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WHITE BUFFALO PROPHECY… a sign of hope [article] [YouTube]

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Signs come in many sizes, shapes & colors. Our indigenous traditional elders have intuitive abilities to identify these signs that appear in nature and that are foretold in prophecies of the past.  Look for signs!


White Buffalo Prophecy

The White Buffalo Prophecy is a very important prophecy to the Lakota and other Native American tribes.  The origin story of this prophecy differs between the tribes & bands.  To better understand the White Buffalo prophecy, Ruth Hopkins (Sioux) wrote a blog about the significance and origin of the White Buffalo prophecy from her tribes perspective.

“The white buffalo calf holds special significance to American Indians.” “It is a crucial part of the teachings and prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman, the white buffalo calf is considered a sacred omen of change.”

“According to legend, the White Buffalo Calf Woman was a holy entity that visited the Oceti Sakowin (Sioux) over a four day period. She taught them sacred ceremonies, songs, and dances. She gifted the people with a sacred bundle containing the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, which still exists to this day and is kept by Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Upon appearing and leaving, the White Buffalo Calf Woman changed into a white buffalo calf, then changed in color from white to black, to yellow, and finally, red. Prophetically, it is said that the White Buffalo Calf Woman will return at the end of an age, and she will appear as a white buffalo calf.”



It’s a Miracle!

On August 20, 1994, a “white” buffalo, not an albino, named “Miracle” was born on a farm near Janesville, Wisconsin. She was considered to be the 1st white buffalo born since 1933 and she appeared at the end of the Pisces Age. White Buffalos are extremely rare. Floyd Hand (Oglala Sioux Medicine Man) equated Miracle as being “the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman” and per the White Buffalo Prophecy she is a sign marking “the arrival of a new era of reconciliation among races and respect for the Earth.”

Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Sioux), 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman’s Pipe, made a similar pubic pronouncement affirming that Miracle is a “symbol of hope and renewal for humanity and for harmony between all peoples, all races, in our world today.”

David Swallow (Teton Oglala Lakota), traditional spiritual leader from the Pine Ridge Reservation made several comments about Miracle as well. “The birth of this calf symbolizes this, that evil will be destroyed.” He further said, “It is time that the white nations and all mainstream cultures return to living in a good way, in peace and harmony with each other and with Grandmother Earth. Only by doing so, will life continue in our world.”



Since Miracle’s birth in 1994, a statistically unusual amount of White Buffalo calves have continued to be born. If we acknowledge these signs as being sacred and take heed to the prophecy behind them, we have a chance at restoring peace & harmony to the planet. If we proceed to ignore these signs, and not change our destructive ways, we are warned that the Earth will be destroyed.




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