrieved during his dreamtime.

Mad Bear became so efficient with his dreamtime medicine that he really didn’t have to travel much with his physical body to conduct his doctoring and information retrieval.


Astral Projection

The concept of “astral projection” has been around for thousands of years, going back to the monks of India & China.  It is an “out of body experience” that allows an individual as a spirit to roam freely from the body, outside of linear time, while they are in a semi-sleep or trance state.

Astral projection has been used by militaries to obtain enemy secrets.  Army officer, Major Ed Dames, worked for Military Intelligence’s Remote Viewing Unit and was able to find everything from hidden biological weapons labs to missing P.O.W.’s.

The People’s Republic of China scientists, using very sensitive light-detecting devices were able to gage photon activity in a room that was being remotely viewed by someone in a distant remote area.

During the times when the remote viewer accurately described his “target” in the room, the number of photons in that room surged tremendously, 100 to 1000 times above the normal background level of “virtual photons”.

One example of Mad Bear’s ability in astral projection happened in August of 1977, when Doug Boyd lived in Topeka, Kansas, and had moved into a new house where he had an office & drop-in center for the Cross-Culture Studies Program.  Mad Bear gave him a call from his Tuscarora home in New York.  He told Doug, “I thought I’d drop in and pay a visit.  So I went ahead and took my Dream Medicine.”  Mad Bear went on to describe in detail Doug’s dining room, kitchen, the carpets, the chairs, his “puja” room upstairs, etc.

Mad Bear even had the ability to astro-project while awake & conscious.  Michael Bastine shared an experience he witnessed with Mad Bear in this regard.  He was on the road with Mad Bear, heading to a store to go shopping a few miles away from Mad Bear’s house.  Then Mad Bear said, “Somebody just pulled into my driveway.  Jeez.. I don’t recognize the car.  Let’s go back.”  Michael turned the car around and they headed back to Mad Bear’s house.  Sure enough, there was a car in the driveway, a white Lincoln.  A man got out of the car and Mad Bear instantly recognized him.  It turned out that this man bought a new car and that is why Mad Bear didn’t recognize the car in his astral projection.

Michael commented that after a while, Mad Bear’s amazing astral projections and other psychic phenomena, like this new car incident, became so routine, that they lost their surprise value.  Michael eventually stopped questioning the things Mad Bear would say & do, and began to develop a trust for the truths he was able to observe as his apprentice.



Mad Bear had a great ability to read people’s mind and to see into things.  He was certainly telepathic.  Anyone who has ever had contact with Mad Bear found that he would bring topics into the discussions, which they were holding in the back of their minds.

Mad Bear also had the ability to read the mind of a computer.  Michael Bastine recalls that he once took Mad Bear to the phone company to obtain a new phone number.  Mad Bear would change his phone numbers often, due to the many harassing & intimidating calls he would receive.

Prior to visiting the phone company, Mad Bear wrote a number down on the back of a matchbook, which is a number he wanted to use as his new phone number if it was available.  He also wanted to make sure that this new number has been the longest out of use by anyone.  Mad Bear passed the matchbook over to Michael for safekeeping.

After waiting for a while at the phone company, a worker brought out computer paper, the old kind with holes down the side.  This worker said he found a number that has been out of use for more than a year and it was the oldest phone number available that they have on file.  He showed Mad Bear & Michael the number.  Mad Bear then asked Michael for the matchbook.  Sure enough, it was the exact phone number that was selected on the computer paper.  The worker looked “pretty darn funny”.  He said there was no way Mad Bear could have looked that number up.  Mad Bear said, “Of course I can.  All I did was look it up, the same way you did, only a little more like a dream.”



Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-1983) made scientific discoveries that help explain the phenomenon of Telepathy.  These discoveries were kept secret by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.  It was only after the fall of the Iron Curtain that his discoveries were slowly revealed to the West.

Dr. Kozyrev discovered “Torsion Waves” which are not electromagnetic in nature and does not relate to gravity.  This new form of energy is a spiraling non-Hertzian electromagnetic wave that travels through the vacuum at super-luminal speeds, a billion times faster than light.

Dr. Kozyrev found that human thoughts & feelings are generating torsion waves as well.  He has been able to measure torsion waves that were caused by sudden human emotional changes.  Dr. Kozyrev’s discovery proves that “consciousness” is related to ether vibrations.

Science is now beginning to understand that our very thoughts & emotions create “Torsion Waves” that travel at super-luminal speeds to the far ends of the universe.  Torsion waves may become the physics for Telepathy.  Since Torsion Waves can physically affect matter, it may also be the explanation for Psychokinesis, the ability to mentally change physical objects.


False Faces

Mad Bear was a member of the Iroquois False Face Society via the Tonawanda Reservation.  He had in his possession, 2 False Faces (Medicine Masks) that he kept at his home.  He was a culture keeper, so he most likely had been entrusted with these 2 masks by the society.

Members of the False Face Society act as group spiritual healers, they are like the National Guard of the medicine people.

The False Face Society is very secretive and much of their medicine ways are kept internal.  What we do know is that the False Face medicine masks are not ordinary masks.  These masks have a life of their own; they are living spiritual entities that must be treated with great care & respect.  Some False Faces even have hair that grows.

Putting these medicine masks into a glass museum display would be as cruel & senseless as putting a lion in a steel cage.  It didn’t work out to well in the past when museums attempted to display False Face masks that they acquired through disreputable means.  In one instance, these “caged” masks in a museum got restless & agitated and the glass displays started to crack.

They began moving around in the night, even trading places between themselves.  The False Faces began to make distinctive disconcerting whistle calls and poltergeist activity occurred around them.

In another instance, on March 29th, 1911, the New York State Library on the 4th floor of the state capitol building in Albany had a disastrous fire.  It was the 5th largest library in the world and it housed False Faces.  After the fire was put out, much of the libraries finest books, state records and vast Native American artifacts collections were destroyed.   The False Faces medicine masks were entirely untouched by the catastrophe.

Mad Bear took very good care of his 2 False Faces.  He would caution guests to behave well around them.  He would even on occasion conduct ceremony to calm these medicine masks down when their energies would stir up for various reasons.

Michael Bastine temporarily took care of Mad Bear’s 2 False Faces in 1979.  Mad Bear was weak from psychic attacks that were directed towards him due to his unity work.  He left Tuscan, Arizona, and after meeting with Michael at his Tuscarora home he traveled to Akwesasne to stay with Chief Tom Porter (Mohawk).  There he received healing from his medicine friends on the reservation.  Michael followed Mad Bear’s exact protocol for the caretaking of these masks.  Mad Bear informed the 2 False Faces of the temporary change in guardianship.  The transfer of care with these 2 False Faces was a gesture of respect & trust between Mad Bear (the Elder) & Michael (the apprentice) in both directions.


An introduction to the Little People

“Little People” (Elves) have been part of the folklore for many cultures in human history, including Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, the Philippines, the Hawaiian Islands, Flores Island, Indonesia and Native Americans in the United States.  The Iroquois have legends regarding a race of “little people” who lived in the woods near sandy hills and sometimes near rocks located along large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes.

Many of these indigenous cultures have identified mythical locations of highly charged geomagnetic anomalies, where psychic phenomena are prone to occur.  The Iroquois territory seems to be a hotbed for these occurrences.

To Iroquois medicine people & story tellers, Little People are powerful & real, to be revered as forces of the natural world.  These spiritual beings are envisioned as humanlike “devas” somewhere between the status of human beings and that of the spirits or the gods.  They are known to materialize and dematerialize.  Little People are tricky and they like to play with children.  They will assist older humans if the proper protocol of respect & ceremony is performed.

Few Iroquois today will talk openly about their ancient mysticism, especially in regards to the Little People since they are among the most sacred & private traditions of the 6 Nations people.

The topic of Little People should be no surprise, considering the Quantum Universe & Galactic Timepiece that we are all living in and experiencing.  Not to mention, the many archeological skeletal findings of little people (very small bone structure) & giants, which academia refuses to acknowledge and is not permitted to disclose.


Little People & The Little “Mad Bear”

The seeds of Mad Bear’s medicine path were planted by his grandmother, who was a caretaker to the young Mad Bear and his many siblings (a large family).  His dad passed away in accident when Wallace “Mad Bear” Anderson was around five years old.  Eventually, step brothers & sisters were added to the family unit.

Mad Bear’s family was basically Christians who also had some affinity with “traditional” values, like many on the reservation.  Mad Bear’s grandmother would take him with while she would collect “medicine”.  She was a practitioner of traditional medicine.  She did a lot of close work with the young Wallace Anderson and observed his mannerisms, his unique characteristics and basic nature.

His grandmother gave Wallace the nickname of “Mad Bear”, based on her observance of him.  The Tuscarora people had no existing longhouse at the time, so there was no official practice of Tuscarora Indian name ceremonies.  Thus, Wallace’s “Mad Bear” name was not an Indian name.  It was strictly a nickname that stuck with Wallace his whole life.  Ironically, his physical appearance & personality closely resembled a bear as well.

Wallace’s grandmother would often say to him as he was growing up and often getting into trouble, “Doggonit…  Wallace!  Every time you get into a conflict or an argument you act like a little mad bear.”  So it was his innocent childlike misbehavior as a kid that gave him the permanent label of “Mad Bear”.

While accompanying his grandmother on her medicine collecting excursions into the woods, she would on occasions drop the young Wallace off on his own by an escarpment (steep slope) were there was divots of stone.  Water would collect there.  She told him that there would be “playmates” who would meet him there.  They did!  They were the Little People.

At first Wallace would notice the water rippling, without there being wind and no one else around.  Then the water, out of the divots, would start to splash accompanied by “little voices”.  Wallace questioned his grandmother about his playmates and she said, “Those are the “Little People.  I told you that they would come out and spend time with you.”

In the beginning stages, Wallace was not too friendly with the Little People and he would growl at them like a little bear.  This was another reason why his grandmother nicknamed him “Mad Bear”.

These encounters with the Little People and his grandmother’s influence did indeed plant a seed in Mad Bear’s medicine path, but it would take years for him to actively seek out this path.  First, he had to explore puberty and the trails & tribulations of adolescence.


Caretaker for Little Human Skull

On a few rare occasions, Mad Bear would allow a few of his close confidants, like Michael Bastine & Doug Boyd, to take a peek at a tiny human skull that he kept in a small, purple, plastic box on a closet shelf.  This skull had a complete set of teeth and its cranium was the size of a ping-pong ball.

Mad Bear would not give much detail about the little human skull.  He said it was part of a cache containing other tiny bones & artifacts that were found in the 1820’s during the digging of the Erie Canal, near Syracuse.  The tiny human bones caused a 12-man crew of excavators to run like mad from the spot and probably retire from the business of excavating.

The collection made its way into the hands of the Onondaga and the tiny skull of the Little People ended up with Mad Bear a couple of generations later for safe keeping & cultural preservation.  On rare occasions, Mad Bear would use the tiny skull in ceremony.


Moon Rocks not to be messed with

“If man goes to the moon and brings something back with him, we will not be able to control what will happen, because balance will be disturbed.” -Hopi Prophecy


In the early 1970’s, Mad Bear received a call from a friend of his in the Pentagon who had heard from the Smithsonian Museum that there were some disturbing activity with the N.A.S.A. acquired Moon Rocks.  This friend explained that the Moon Rocks were growing, and they were expanding so fast they were breaking the cases that they were stored in.

Mad Bear said that this is some of the danger with the technologies that the people have today.  They don’t think about the consequences of their actions and they don’t bring the sacred into any of the activities that they are doing.  N.A.S.A.’s approach in dealing with the moon was strictly from a scientific position.  This was incorrect!  They thought that they owned the moon and could take whatever they wanted from it.  At the very least, they should have made an offering in exchange for what they took.

Now Mad Bear was being called in to remedy the situation.  He had an in-depth conversation with his friend on the phone and most likely made a few phone calls and took corrective ceremonial actions to address the grave mistake that N.A.S.A. had made.  The ceremony would have been focused on appeasing & welcoming the Moon Rocks to their new surroundings and showing them gratitude for the elements of life that they bear.

Ironically, the U.S. government has no problems eradicating the practice of Native Medicine, but it will not hesitate to call in a medicine doctor when it suits their needs.


Earthquake prediction

Mad Bear was an Earth empath.  An empath typically absorbs energy & emotions from the people, places and things around them.  Earth empaths pick up energies from the Mother Earth herself, and earthquake related headaches & illnesses are not uncommon. This is “geosentience”, which is clairsentience for Earth energies.

A geosentient or Earth empath picks up the pain of the Earth, which is going through a lot of discomfort at this present time.  There is also a great deal of emotional turmoil going on with humanity as a whole, and these intense emotions also affect the Earth & weather patterns.

When Doug Boyd and Mad Bear were in Los Angeles for a few speaking engagements, Mad Bear one morning, at 5AM, rang Doug’s hotel room and requested to talk to him over coffee.  Doug met with him and noticed that Mad Bear looked groggy & exhausted.  Mad Bear told Doug that he had to leave immediately.  Doug didn’t really understand the urgency and reminded Mad Bear that he has made a few commitments that have already been scheduled.  Mad Bear replied, “Doug, you don’t get it.  I’m dying here, can you understand that?  I only got a few hours to live!  I was trying to handle this without scaring you.  Either I leave or I die.”

Mad Bear was able to immediately vacate the Los Angeles area, just in time to avoid an earthquake that hit the Southern California region.


Downed power lines

Michael Bastine’s neighbor worked for the power lines company and he did not like to work on power lines inside the Tuscarora Reservation because of Mad Bear.  It turned out that there were disagreements between the Tuscarora people and the power line company over a project that they were preparing for the reservation.  Once the power line company was spoken to and they refused to cooperate, the Tuscarora’s fought back via the use of Mad Bear’s medicine.

The power line project ran into unexpected obstacles, including baffling malfunctions with the power line company’s equipment.  When a bulldozer was touched by an eagle feather, along with a prayer in Tuscarora, it would not run again and had to be junked.

When the power lines were finally up, the power wouldn’t flow between two of the towers, though no perceptible flaws in the system could be detected.  The crews working on the power lines were also getting spooked, seeing apparitions around them in the trees.  Many crew members chose to quit the company rather than work at the troubled Tuscarora site.


Mad Bear clears houses

When Mad Bear was called to “clear” a house of unwanted or negative elements, he would use cedar for his smudging ceremonies.  He made sure that children & pets were out of the house.  He also would make sure that a door or a window would be left open just a crack.

Once in South Buffalo, Mad bear forgot to leave open the airways and towards the end of his smudging session the smoke from his smudging forced its way up an attic, lifting a trap door and completely blowing out a window, along with its frame.


Mad Bear makes it rain

Mad Bear, like many other great medicine men, had the ability to call in the rain.  This ceremony was done for various purposes.  Mad Bear would say that the proper way for a council to open is through “a soft female rain.  An opening rain!  It works like purification and a blessing for the council.”

Mad Bear indeed brought the rain in for the Council Grove conference in Kansas that he & Doug Boyd attended in 1976.  At his lecture, Mad Bear also brought attention to the fact that the conference opened with a gentle female rain and then he explained its role in “opening” the conference.  Mad Bear also gave them the forewarning, that even though the weather looks fine now, it will rain “cats & dogs” at the close of the conference.  He said that it will be a “male” rain, just the way a rain is supposed to come after the close of council.

At the close of the Council Grove conference a heavy rain did come.  It actually rained “cats & dogs” as Mad Bear predicted.

At the “Gathering of Nations” Unity Caravan event in August, 1972, Mad Bear addressed the local audience, many of which who were Mormon and said, “The Great Spirit will send a gentle rain upon you the day after we leave here.”  When Mad Bear and the Unity Caravan left, and on the following afternoon, the Great Spirit did indeed send the gentle rain as promised.  The second day, a very beautiful double rainbow came with the gentle rain in the east.


Laughter is the best form of Medicine



Besides having the physical features of a bear, Mad Bear had a fun & childlike approach towards enjoying life, and at times could be quite humorous, like “Yogi Bear”.  He made people laugh and feel at ease.  He was comic relief.  Mad Bear’s appeal was universal and his smile was infectious & irresistible.  He energized people!  And kept the energy flowing.

The Japanese monk, named Jison, who briefly interacted with Mad Bear & Doug Boyd in New York & Kansas, referred to Mad Bear as being, “Old like an ancestor and plays like a boy.”

Doug Boyd referred to Mad Bear’s medicine being “empathy”.  Combine empathy with humor and you have a winning formula.

Even science researchers now believe that laughing causes the body to release beneficial chemicals called endorphins, which counteract the effects of stress hormones and cause blood vessels to dilate.  In a similar manner, laughing boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation, which is thought to increase the risk of various health problems.

According to Doug Boyd, Mad Bear was a bridge maker.  His real work was relationships & friendships.


A traveling Medicine man

Typically, medicine people are reclusive, even among their own tribe.  They would not normally travel all over the place, meet people, give talks and organize.  Mad Bear did all that!

Up until Mad Bear’s time, medicine work was not out in the open due to the repression medicine people potentially faced by the government & B.I.A. agents who denied them their rights to Native American spirituality.  Medicine Men who shared their medicine with non-Indians were also targeted by some of their own Native people who opposed cooperation with the “white man”.  Mad Bear defiantly organized to turn the tide and bring Indian spirituality out into the open, backed by inter-tribal unity.

Mad Bear’s medicine traveled around the world.  By 1967, at age 39 he already traveled around the globe 8 times as a Merchant Marine.  Through his many travels he was able to observe many medicine practices and he was able to incorporate these understandings into his own medicine.

Outside of healing injuries & illnesses, Mad Bear’s real work was relationships & conflict resolution.  He wanted to break the ice between the divisions that separate people, and he used the teachings of the Great Peacemaker, Deganawida, to do just that.  Mad Bear’s rolodex of personal friends, celebrities & acquaintances was enormous.

He utilized these connections to build the “American Indian Unity Movement”, a name that Mad Bear gave to his overall unity work that encompassed his many attempts to build unity coalitions & united fronts.


Mad Bear operated on the Micro & Macro level

Unique to Mad Bear, was his ability to not only operate on a micro level of healing individuals and working with the elements within a localized time and place, he was blessed with the ability to work on a macro level to affect the consciousness paradigm of a whole people.  Not only did Mad Bear spark an Indian Unity Movement for the Red Man, he envisioned a cross-cultural program that would unite all races of man.  That vision is now manifesting in the present.  Mad Bear was truly one of the greatest medicine men of our time.  He was an “American” pioneer, deeply rooted to Turtle Island and firmly connected to his Earth Mother.





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